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  1. Cheers mate. I saw a brand new old model dorado A-rounder sold on FeeBay a few weeks ago. I think I like the old school coz it was all new and shiny when my tackle obsession first started, but I couldn't afford it all at the time!!!
  2. Tell me more!! I can only afford the high tech gear when it's second hand
  3. Reckon you're lucky that you've got a good local store there yorky.
  4. Yeah mate. Don't muck around using tackle stores as the middle men for parts or even to send a reel away for a service. It's heaps better to go direct to shimano or daiwa, I've found both companies great to deal with for parts, although daiwa were a bit slow with reel servicing.
  5. Double uni or the slim beauty for me too. Seems to work for all my bottom bashing and casting needs. Originally I wasn't tying the "correct" slim beauty, but the kaneit version, which starts the same in the leader(with the figure 8) but has a uni at the braid end.
  6. Nah man. It's fishing and bananas that don't mix!!! Maybe the poor bugger had carrots and then ate a banana for dessert. Instant kiss of death
  7. Hey mate, you can use gulp worms as bait. I've used them on a paternoster rig like bait before. Even used this way you can still keep them moving.
  8. Cheers Dylz. I live at Lock, so I'm hoping to scoot over soon. Hopefully next week after the sea calms down a bit. Probably should've tried for last night or this morning but my arse is welded to the boom spray at the moment!!!
  9. Thanks Dylz. I was going to ask if there were any reports about the salmon comp, had seemed pretty quite
  10. Good write up for a cheaper priced reel. Thanks for sharing the link
  11. I've got a Samaki drifter for my spin rod. Sounds like its similar in action to some of the others mentioned here. It's rated 3-6kg with a nice tip for bait fishing, and can handle bigger fish quite well. I find I don't use it all that much as I prefer overhead gear for whiting out in the boat. Cheers
  12. Caught a puffer on one a couple of weekends ago. That was a new one for me.
  13. Nice fish mate. Good fight on the light gear.
  14. Great write up Des. I also got excited about the idea of whiting on poppers, but haven't bought any lures yet. It's enough fun catching them on light gear in skinny water anyway!