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  1. That is seriously messed up lol. Is that mold on top ? Its like a horror clip. Good job
  2. I just had my 12 year old stella 2500 serviced for the first time. Although it hardly needed one. Still like brand new. Was sent to Shimano. $100 they charged me. Couldn't belive it.
  3. Sid still owns it. Grant left probly 3 years ago. I think he went to seed in clare. I no longer work there.
  4. Hunter69

    New rod

    Cheers that looks nice and lite, did you get the boat out ?
  5. Hunter69

    New rod

    Does the samaki have cork ? Nice chrome
  6. Hunter69

    New rod

    G.loomis 'pro blue' range. Has anyone tried these ?
  7. Mullet are pretty good eating, if you treat them well and rub the black stomach lining out, like garfish. There great smoked too
  8. Check out Ram mounts if your looking for some mounting ideads. Incredibly happy with mine for the boat. They do them for all sorts. Mobile phones etc.
  9. Hunter69

    New rod

    Bought a tcurve Ocea today. Seems pretty hardcore. Nice match.
  10. From a low jetty youl have the opportunity for snook, Blue lines on a medium tide. Rocks/break water around metro ? I use simms g3 waders. Worth the dollars spent. Pm me when your ready.
  11. I use a 5wt for trout, and 8wt for salt. A 7 will be fine, you may find it hard to cast a heavy fly tho. Not sure if your using a tapered leader then tippet. - ( another leader) that might help with your casting. Snook is a good target to start off with. Abundant and agressive. Personally i would do a few lesson with an instructor. I have a number if you want it. Theres more to just casting. Line management etc. Il meet you for a trout session in the hills if your keen. Got comfortable waders ?
  12. Hunter69

    New rod

    Snapper/ small kings. Sick of getting busted off
  13. Hunter69

    New rod

    Looking for a weapon to mount onto a stella 8000. 30lb line. bait/lures Samaki range looks intresting. Any opinions welcome ..
  14. Nice job, controlling the heat is very hard in such a small smoker. I personally highly recommend a wet brine over night as it holds moisture. But i also love it when its over done and has some jerky chew too it. Each to there own! Practice, practice..
  15. Whats the website to view theses live cams ?
  16. What about the cable at the transom and coming over the back. Am i going to need to drill some p clamps to keep the wire in place. ? Cheers
  17. Have tracked down the conduit just need something to keep in place. Theres nothing to ziptie it to along the side gunnal. @projoe cant find the ziplock on there site, could there be another name ? Cheers
  18. Nice all good options there. Like the sounds of flex conduit. But it will still need to be attached somehow.