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  1. Looks great and I'm getting hungry. To early for a beer.
  2. How did you pickle the squid ?
  3. I'll give it a go one day. Cheers.
  4. Got 8 back in August from Wallaroo Jetty and they were so full of sweet meat.
  5. Very interesting, now i just have to catch me a mully.
  6. Thanks brenton, I'll give it a go next time i get some gar.
  7. shmick

    crabbing box

    Not a bad idea, but what would happen if you droped the crab back in the water with the rubber bands around his claws ? He could still swim, but would probably starve to death.Wouldn't it be weird catching a crab with rubber bands around it's claws.
  8. Some mullet i caught last year. They are a little bit muddy, but cleaned out good they taste ok.
  9. There are some nice creeks around Pt Wakefield. Fish the incoming and high tide for yfw, mullet, st's and flathead.
  10. I didn't know we could still tip in the finals. Not that it would do me any good tho.
  11. pescados wrote: I did the same thing in round 18. Forgot to submit my tips.
  12. Some big salmon in this thread. :woohoo:
  13. Hey aaron, in the Melbourne Cup sweeps they have a prize for picking last.
  14. I took Hoorthorn to win down in Tasmania in my last man standing, thinking they wont lose down there.I was wrong.