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12,000th Tasmanian trout..

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I finally caught my 12,000th Tasmanian trout here in Tassie, it's something I had never planned on doing either thankfully by keeping stats & records of each trip and every trout season paid off. I also won the Angling Club Championship again for the 2022/23 trout season for most trout caught in rivers & streams making it 17 years in a row.

cheers Adrian








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Thanks Ryback, I felt I'd done it all when I reached my 10,000th trout back on the 3rd Nov.2019, I never thought about reaching this number until I caught my 11,000th trout on the 14th Jan.2022 then I knew I was in with a chance of doing so. At 79 years (in Feb 24) of age I'm not sure how many trout seasons I have left in me, the large rivers here are pretty tough on the body that's for sure.

cheers Adrian..

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On 14/01/2024 at 7:28 PM, Yorky said:

@Meppstas Congratulations, that is a great achievement, thanks for sharing your journey, always a pleasure to watch & read

Thank You



Thanks Yorky sorry for the late reply, as you know I do love chasing trout in the rivers and it's always a pleasure to share my trout fishing adventures with you all..

cheers Adrian

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On 14/01/2024 at 9:29 PM, dmck said:

Adrian, I have confidence that 13,000 will pass and 14,000 will be achieved.


You ARE a 'trout whisperer'....


apart from the fishing, your photos are superlative..

Now a 'big islang Q'.... do you have E-Carp polluting your rivers?

Hi Mick, I'm slowing down a little of late due to the lower back getting worse, I'm sure I'll try to put in as many trout season as possible to each those numbers too. I doubt there would be all that many trout fisher's that would have caught 98% of their trout on the Mepps inline blade spinners either, nowadays most of them are using soft plastics and hard body lures. I find it very challenging when fishing for trout with a inline blade spinner. I do carry a mixed supply of small (30-60 mm) hard body lures with me & I have used them from time to time and done reasonably well on them. As for the E-Carp, we did have a problem here in Tasmania in Lakes Crescent & Sorrel when a couple of fisho's from Victoria smuggled a few small live carp into the state and used them for live bait fishing in Lake Crescent.  For starters, live bait fishing for trout is illegal in all waters (lakes/rivers & streams)when fishing for trout, the trout in Lake Crescent can be up to 20 lb plus that's why those guys used live bait. Once finished with their fishing they dumped the small live carp into the lake and the rest is history, they took of like wildfire and spread into Lake Sorrel as well. Thankfully they were mainly contained to those two lakes, a few did make it into a stream below Sorrel but traps were set and they were dealt with. It took the Inland Fisheries around 12 years to eradicate the carp from both lakes and now we are free of carp here in Tassie. 

cheers Adrian

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