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  1. Hi all wondering what the biggest Redfin Perch is that has been caught in SA waters. I managed a Pb pushing 40cms on the weekend, not huge but a cracker fish for a freshwater novice like me. Whats your biggest? Cheers LL
  2. METRO Crabs are still going OK around Semaphore and The Black Pole. Water temps have dropped markably meaning the whiting should now show up during the low and high periods. This is a great time of year when the weather is right where if it calm in the morning it would probably be calm all day. Some nice whiting have come from the Star Wreck, Cabbage Patch, Grange Tyre Reef, West Beach ground, South of Brighton and out from Stanvac. Crabs can still be caught from the Black Pole, Shipping Channel. Largs and Semaphore. Squid are in full swing out from West Beach, Semaphore, Largs, Black Pole and
  3. Metro Some nice squid have been coming from West Beach, Semaphore, Largs and east of the Black Pole. Whiting are being caught at Black Pole, Norma, Bower Road ground, Grange and bigger fish out from West Beach. Crabs are slowing but there is still a good feed to be had at the Silt grounds, Semaphore and Largs. Snapper are being caught around the shipping channel, near the John Robb, ballast ground, the Broadway and out from O'Sullivan's around the barge. Port river has plenty of salmon trout from the North Arm through to the St Kilda breakwater. Some nice bream are being caught near the North
  4. METRO Metro has really livened up in the last couple of weeks where the snapper have showed up in some of the regular spots like the Shipping Channel. Nice fish between 45-60cms have been caught mainly on the incoming tide. I tend to like the outgoing for bigger fish. Whiting are being caught from West Beach with good fish around the 38cm mark but also work the out skirts of the Grange Tyre Reef for the same type of fish. Legal whiting are also being caught just off the Norma, Silt Grounds and the Black Pole. Crabs are still doing well off Semaphore and Largs with some still being caught a
  5. EASTER is getting pretty close so I will look at a special Easter edition which will come out on the Tuesday prior so people can get prepared. If anyone wants our Burley Pots or wants sinkers for the Easter break please PM ASAP. All sinkers are $8.00 per kilo except spring sinkers which are 25 Cents each due to the spring costs. Burley Pots are $25.00 for the small and $27.00 for large. They can either be picked up at Parafield gardens or sent by post for a small cost. We have snapper leads, Swivel Bombs, Running Bean, Burley Spring, Spring Only, Star, Surf Wire sinkers in various weights
  6. METRO Crabs are still on the menu with good numbers still coming from Semaphore, Black Pole area, Silt Grounds, Grange and Brighton. Whiting numbers have been picking up with good catches coming from the cabbage patch area early in the mornings, out from the Largs academy, Bower Road grounds, West Beach and north of the Grange jetty near the floating pontoon. Garfish are still around but are reluctant to bite but there are good fish in and around the Norma where they tend to bite better. Some snapper have been showing up around the wrecks but not in big numbers but well worth a try. The beache
  7. METRO Crabs are still going strong with Brighton, Semaphore, Largs and St Kilda/Black Pole areas being the best. The summer whiting are still hanging in there with some good catches coming from the West Beach area late afternoons and south of Brighton near the turn of tides. There are still some whiting coming from the cabbage patch and near the Black Pole. Squid have been spasmodic but tend to be better on fast tides just north of Marino, West Beach out from the ramp, north of Grange, east of the Black Pole and the weed beds just before Port Gawler. Snook are being caught near dusk along the
  8. METRO Snapper were doing well before the closure in some areas such as O’Sullivan’s, out wide from North Haven approx. 35 kms out and up towards the Long Spit. Crabs are still running well but not as vigorous as back in October but there is still a good feed. Semaphore, Largs, north of Black Pole and in deeper water not far from the Cabbage patch. Squid have been doing very well with good catches coming from West Beach, Grange, Marino and a few out from Largs and near the Silt Grounds. There is plenty of snook around along the metro coast with Semaphore, Black Pole and Grange being the bet
  9. METRO Blue crabs are still doing very well with some nice size crabs around Semaphore, Black Pole, North of Port Gawler and Silt Grounds. Rakers should also do well up towards Thompson’s and Webb Beach. Whiting are slowly thinning out but there are still good fish south from West Beach to O’Sullivan’s. Garfish are plentiful but size varies. Semaphore, Wonga Shoal, Grange and West Beach are the better areas. Some nice tommies are in good numbers in amongst the garfish. Jetty anglers have been doing well on the crabs, Tommies and garfish at night with Largs, Semaphore, and Grange doing OK.
