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  1. Here is a couple of pics from Walkers Flat over new years on the houseboat, you can see how low the water is, and we struggled to get the houseboat up that far because it was bottoming out. Tho out in the middle of the river there was some 20M+ sections.
  2. Yep got that also, can't wait for it will be my first mag from S.A.
  3. :lol:Well played, Ranger.
  4. Tell me about it, i have brought a shit load in the last few weeks
  5. bigfish wrote: Trumperters mate.Ahhh cheers, slowly catching up with Saltwater lingo
  6. Excuse n00b but wtf are Shitties?
  7. WOW that is a lot worse then i thought it was up there.
  8. Stupid auto imbedding.. add a "w" to the start and paste it into your browser.ww.youtube.com/watch?v=UEp1JiLWoQk
  9. Hahaha go Merv, that is pretty cool.
  10. Back in the days when i use to fish fresh water, we use to use tiger worms 95% of the time.
  11. I'll take it if it's cheap.
  12. Mate of mine sent me pics the other week of a GWS harassing his brother over summer...He was spewing because the shark started chewing on his new motor
  13. rocknev wrote: ehat car forums you on? check out AUSTRALIANCORVETTES.COM for the best one you will find...BOGAN ALERT!!!!! Main ones I use are nissansilvia.com and secretdrift.com
  14. Bit of a over reaction...You think your bad one of the car forums i am on you should see the low ball action, people offering half the price of a 10k car and continually sending PM's to the owner breaking there balls!!
  15. fullysikwog wrote: Reading that, made my head hurt...
  16. We had a good laugh with him pulling in KG on that set up, once the snapper stopped biting we got out out small rods and had fun with big KG and a few small snapper etc.
  17. Was only about 2kg, real salmon put up a good fight compared to a salmon trout haha.Have fun walking on the sand at browns.. my legs are still hurting from it....
  18. Kayakfisher that was from a boat about 20mins from the ramp.Brenton i always look like a retard in pics haha.. i had a huge grin on my face once i got it into the boat!!!
  19. Went to Edithburgh with a couple of mates on the weekend. Caught my first Snapper. one of the guys that come got to break his virginity catching 50+cm whiting using a snapper rig with pilchards He didn't get any snapper tho. Saturday night went down to Browns beach and caught a few salmon off the beach (also my first real salmon) All in all it was a pretty good weekend. Pic of the snapper i got below.
  20. They are missing a few screws.. "i must have dropped the bait on there head pretty much"Sounds really sane. LOL
  21. Nice effort mate, one day ill catch a shark!!
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