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A lot of tools you swing have a fat bit at the end - so do my rods  I originally used fat bits of cork because my guts would get bruised during Jewie season. (I used to fish for them regularly wi

sriracha sauce batter flatty nuggets

Free whiting measurers for days

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1 hour ago, Softy said:

i find myself using pointy nose pliers sometimes with the decoy clips, just need to be careful not to deform them.

Yeah I’ve started doing that aswell


these clips are just for reddies so I dont need them to be too tough

but I know what you mean about pliers deforming the clips. That’s part of the reason I made these ones easier to open with fingers


on my heavy duty clips I still need pliers but they can handle the pliers much better than size zero

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I could get 2 packs of these and have enough for 20 rods if i just butt them together along the wall. But worried about spacing with reels on.




Or maybe one of these but i'll have to alternate spin/baitcaster and rod with no reels to use all the slots i guess... and it's a bit ugly. :lol: But half price atm so maybe get 2?



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5 hours ago, Softy said:

Trying to come up with a cheap rod holder for my spare room... I thought i know a man who likes to do stuff on the cheap. :lol: Do you have a vertical rod holder? It's for my spare room, considering just buy a strip style holders and screwing into the plaster wall.

I adapted an old Ikea clothes rack. Using velcro cable ties up top. The attached picture is how I have mine set up.

They have them from $25 for a double sided (for rods) and on rollers. So easy to move around and access both sides. https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/rigga-clothes-rack-white-30231631/ 

You may be able to modify to suit your customised needs.


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56 minutes ago, Softy said:

Ended up getting the $30 one. Got them all in but 2. I've got another rod coming I won in a FB comp a couple of weeks ago... Maybe I'll need to get another rack. emoji23.png

Tempted to split it and wall mount e9eb9ae51d54d1dacd1550e4a9401143.jpg

Sent from my Pixel 6 using Tapatalk

Yeah if you want a small rectangular footprint. Those racks are hard to beat. 

it can be hard slotting all you reels together. Especially if they all sit at the same height.

I added feet to mine so they could handle big bait runners pulling the over 


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one of the cheapest ideas Ive seen is a wall mounted $2 pool noodle with slits cut into it.

 Its completely customizable with regard to spacing. Quick to make - And the Verticle slit holds your rod neatly. Also super quick to put your rods away at the end of the day.

Some people also you Computer cable management clips - they have a self adhesive backing. Just stick those to a bit of wood and mount it to the wall or just stick them straight to the wall

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36 minutes ago, Softy said:

Bit late to the party... Been down the tip raiding supplies?  :lol: 


I like that 3 peice one you made. Maybe later down the track when i have the tools and maybe even a work bench. Still need to sort that out since moving in.

Out till 3am not catching Jewies😉

If you are looking for tools and are looking to do more diy -and dont want to spend a million bucks -  just bight the bullet and get a combo kit - much cheaper than buying piece by piece  - Ozito cordless arent up to scratch - they lack power across the range in my experience - but Ryobi one will take care of alot of DIY - and the 6 year guarantee is real - anything breaks - just take it back and get a new one on the spot (At Bunnings - not sure about other shops returns policy but Bunnings is very painless).

Ryobi make 100's of tools that work with the same batteries and the tools are cheap and good. Not trade quality but great for diy home use. I mainly work with pine and Ply and they can chew through that

Unfortunately this kit used to come with a jigsaw but no longer does. Even the tools I didnt think Id get much use out of become favourites after a while.


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