  10. METRO With snapper now closed till mid December it's time to get out and get those bread and butter fish like Garfish, Squid, Crabs, Snook and Tommies and there is no shortage of all. Crabs have been great around Semaphore and largs along with the Silt grounds, Black Pole and up in the northern regions from Port Gawler onwards. Jetty anglers can get a good feed during the night on good tides. Garfish are quite prolific from West Beach up to Largs but size varies. You can get better fish out deeper around the Norma is one area that does well. Also the jetties have been doing well late at night
  11. METRO Blue crabs have been in good numbers and the best time is getting out early for quick bag limits. Silt grounds, St Kilda, Semaphore and Grange are the better areas. Whiting are still managing to hold out of Grange, West Beach and south of Brighton but have slowed or just too small in other areas. Snapper are still out wide out from North Haven and some small pods up onto the northern grounds north of the culverts. Some nice ruggers are coming from O’Sullavan’s also. Garfish are in good numbers out from West Beach, Grange, Semaphore, Norma and in and around the Silt grounds and Black
  12. METRO Nice size garfish are coming from West Beach up towards Semaphore, Largs and the Silt Grounds. Crabs are improving from Semaphore right up to the northern areas. There are still pods of good whiting out from Grange, West Beach and Brighton with smaller fish from the Silt Grounds and the cabbage patch. Squid can still be caught in good numbers from Marino up to Semaphore in the shallow weed areas. Snook are biting well early in the mornings and late afternoons even off the jetties like Brighton and Grange. Good size tommies can also be caught of the Grange jetty and Brighton Jetty. Late n
  13. Quick report as I have not been well. YORKES Plenty of whiting have been taken from Port Hughes, Port Vic, Hardwick and west of Turton. On the other side Edithburgh has been doing well out north of the island and out from the swimming pool. Stansbury is still doing well on the whiting out from the cemetery ground along with squid and squid are also inside the spit. Tommies are in good numbers and are of good size around Port Hughes, Port Vic and Turton. We hit a school of salmon out from Port Vic near deadmans last weekend which was good fun. Snapper are in small pods out from Ardrossan an
  14. Metro During the calmer days (Which was really Saturday before it went sour again) there were still some good catches of King George Whiting off West Beach, Grange, Silt Grounds and a few out near the Black Pole. There was also some whiting in close around St Kilda. Some snapper were on the wrecks down south and the Star had a few snapper as well early in the morning. Squid numbers were down due to the water quality but should pickup this week. Snook are moving into Semaphore and North Haven areas with a few in the deeper waters out from Outer Harbor. Salmon trout are still hanging around with
  15. Metro Well if there is a time to get out and fish for some snapper and whiting this weekend will be the time with very milky waters indeed. Star, Grange Tyre Reef, Broadway, Breakwaters and even inside the Port River should be very productive. It will take a while to clear before the crabs, squid and tommies will come back. Port River and West Lakes should be very productive for the next couple of days. The Onkaparinga will be productive once the water has subsided for bream and salmon trout. The Port Noarlunga jetty will have salmon and other jetties can be productive for snapper at night
  16. METRO There is still some whiting around off West Beach and North near the Black Pole and Silt grounds. Semaphore was a bit quiet but there are some fish out from Bower Road. Squid are still doing OK out from West Beach and north of Brighton. Crabs have made a pleasant surprise arrival with some good catches coming from the Black Pole, Silt Grounds, Wonga Shoals and even around the West Beach area. Some nice tommies are starting to move in and one of the best places to get nice tommies was the Grange jetty and it is worth a try. Snapper have been coming from the northern grounds up towards the
  17. METRO Whiting numbers are good with good catches coming from the Silt Grounds, The Largs Academy ground, Semaphore reef, Grange Tyre reef, West Beach has some nice size fish over 40cm. Snapper will also be around after this blow especially on the Star wreck and out from the Broadway. Squid are in big numbers down south around Marino, Brighton and West Beach when it's clear. A few Elephant sharks have been caught around the Grange area at night. Watch out for the spikes and they are great eating. Port river has plenty of salmon trout from the North Arm right down towards St Kilda and around nea
