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For along time I've been using a hammer on carp - because its pretty much the most instantaneous death I can think of - Hard to miss the brain with a hammer But I'd like to keep more of their flu

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51 minutes ago, Softy said:

They would make good kayak pants in summer too! emoji848.png

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Yeah I didnt get them wet so im not sure how they react when soaked.

The day before I was wearing socks to stop my feet burning but they were getting too hot - even after dunking them in the water to get some evaporative cooling going it back fired - after about ten mins it turns your socks into a steamer. So I'm not sure how the pants would go if they got wet - on a yak you have much better exposure to the breeze so I spose they would be sweet and keep you cool.

In a tinny with poor access to breeze - if the pants got wet - they might end up steaming things you dont want steamed.😉

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17 minutes ago, Softy said:

Could have done with that the other week.. One got me a beauty with the rakers, the kayak looked like a war zone from all the blood. :lol: 

Yeah we all got done trying to release double header undersized on the weekend

I swear the little fellas are more dangerous😉


my mate had misplaced the Flatty flickers I made him last time so it was a painful arvo

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