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    1-3 kilo rod

    Ok it’s not worth writing a fishing report . Saturday was a donut morning at west lakes flicking around a tiny Aus tackle black lure I’ve landed bream on in the past . Sunday I hit the northern end of the local third cast with a eco gear 30 something lost a 20 cm ST. The ecogear was gold black orange belly red eyes . Nothing else hit the steps but to much weed . Was a donut but finally I could cast a tiny ecogear lure and get interest .
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    HB tragic

    Under wader wear

    Just purchased my first pair of waders. A pair of Snowbee 150 waist waders. Just wondering depending on the weather/temp what the wader users on the site wear underneath them when wading. Am prepared for the humerous answers but seriousness will be muchly appreciated. Regards, HBt.
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    Under wader wear

    I've worn waders for a number of years now, but have never wanted to fork out big dollars. So I have only use the PVC type. If you have purchased the size above your normal foot size (hope so), then 2 pair of socks is best - as with 1 pair you'll find your feet are not 'snug' fitting, like wearing untied shoes. I wear track pants and always tuck the legs into the socks - this stops the tracky legs riding up your leg when putting waders on. On very cold days I will have some bottom thermals as well. Then I wear an old long sleeved cotton shirt (warmer one on colder days), but if cold but sun is out, I stick with the cotton one. A thin, sometimes a thicker jumper, depending on temperature. Some kind of belt around the waist, just in-case of getting dumped, so I don't fill up with water. Mind you, I'll be walking/casting for a lot Kms over a lot of hours straight, whereas, if you intend to just fishing at 1 beach and move 50 metres now and then - keep the warmer stuff on when it's colder.
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    Under wader wear

    If its cold, thermals, wool are better as they don't get as stinky as polyester. Light weight hiking pants/track suit pants. Definitely not denim if your walking any distance in the waders as denim rubs. Whatever you wear tuck them into your socks as Lofty recommends.
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    Territory Lad

    Under wader wear

    Will be interested to hear your thoughts on your waders after some use. Been toying with the idea of waders or a set of wetsuit bottoms for a while now, for the cooler months. Still not convinced one way or the other. In terms of an inner layer, a thought could be a set of Skins / whatever the appropriate brand is.
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    Under wader wear

    If i am fishing the snowys for trout then a good set of thermal pants is a must. Even down here in the South east during summer i will wack of on a pair of thermals if its cold. For a normal night a light pair of tracksuit pants with the ends tucked into your socks works fine. Use to hate wearing shorts in a pair of Hornes waders as they use to not feel right. Would sweat a lot in them when it was warm too (not sure why anyone would buy those Hornes PVC waders anymore?). Now i have a pair of riverworks neoprene's and they feel much more comfortable.
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