  18. METRO With the water really stirred up there has been plenty of snapper caught at the Star wreck and surrounding areas. Norma wreck and Grange tyre reef also produce good snapper after these events as well, so it may be worth trying these areas. The broadway should also be worth a good look late in the afternoon Saturday. The rough weather is also a trigger for the whiting to school up and come on the bite. Best places to try is the Black Pole, Silt grounds, Semaphore reef, Grange tyre reef, West beach bag ground. Squid will be slow until the water clears but they should be taking lures in dee
  19. METRO While this blow is really welcomed and it will stir the fish on especially the whiting and snapper. with the upcoming fronts this is a time where the shore base angler can really get into some decent fish. Outer Harbor Breakwater is the place to be this weekend as the big winds and swell will certainly mover fish in. Bait fish will shelter and big fish will be right behind. Friday and early Saturday will be the best for the boaties and there is plenty of whiting at the silt grounds and Black Pole. Salmon trout have moved into the Port River and with sheltered waters this will be fun. On
  20. METRO King George numbers are looking like it's going to be a very good season with some nice fish up to 38 cms being caught near the black pole, silt grounds, Cabbage patch in the mornings, Norma, Semaphore and West Beach. There is still some good crab numbers coming from the St Kilda/Black Pole area and further south towards Semaphore. Squid are on the move with some good numbers being caught at Brighton, Marino, West Beach, Silt Grounds and near the Black Pole. A few small mulloway were caught of the breakwater near West Beach and some smaller ones from West Lakes. Salmon Trout are in good
  21. METRO Crabs are still moving well right down as far as West Beach. Whiting are starting to show in areas like south of the Black Pole, Silt Grounds, The Cabbage Patch, Norma Wreck on the high tide, Grange Tyre Reef and West Beach. They aren’t in big numbers as yet but enough to get a good feed. Garfish are still biting and the new coloured gents we have in bronze and red should get them biting. Squid are improving with squid showing up south of the North Haven Breakwater, out from Bower Road in 8 metres of water, West Beach and south of Brighton. Snook are still worth a try over the weed
  22. METRO With Friday having strong winds Saturday might be the day to head out to the shipping channel for some snapper. It has been producing good fish of late and a blow should help.Crabs are still on the move with this being the best season in a long time and shows no signs of tapering off. Some nice flathead are being caught around the St Kilda to the Black Pole area along with some whiting south of the Black Pole. Whiting are improving down south around West Beach and Brighton. Snapper have been showing up now and again at the Broadway. Garfish are still out from Largs right down to Grange.
  23. METRO Snapper have been doing well in the shipping channel and a few have started out from the Broadway and out pass Clarries. Garfish seem to be a bit more entertaining with some good bags coming in. Whiting are improving and will only get better. Best areas are south of the Black Pole, West Beach and south of Brighton jetty. Squid are doing well at West Beach and further down towards Marino and there are some nice squid just past the Black Pole for some reason. Crabs, well I don't need to say too much as they are coming from the Semaphore jetty and the Largs jetty in good numbers. Grange jet
  24. METRO Crabs have been the big thing. Jetties (Semaphore and Largs) are doing very well at night during the running tides. Out in the boat there are plenty from St Kilda right down pass Henley Beach. Get on them before they move out. Whiting fishing is slowly improving from Brighton right up to areas south of the Black Pole. Garfish have been a bit finicky locally but we have been doing a coloured (RED) gent which is showing some good results. Squid numbers have slowly improved and are along most weed beds from the Silt Grounds down to Brighton. South of Semaphore has been doing well. West Lake
  25. METRO Plenty of crabs being caught between Largs Bay and Semaphore and extends down as far as Brighton. Whiting are on the improve with good catches from a college down at Brighton and there has been some good catches out from the Black Pole. Garfish are still prolific but again reluctant to bite, but there is at least a feed to be had. Squid showed up down the southern grounds south of Glenelg along with some nice snook. Snook are also being caught near the grounds between the silt grounds and the shipping channel. Port river has bream, a sprinkle of salmon trout in the North Arm and some
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