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  1. TommisnSalmon

    The Pat

    I've never had an issue lifting fish on the Decoys, even with crushed barbs. Even STs going absolutely nuts on the end of the line haven't fallen off.
  2. TommisnSalmon

    The Pat

    Just get some decent singles if going after salmon. Decoy 'plugging singles' in probably size 1 or 2 should be much more reliable. Not sure how they go with the bream, though, as it might reduce the hookup there. Maybe a single on the back and a jig assist or 2 on the front could work? As long as there's no extra bits on the assist hook it shouldn't affect the action too much.
  3. TommisnSalmon

    A good mono to mono knot please.

    For mono to mono, definitely double uni or double blood. For braid to mono I'd go an improved albright (see Paulus Fishing's version). Plenty of good light flurocarbon mainlines though for running straight through mono. Some of the newer good ones are super thin (similar to cheap braids in diameter) and cheaper than braid. Great for when it's windy (apparently all the time now) or when you're feeling too lazy to tie leader knots.
  4. TommisnSalmon

    Rapala R type reel

    I haven't tried the BG (or any Daiwa really), but it would be the Daiwa of choice that I'd go with. I believe that Shimanos tend to cast a little further than Daiwas in most cases, but I obviously haven't tested it myself, so it's just internet hearsay. A metre or two here and there probably isn't something to worry about either way.
  5. TommisnSalmon

    Single Hooks

    General consensus though is to have the tail hook with the gape curving up for marginally better snag protection and if you have a mid hook, have it the opposite way (J while dangling beneath the lure). As Doobie said, it doesn't really batter with salmon though. Even if there is a second or third hook point, I wouldn't bother with it for salmon. They go too nuts when you get them out of the water and the less hooks to catch yourself on the better. Also as Doobie said, the way they attack a lure, they're easy enough to hook even with a single hook on the lure tail, no matter which way the hook is facing.
  6. TommisnSalmon

    Rapala R type reel

    You'll be lucky to find a reel with a spare spool these days, especially in the general beach reel size range. Budget will determine just how much of a beach reel you'll get. Most of the decent reels under $100-$150 are more freshwater focused. Would be okay for general saltwater use if given a light hose down after, but less so for sand a heavy splashes from the surf. That Rapala is more of a jigging/offshore reel, I believe. For around the same as you paid for the Rapala, a Quantum Iron 50 should be lighter, has a decent spool lip for casting and good salt protection (only basic sealing like drag knob, though). Can get them for around $100. Spool diameter is slightly larger than Shimano 5000. The new Quantum Smoke Inshore S3 is about $170 with a reasonably quick (6.0:1) gear ratio, lighter than the Iron and similar salt protection. Very good drag. For better sealing, you're looking at probably Shimano Spheros or similar. Also heavy like the Rapala but Shimanos usually cast very well. If you want lighter and/or cheaper, or faster gear ratios then you'll be giving up on sealing and some salt protection and looking at stuff like the Nasci 5000.