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  1. November through to February were the best months for me, but in saying that, I was a bit of a wimp when it came to beach fishing during the colder months so I never tried for them outside of the warmer months. Water temp would play a big role. There was definitely an increase in baitfish with warmer water, so it stands to reason that there would be an increase in the number of predators also. I got spooled a couple of times at the Dog Fence by what I can only guess were big bronzies, definitely gets the heart pumping until you realize what it is and not the mother of all mulloway.
  2. Being a Queenslander, I was weened on Alvey gear and used nothing but Alvey until I made the monumental jump to a Shimano Bantam baitcaster sometime in the late 80's and it was a game changer for me. I've still got that reel somewhere. Since then, I've used mainly Shimano and Penn with the occasional ABU, but after having some crappy Daiwa reels, I've steered well clear of them. With rods I stick with Shimano for most of my light gear and for the heavier stuff I'm a full blown barking mad Ugly Stik supporter - they take the hard knocks of bouncing around in the back of the ute better than most. I rarely look for specials with gear, once I've researched what I want and where to get it, then I'm on a mission to own it.
  3. The pick of the soft plastics for me are Charlie Brewer Sliders followed by Squidgies. I seem to have more success with them for most species that I target in fresh & salt. Hard bodies are a bit more varied depending on what I'm chasing, but I chuck more top water lures than divers with Bassday Sugapen and Lucky Craft Sammys being my top picks. They both work well fishing the flats down south for whiting & flatties and they are unbeatable up here in the north on jungle perch & sooty grunter. You don't always find good all rounders with lures, but these two are close to it.
  4. The beach to the right in the image (white arrow) is good for schoolies and a lot easier to access than Bellamore. It is known simply as the ocean beach to those locals who camp at Davenport Creek, seen to the north of the beach on the other side of the sandhills. The creek produces some decent flathead and KGW's.
  5. Hi Knackers, Bellamore is not far west of Ceduna. Take the Denial Bay road and continue on towards Nadia Landing - this will take you through to Davenport Creek, but before you get there, a track off to the right will take you over the sandhills to Bellamore. Getting in is not the easiest, but getting out can be very tricky with a very steep climb over the sandhill.
  6. Back when I lived in Ceduna, a mate and myself targeted the mullies at Bellamore Beach and always on the last couple of hours of a run in tide that would peak just after sunset. Bellamore has huge sandhills where we would park the Hilux on top of the highest one and scan the gutters using binoculars to spot which ones had the fish. We didn't bother with the moon phases and neither did the fish. Bait of choice was whole squid and tommies. Some evenings were better than others, but never once did we leave the beach without scoring a few fish, not as big as those we caught at the Dog Fence or another secret location that will not be named, but generally they were up around the 15 to 20 kgs.
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    Freezing Crab

    Mal, I met a bloke years ago who cooked them, shelled them, packed the meat in meal sized containers and then froze them. I had always practiced catch 'em, cook 'em & eat 'em and after he gave me a box of frozen crab meat to try, I still believe in catch 'em, cook 'em & eat 'em - you just can't beat fresh blue swimmers.