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Happy Valley Reservoir opening in December

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6 hours ago, keenfisho said:

Is it going to be open for fishing? I thought this was only opening for walking and riding? I hope they do allow yaks and fishing. Only problem will be how accessible it is, it will get smashed

Fishing and kayaking. Though there wont be anywhere as many fish in there at Myponga so it won't get such a hype. Will be to hard to fish for some no doubt. :lol: 

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4 hours ago, southie THE BANGA said:

Will be a trophy fish fishery if my sources are correct ;) can't wait for this to open up. Living only 5mins away makes it an awesome place to kill some time after work! 

You and me both mate! Could almost wheel the kayak through the gate from home. Will be hitting it and you up for sure.

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I was keen to check it out opening week, but seeing the posts about the chaos and the poor handling, and sheer lack of respect has turned me right off it.

I'll be giving it a while before I head over. It's extremely disapointing being only a couple days in. Would not be surprised if they take water access away as a temporary measure.

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The Rangers were there on and off and did educate some of do's and don'ts but they had other places to be as well and once they are out of sight anything can happen with out them as the temptation in catching one of the 1,000 Cod in there and on the dinner table.Signage is around the place re fish limits and rules but the public turned zombie and ignored common sense, I'm too avoiding the place for a while.

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Drove into the car park area this morning off Chandlers hill rd this is the "car/trailer" parking area for those who have the larger Hobie style yaks,good luck finding a park.The other parking areas only had about 10 car parks left before being full.Better signage is needed for trailer parking only.


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