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  1. I agree with everyones post that i used the like feature. Bit sceptical to help science these days.. ends up worse for rec fishers usually . Some groups will come up with something like , there was a Magpie Fiddler caught /released in gulf st vincent , its an endangerd species and the gulf should be closed to all fishing ! Ridiculas i know ...but sometimes ....
  2. Schneider suits what you are using it for, it tolerates that type of punishment the most. The other brands are worse for abrasions as their properties dont stand up to the test of reefs and rocks. IMO softer leaders cut easier once minimally frayed.Try upping the Schneider maybe 100lb Good luck
  3. Steve G lost the seat of Hindmarsh . "you get what you deserve"
  4. yea,,, the runners/guides/rollers are made of poor quality material that corrode quickly. The blanks seem ok so far . For the price you pay they are worth it even for just 1 summer.
  5. G day Del could be a collectors item .I remember the Super Stik custom game rods back in the 80s an the writing is similar one to your pic,Cal is also on the money , maybe see what Cavan has to say bout it .Nice score too!
  6. yea well, i rekon greedy boat fishos want the whole sea all to themselves.Months ago they were spewin about the marine parks ntz, now they dont want a jetty open for the public to fish off.Look at all the areas around the port that are now imposable to get to these days. Giles is hardly ever open , wallaroo to is mostly closed too . Maybe they should ban fishing off boats! :woohoo:
  7. Just another coincidence yay? Weed has never piled up there in my 35 years of fishin the area like it has since that March storm, now it is a regular thing it appears. Yes it used to pile up at Largs ,wasn't that due to the sewerage works that killed of sea grass beds the sizes of many AAMI stadiums I recall being said by Govt scientist ten or so years ago. Same shit different spot. My garden veggies boomed with desal water over summer.
  8. What about all the weed that pilled up on Glenelg beach at the same time that the fish were washing up? Do algal blooms also kill weed beds/ sea grass? The weed was pilled up 6 foot high in some places around the same time as the fish deaths on Glenelg beach , surley a concern!
  9. Nice TB, I like the texta improvisation!cordless drill is my friend when de spooling unwanted line.
  10. My theory is the juvinile snapper have eaten the crab eggs larvae whatever you wanna callem over the last 5 or so years in the northen parts of gulf st vincent where the crabs traditionaly were in great numbers.If you told me 25 years ago that it would be possible to catch blueys from glenelg through to brighton (landbased) areas and beyond ,i woulda said BULLCRAP NFW!! It was possible to catch a few from the semaphore jetty amongst the more predominant sandys.Question i have is why have the crabs moved further south since 2004? And now seem to be declining in 2012-2013 from the southern areas of the gulf since the water temps are higher than normal according to the Govt?
  11. Killa photos there Del! thanks 4 sharing, good advice on the seasick pills too.
  12. Lucky buggers! Good luck to yas and well done!
  13. When you get a good run on a alvey the ratchet is SO loud it makes your bones rattle you might need ear plugs too lolluv that sound!