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  1. Great fishermans tale. I would recount a few, but they still hurt too much!
  2. Hi mate. Hopefully getting a session in this Sunday. Happy to flick a southie lure about, if you still need YFW lure testers, if not all good.
  3. I very rarely use clips. If there is a split ring I remove it. Loop knot to the tow point. The only thing that can fail is your loop knot and that has never happened (hope i haven't just jinxed myself!) Sorry to hear about your lure.
  4. Hi mate. Marketing is a wonderful thing when it comes to fishing gear and we all get sucked in to it, and there's nothing wrong with that. If you are confident with the lures or SPs that's half the battle. For me these days I've always got my nose in the bargain bucket looking for what I think might work in any fishing situation I might find myself in. Cheapskate. So to answer your question I have a selection of go to's that I trust, and cheapies that I think and hope will work. I get a real buzz from catching fish on the bargain bucket lures. A few pics of bargain buck
  5. If you ask 10 fisherpeople about what works best for them with Bream on plastics you'll more than likely get 10 different answers. If it was too easy there would be no satisfaction in your eventual success. Read and watch as much info as you can handle, but at the end of the day the only way to learn what works for you in any particular location is to get out there and keep casting. Good luck and cast with confidence. Look forward to seeing a post from you of a West Lakes Bream with a SP hanging out of it's gob.
  6. Sounds like a great trip mate. Buffalo Creek near Lee Point for Barra. Best fished at low tide. There's a fishermans track that leads back up the creek bank from the carpark, which will take you to a few spots worth a flick. Not a track for the faint hearted. Seen Queenies taken at Nightcliffe jetty and the Cullen Bay ferry jetty. As mentioned the main wharf has a great reputation for fishing. Another option would be to jump on the ferry, 15 minute ride, and fish the Mandorah jetty. Good luck.
  7. Yeah finding Tommies metro is not as easy it used to be land based. Hickory sawdust is the favourite here when we do.
  8. Smoked Tommies are fantastic... with a couple of beers... yummo! Cremated Tommies don't look so flash tho! I too have gone away from the wet brine and just sprinkle on salt and brown sugar before hot smoking. I'm not sure what heat source you are using, but in my little metal smoking box using a metho burner they are done in 15 -20 minutes depending on the size of the Tommies. Half the fun is experimenting.
  9. So good Allroy! That's some crazy fishing. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Freebies at Outer Harbor rocks during the summer on low tides.
  11. So to finish the topic a couple more pics. A few little surprises in with the worms. Drying before a metho dip. Double bagged ready for the freezer. Cheers
  12. Yeah the place gets hit pretty hard all the time! Surprised there's any fish at all. Several groups of fishos scooping last night too.
  13. Thanks H69. After the new moon June, July and August.
  14. Thanks bjorn. Could've stayed and scooped the 4 litre limit easily, but this is enough for me and my old back was telling me to go home!
  15. G'day all, Nearly all my fishing these days is done with lures, but I cannot resist the temptation to go out and scoop up what I see as the prime bait for metro land based fishing... The mighty Bloodworm. Soooo much fun... Out on the rocks in the pitch black on a windy wintery night with a head torch and a net. Last nights conditions were, what I see, as just about prefect for land based collection session. I chose a slightly different spot than in previous years after a little recon the night before. Worked out well as I left after about an hour with plenty of worms, for my
  16. I didn't go either mate, unfortunately. Pretty sure there were a few regulars from here, and some that used to be regulars, that went... Maybe Bushy has sworn them to silence.
  17. That's some cracking goals kicked Kman! Well done. I didn't set goals as such for 2018, but got addicted to the Flatties during the warmer months and picked up a few PBs on the way ending in this one as a new PB. The usual Bream chasing suffered as a consequence, so no upgrades so far... Best of the year to date. Seriously hoping to upgrade these 3 when I head North later in the year. This is now my goal for 2018.
  18. Good luck with the new job mate. More fishing... That's got to be a good thing!
  19. Trying to get out locally as much as possible over the 4 days. This morning I was flicking plastics in the shallows. Tough in the wind, but heaps of fish about. Still finding these guys just not the size I'd like. Best Bream of the morning. Quick pose before release. Happy Easter Hookers... Lines tight.
  20. Nice mate. Thanks that looks the business. I'll check it out. Netting for the Squid Queen.
  21. Thanks mate. That looks good. I'll drop in and check it out. Appreciate your help.
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