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    Kadina Market - 19 January 2019

    Hi all If you are one of the lucky ones to be holidaying on Yorkes at the moment or are one of the even luckier ones who permanently live on Yorkes, come and say hello to me and my wife at the Kadina Markets on January 19th. I will have most of my range of sinkers available and will also be taking pre-orders. I will also be doing a special price on the sinkers for the market as well This is a new experience for me and if this is successful, we may be doing a few more markets on yorkes as well. Just hope that the weather plays ball, as I may be taking the fishing roads, for a sneaky fish on the way home David
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    Territory Lad

    YFW fillets

    Odd question, but any reason a YFW fillet (scaled, skin on) would warp/curl up when being cooked? Last few batches I have done, some of the larger fillets have curled up and the flesh tends to be chewier. Only seems to happen with the models to go above mid 30s. The smallers models come up beautiful, everytime. Im assuming it is something I am doing wrong, possibly during the filleting process? I know with squid and whole fish, you can score/cut the flesh to prevent / reduce curling, but I've never seen this with straight fish fillets. Any advice / ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers TL
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    Leven River, plenty of trout caught..

    This is the video clip of the Leven River report just posted on the Forum (Interstate Section) Full written report & photos are there.. cheers Adrian
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    Rod/line squid

    they have to pay money for a fishing license though and we don't so we have it better
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