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Freezing Crab

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Mal, I met a bloke years ago who cooked them, shelled them, packed the meat in meal sized containers and then froze them. I had always practiced catch 'em, cook 'em & eat 'em and after he gave me a box of frozen crab meat to try, I still believe in catch 'em, cook 'em & eat 'em - you just can't beat fresh blue swimmers.

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As the story goes "fresh is always best" however if it freezes well, it's better to have it when you want it than not, although i have never frozen crab, i do freeze a lot of seafood, when i go out fishing i eat fresh and freeze the rest, but i don't take everything i catch, your better off catching what's needed that more than needed, there is no use asking other people the best way to prepare to freeze as it's often different for everyone, the best way to freeze would best be found on a food preparation site (authority, such as government health standards) or similar, some cook books (cookery the Australian way) may have this information.

Im not saying other peoples recipes are wrong but you need to taste it to know if it's for you, where if you follow the safe practices then you can alter the way you process it before freezing, vacuum sealing doubles the shelf life, freezing in salt water, or salt is sometimes used, i usually do a net search to find all my answers, but beware of the bs on the net😉 

Tradtionaly we bought canned or fresh, canned is heat preserved in the can usually using a salt, salt and sugar brine, this can be done aswell using glass gars, but all care needs to be taken to do it right.

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