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  1. If we want another mystery to solve, here is a capture from another video of what I believe to be squid eggs attached to a pylon?? If anyone can support this or suggest what it is then that would be awesome.cheers, KIF
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies, It definitely appears to be a juvenile dusky, thanks savage for that one.To rotare,I was originally going to say when I uploaded the video is that the paravane idea is what stops it spinning, the spinning in this video is me twisting the line because I wanted to look under the jetty, when left alone the paravane quickly pulls the pot around such that the camera is looking down the tide.I will hopefully be able to upload some new footage in this thread later on, in deeper water and hopefully with some target species in the frame!Cheers, KIF
  3. Thanks Ale,Could you please PM me your email address, I have got the file down to 17MB so it should send.
  4. I couldn't upload the video for some unknown reason, but here is a snippet of the fish, this is the best view I got!!! If anyone could tell me what it is that would be helpful.
  5. My dad bought a gopro hero 3 for various online webinars or something along those lines, but as soon as I saw it and the waterproof housing in which it came I immediately thought of applying it to fishing. A pole mount has been ordered so I can make Gaffcam and Netcam, but something else came into mind...Berleycam.Many minutes were used pondering how best to mount the camera to the berley pot, the first idea was to just bolt it straight onto it:After a quick test out at the local jetty, it quickly became apparent that there was no way to control the direction of the camera, after all, it needs to be pointing in the direction of the berley trail.This opened up another session of sitting and pondering many ideas on how to do this, perhaps a parachute to catch the tide?? This idea was quickly dismissed as the whole video would just be of a plastic bag.The next idea was to attach a paravane onto the berley bucket in the hope of acting like the parachute but with minimised camera space taken up.This was once again tested at the jetty and just as quickly as it went in the water it was taken out as it was completely useless. Back to the drawing board...Still utilising the paravane, I thought of mounting the camera straight onto the paravane which was bolted to the top of the berley pot, with the fin of the paravane acting like the back fin of a windmill which would ensure the camera points into the berley:This was tested with success down at the jetty, so the next step is to test it out in the boat, where there is actually fish around and a decent tide running. i have tried uploading the video but I think it may be too large (250MB and is an .mp4).Cheers, KIF
  6. Thank you for the reply. What depth water do you need for whiting? Very shallow? And would the smaller 45mm size be better or should I get one at 60 and one at 45?Cheers
  7. Have any of you guys had any experience with walk the dog style surface lures for whiting/bream etc.? If so any recommendations on lures?Cheers, KIF
  8. What I can't seem to get is that they have all these laws in place stopping the capture of great whites to stop them from going extinct, but as soon as they start appearing in greater numbers in their habitat, they want to kill them for coming too close to shore??
  9. I caught a really good flathead once only to have it stick its gill spine into my finger joint inbetween the bones. I had to lie down for about half an hour due to the toxins and nearly throwing up regularly. My finger swelled up and got infected and I couldn't bend it for several days. It wasn't fun. I then decided it was time to invest in a pair of lip grips
  10. Great video! After my brothers efforts of catching multiple 6kg salmon at yalata last year, and now watching this video, I cannot wait to head over there to get amongst the action myself one day.
  11. Hey mate,Great time to choose to go fishing on KI, your have heaps of options at hand. There will be big whiting around at that time in good numbers and you can catch them by Drifting on the broken bottoms with cockles. You will pick up a lot of Flathead doing this as well. There are snapper out deeper but you will need to sound around a lot to try and find them balling up above the bottom. Nannygai are close to the cliff edges anywhere along the north coast. You should be able to see them under your boat and catch them using squid baits. You can catch the odd whiting off of the rocks if you can cast out to the sand. Trevally will also be here. Just a few tips there hope you have some success. Check out this as well: http://www.strikehook.com/forum/22-saltwater-fishing/232298-marron-fishing#232330If you really want to have some fun then book a charter will Gavin solly of kangaroo island fishing adventures. I can Garuntee that you will not come back empty handed and you will have an awesome time. Cheers.
  12. Hey mate,I am in the finishing stages of my research project that I also did on fishing, rather I wrote a fishing guide for Kangaroo Island. In hindsight I should have chosen one fish species as I could have done a whole guide on that. Make sure if your focus question is where to catch them then try and limit it to that specifically. One place where I went wrong is that I didn't know when to stop as you can research deeper and deeper into each fish. One example is that when researching a rod for each fish, it can be broken into the material/length/different eyes/reel seat etc. and very quickly you are overwhelmed of when to stop. Also, with your lures/baits, make sure you just find what ones work because again you can go into knots, leader, trace line, breaking strain etc. Hope that helps.Also,Don't overlook Kangaroo Island as this is a good spot for salmon especially in shoal bay My best lures are the 140mm squidgy flick bait in pilly with a 9gm ball or painted fish head. This is my go to lure if the salmon are a bit shy or timid but if they are on the bite I use a Halco 60gm Twisty. The reason they come in here is to breed and grow in the estuary system each year in the warmer water that holds plenty of baby squid and masses of bait fish.Cheers.