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    Jesus - you have no idea how far back in the archives I had to go to find these pics. But I got into serious livie fishing pretty late in life - I went from mainly dead bait (first 25 years) - to mainly small live bait(3 months) - to bream and other species on lures (10 years) - then serious livie-ing for a bit (2 years) - then back to lures. The main reason I avoided landbased Livebaiting in Melbourne......... - was all the "social media guru's" and well known "under ground" Mulloway guys said it was hard to do. I gave their words more respect than they were due - coz words are just words - and they can occasionally be deliberately misleading (plus I spent a night out with some guru's and froze my arse off, catching nothing and said to myself -this isnt fishing - its just waiting around praying for something to happen.) ( I found very little logic in their approach) But I ride a push bike, so I can basically cover about 20km from the mouth of both our main rivers in an evening - and I would do recon missions, where I wouldnt cast a lure - quite regularly. (but I would bump into all sorts of Jewie fisherman and have a chat - most pretended to be fishing for bream with surf rods and live mullet ) - admittedly fishing the rivers on boats with a sounder for about 15 of those years, should have been a huge advantage - but we werent even looking for Jewies until the last 3 years. If I had paid attention from the start - this game would have been alot easier to work out But what I absorbed over that period of time is - if you have a sounder - jewies are quite easy to find - getting them to bight isnt quite so easy
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    Gotta be careful - might end up with the maggot version of these brutes
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    The maggots get another week off
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    Taken from the O'Sullivan Beach Boat Ramp Community Meeting Facebook event... O'Sullivan Beach Boat Ramp Community Meeting Please join myself, OnkaStompa Fishing Comp, Chris Picton MP South Australian Fishing Alliance Australian Volunteer Coast Guard SA Sea Rescue Squadron Christies Sailing Club Sullies Social and the O’Sullivan Beach Boat Ramp Kiosk to discuss the improvements that must be made to ensure that local people and visitors can safely use our boat ramp, and to call on State Government and Council to take action on these improvements. Please come and show your support and make your voice heard! Where O'Sullivan Beach Boat Ramp When Sunday, 23 June 2019 from 3:30pm - 5:00pm Show your interest in the event on the Faceboo event page - https://www.facebook.com/events/872554816435810/
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    This a map put up of a suggestion, but with other peoples input there's a few more ideas/changes/alterations etc now.
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    Yeah dont get me wrong - I'd take everything I have to say with a grain of salt - I never know, with any certainty, what actually happens under the water - these are just guesses And when it comes to circle hooks - I've had my livies convincingly out-fished by guys using circle hooks and frozen local squid - but I love striking fish too much to ever make the switch to circles - striking fish is a big part of the spectacle for me
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    Yeah the photo above is a bit misleading. It shows the head taken off but they quite often come back with the head still on - but crushed - I'll try to find some photos of the crushed heads When we used to fish the bays alot, we'd get a fair few squid taking livies - but a squid take is much more "Lungey" than these clunking "Head Crushers" - Squid also often leave a semi circular bight on the shoulder right near the head. These takes are weird - it just one clunk - then they leave it alone - there are no follow up nudges or nibbles These "Head crushers" live in the rivers around Melbourne - but because they are estuarine, with big changes in salinity levels, its hard to ID them because there's so many options. Deep down I think they might be eels - but I have no proof
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    Yeah I used to use the spring loaded ones but Id have to take them on and off while casting - and they' get catapulted off if I struck hard and missed a fish. So I decided to take the bell apart and tape it to the rod so it would never fly off. Alot of guys are against bells but I find them invaluable when fishing livies. I tape mine down the rod tip a bit, so they dont ring when the livie blinks - but if my livie starts getting really spooked, they'll give me a heads up. But the real reason I put them on is there is - We have this jerk fish in Melbourne that chomps the head of your livies - sucks the juice out - and leaves the rest without taking Bait-runner drag. But this activity will register on the rod tip like a clunk. If I know my livie is dead, I'll put a new one on - so the bells let me know if one of these Mystery fish is in the area - If I ever catch one, I'm going to punch it in the balls - coz I've had nights where 6 livies have come back with crushed heads and I didnt even know they had been hit. The bells make that much less likely to happen
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    Breeding maggots without meat

    Definitely coir/coconut fibre. The blocks you get from Bunnings etc and soak in a bucket of water, til the expand and fall apart. However be aware that many of these have fertilisers added which you wont want with your maggots.
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    Breeding maggots without meat

    Nice fish
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    I tried breeding them once and am now officially banned from attempting to do so again at Guru HQ, upon the threat of immediate divorce. My wife is actually a decent looking bird and looks after me pretty well . . . so I reckon I'll leave it to you guys moving forward
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