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  1. yeah that's a stomper knackers. Always a triumph when you land a first of a species! to do it by yourself - even better ! congratulations and happy eating
  2. I use the jewel 1-4 kg matched with an exage or ecooda 2500 for onk mullys my pb went 88cm 12plus kg was a great fight on 10 pound main line and 20 pound leader. for the mullys in the coorong what you have is fine you may just come up against an unstoppable one though which you might be able to stop if you had a 2-4kg or a 3-6 kg . I rate my jewel highly unfortunately I have snapped it 3 times not through fishing
  3. In saying that! if you are using tommies where there are tommies around you will catch something as you are really trying to mimic/ provide the fish with what they are eating at the time
  4. Have to say my Pb Onk mulloway a big fat 12kg engulfed my live Tommie and many of the other mullies I have caught have been on live and dead tommies albeit these ranged from 56 to 88cm
  5. Ill chip in with three bad weather success stories my 2 most recent and 1 most memorableThe most Memorable one was about 2 years ago at snakes. Some of the guys I fish with off here and myself were heading down for some hopefull salmon, throwing slugs of the rocks. It was wet, it was windy and the swell was pumping, when I got there a bit later than my mates there was about 10-15 people lined up not quite shoulder to shoulder throwing lures and just about hooking up every cast, dropping fish landing fish getting snagged. id say the largest in the school was probably 2-2.5 kg most were 1-2kg. I would have to say this was one of the most frantic fishing sessions in my Life. I was in boardies and a tshirt nearly everone else had waders and wet weather gear, they were worse off because you had to dodge the breakers hitting the rocks everyone was getting saturated and waders were filling up. I ended up with around ten all up and kept two for tea, and gave the rest to my mate for his bait freezer. I lost about 4 lures that day. ( the next weekend I went down with my wetsuit goggles and bodyboard and picked up around 250 dollars worth of lures and reclaimed 3 of my 4 that I lost) :evil: The two most recent happened on the same weekend the 21st of july was originally going to be a weekend in the Barossa doing a hot air balloon flight with the missus and no kids! with 40-60km winds I think it was, there was no chance of that happening. so Friday the 20th we decided about 5pm to head to wallaroo and stay at the missus's dads holiday house.this house is right behind the loading/ storage silos of the jetty so we get a bit of a windbreak at the house. Me and a friend decided to brave the elements and go fish. We thought we would have a chance at snapper with the water being dirty and being blowy a couple of days beforehand. Unfortunately there was a ship in and we could only go to the gates we had two sessions one from about 12:30 pm to 5pm this was mayhem , with hail , rain wind, and no cover we toughed it out with some reward 4 blue crabs and 4 salmon trout about 40cm I picked up a flathead no bigger than my thumb. the next session was just as bad (weather wise) from 8pm to 12 am but we picked up a monster port Jackson and after the first two hours 40 to 60 tommies of good bait size and we left them biting, also picked up another 4 blue crabs to make a decent feast. I was stoked to brave the weather and come back with a reward.On the Monday of that weekend I decided to Hit Waitpinga it was windy and rainy and there was 3 other people there. I ended up with 8 salmon around 1.5kg with a seal taking 8- 10 off my hooks and gashing up a lot that I caught as well. All in all it was a very satisfying weekend.In my experience I have had a lot more luck while surf fishing, jetty fishing, and freshwater fishing in horrible weather. With all the circumstances working together I think it brings fish on the chew.
  6. definitely are a good rod in the 7ft I was casting a 50gm slug miles when down at waitpinga with a headwind! like cal said though that doesn't matter when the fish are less than 50m away! I was just chucking the slug around as a bit of fun while baitwasting! all my fish were caught casting less than 20m from the wash! As someone else said it comes down to personal choice and are you casting lures or soaking baits! totally different styles of rods and sinker weight is important as well. If you are casting big baits this adds weight too
  7. Love my Wilson 8144 I think that's what it is! can throw medium baits a good distance matched with my penn 950 ssm 30 pound mono! Also have the supergraph and I love it I didn't think I would relegate my 8144 to second place but the supergraph is light and can throw big baits a decent distance! In my eyes though generally gutters aren't that far away and it is more accuracy you want than distance! I know id prefer to throw 30m and be in a gutter than 50 metres and be sitting on a sandbar. If your looking at throwing slugs go a 9ft, I have a catana that throws up to 60gm nicely for larger slugs I use my tcurve 9ft
  8. I disagree with tony on this one, I have had my best salmon sessions along christies to southport in this type of water, snapper also get caught in these conditions. Might be a bit early for the big salmon though? Only way to find out is get down there and give it a crack! you will be surprised
  9. lots of flounder to be found wading the flats of the coorong with spotlights and hand spears!
  10. reelin

    Bream Top 3

    smith camion (various colours) i seem to do well on ones with yellow, gold,black and orange combossx 40 lc kangoku bassday vibe in same colours as camionsthat is mostly onk i would add squidgy bug in wasabi if fishing the glenelg in place of the sx 40
  11. I Agree with live fibre, the mt8144 is a great stick and i have had one for at least 6-7 years now and it has taken alot of abuse even from monster rays that wouldnt budge! I love it and if it ever breaks I wont hesitate to get a new one the same day I also have a wilson super graph 12 ft and i love this rod as well i have found i can get big baits out where i want them with some sort of control! As live fibre said my 8144 is matched to a penn 950 spinfisher ssm and personally i think being matched with "old school" heavier surf reels is the go with this one! whereas the super graph being lighter i have it matched at the moment to my thunnus 6000 until I Have enough cash to buy a lighter surf style reel, The point being the 8144 is heavier so having a heavyish reel on it doesnt matter whereas tha graph style rods if you put a heavy reel on it you are cancelling out one of the best attributes of that style rod which is its lightweight. Thats just my opinion and preference, many others will like using diffe3rent style combos and its just up to you to find over time your best/ most favoured surf combo.
  12. i generally put a hone on my edge with a diamond honing knife but for the sharpen i get the pros to do it! as an ex chef my knives got a lot of use and would be sharpened 4 times a year now they are quite smaller than when i got them but with the professionals you know you are getting a good edge every time and it is relatively cheap , definitely cheaper than using cheap sharpeners and buggering the blades or getting a crappy edge
  13. this topic made me sad i just snapped my 3-6kg jewell which caught me many mullies up to 88 cm! wicked rod i used it for everything from lures sp's to live baiting! you will have a ball with that rod
  14. Exactly the same red bull! this is also a utility style setup! can be used for multiple rigs and different fish without changing reels or mainline