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Southport on the weekend

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Hi ,bjorn2 fish. Thankyou so much for the info I asked for . It is greatly appreciated. I think I will have to refine my technique a little.At 72 y.o.a. I am still learning. The trouties must have been in a real feeding frenzy . Using the heads as a last resort brought to mind , I spent my 21st Birthday on the Henley Jetty with my girlfriend ,and we were using Cray-tail meat for bait and the Tommies [sorry Herrings] were going ballistic,ran out of bait,so we scraped the hooks on the shell, and were still catching fish. Caught a Taxi home about 1am, gave the Taxi driver a feed , he was a happy chappy then.

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    • By bjorn2fish
      The salmon are getting caught so it's time to start the Strike Hook 2017 Salmon Comp!!!
      SPOTTERS is on board once again offering an awesome prize pack including: Spotters cap, sun shade, sunglasses strap and a pair of awesome SPOTTERS FURY (Gloss Black) with Halide lens.
      Please check out www.spotters.com.au for the full range of SPOTTERS sunglasses and their cool merchandise.
      Just write up a salmon report during July and August to be entered into the comp. Put lots of details in the write up and get us excited about your salmon chasing adventures.
      The competition starts July 1st 2017 and end on August 31st 2017.
      At the end of August the mods will select the best salmon report and a winner will be announced.
      Please note this comp is only open to fishos in SA.
      Get out chasing those salmon and write up your reports! Good Luck!

    • By wilda
      With some good tides and even better weather forecast I made the decision early for another crack at the salmon. After a quick stop off at the bakery for a coffee, I arrived at my chosen spot around 10.30and quickly set up camp and had the rods out.
      Well the long and short of it all was the salmon went off and and after a short time decided to park up 1 rod so I had time for a sit and a beer. At times I would even leave the rod in on the beach and just enjoyed the scenic views. Both Wednesday and Thursday nights I used some fresh salmon big baits in the hope of something larger but was shocked that nothing was interested.
      Friday morning arrived and with only 2 more fish needed for a full esky they were on the beach bleeding out before I even finished my coffee. After a quick clean up I was soon on the road home to clean up.
      The results was 24 beautiful salmon with the biggest coming in at 65cm and the smallest at 57cm and a average of 60.6cm
      With some great feeds and plenty of great mully bait all vac pack in the freezer it was time to knock up another feed off fresh salmon patties for tea.
      Hopefully Lindsay you can make next time
    • By bjorn2fish
      The Strike Hook salmon competition for 2016 is on NOW!!!     Major sponsor SPOTTERS on board for this awesome comp with a cool Spotters prize pack up for grabs.     Major Prize: Spotters prize pack including, very cool cap, sun shade, sunglasses strap and a pair of awesome SPOTTERS FURY (Gloss Black) with Halide lens.   Two runner up prizes including salmon lures and poppers.   Also check out the Spotters website www.spotters.com.au for their full range of sunnies and merchandise.     This year we have a points system for the major prize. Points will be awarded for fish with the total highest amount of points at the end being the winner. If there is a draw then the largest fish or least small fish will decide the final winner.     21cm - 35cm 2 points 36cm - 45cm 4 points 46cm - 55cm 6 points 56cm - 65cm 8 points 66cm - 75cm 10 points 76cm and above 12 points    
      Longest overall salmon for one runner up prize.
      As a backup we are having a few options for the last runner up prize which relies heavily on the members reports. These include the worst trip, best by-catch, most kms traveled and the most trips all chasing salmon.
      This comp is dependent on good salmon reports from members who would like to take part so please get as much information in your reports, try to take some nice clear photos and get right into the Strike Hook spirit and get as many fishos as we can chasing salmon for the comp.
      The comp ends on August 31st 2016 and is open to anyone and everyone in South Australia!
      Good luck everyone 
    • By bjorn2fish
      The August Salmon Comp is now on!

      Post up a salmon report but a little bit different... with all the Strike & Hook gear out there we'd like to see pics of you all wearing your gear with your salmon catch. It can be a cap, beanie, t-shirt or hoodie.
      This month's prize is a cool salmon combo. A Daiwa Megaforce 962MFS (9'6" and 3-5kg) matched with a Daiwa Revros MX 3000 and as always a SH cap and beanie! The Daiwa combo is a great way to get started with salmon lure flicking or an excellent second setup to flick around while another rod is soaking a bait or for when your non fisho or unorganised mate comes along.
      As there has already been a week gone (sorry guys work is killing me) we'll run the comp into next month a little bit to make up for the missed time.
      Don't forget the Strike & Hook Salmon Day this weekend, this could be your chance to get a photo and put up a report.
      As a little incentive, I'll be taking a bunch of SH caps down to Waitpinga and giving away a cap to everyone who catches a salmon and gets a photo taken Only one cap per person and until we run out.
      We picked up the Daiwa combo for a great price at Fishing Wholesalers. They always look after us so please head over to their website www.fishingwholesalers.com.au and check out their cool gear and if you're on Facebook head over there and like their facebook page www.facebook.com/fishingwholesalersaustralia.
      I should add due to the nature of this prize it is going to be pickup only from Fishing Wholesalers at Lonsdale.
      Good luck everyone
      And yeah, I know I'm no fishing show host but there was this dude wondering around while filming that kinda distracted me. Especially when he walked right past the camera while I was filming