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  1. Thanks for the comp Doobie never would have got them all, but I will give the mix a try soon as I can get out in the boat.
  2. 1.Bread crumbs 2.curry powder 3.Garlic powder 4.Lime juice 5.Fish sauce 6.Semolina 7.water Last shot til next hint I think
  3. 1.Bread crumbs 2.curry powder 3.fish sauce 4.bran 5.garlic powder 6.mustard 7.water
  4. 1.Bread crumbs 2.curry powder 3.semolina 4.bran 5.garlic powder 6.fish sauce 7.potato chips crushed up (Not giving up yet on this)
  5. Here goes 1.Bread crumbs 2.curry powder 3.corn 4.bran 5. tuna oil 6.dried shrimp 7.salt and vinegar chips crushed up
  6. This is a picture from the web site our boat. Double catch over midnight caught 4 then had to wait til 12 then caught another 4. Berley techniques were talked about height above bottom at different time of the tide, trace setup to minimise dogsharks and rays talked about. Some GPS marks around Ardrossan given to us but have not used them for years. Still use most of these ideas today just not marks.
  7. Any particular distance down the beach or straight out the front? Hoping to take the kids for a bit of fun, when it warms up again
  8. great photos guys would love to get into taking a few lightning photos What cameras recommendations do you have, or what do you use? Shutter speeds ,filters etc
  9. Unless you have a very long cast I think that's how it reads, and even then your outside the zone where your standing.â—¾The possession of Snapper on board a vessel is prohibited at all times within the spatial closures, regardless of whether the Snapper was captured outside the closure area. So be double careful not to drive back through an area with them onboard going back to the ramp or moving spot to spot. Those Marks have a 4km range around them so have them in the GPS to check distance away. 50km area each dot
  10. http://www.pir.sa.gov.au/fisheries/closures/closed_areas/snapper_spatial_closure_mapDec 15 earliest then stay away from the area on this map after
  11. Definitely carpet as I'm a barefoot fisho.Our carpet is not stuck down at all just one big piece goes over whole floor pick it up after fishing and wash as required will stay wet under carpet if left down
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