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  1. Very nice rod !I'm sure it can handle a lot more than 6kg to ! High sticking it out of a boat is another story all together.I landed a 8.81kg Cod today on a 2piece Starlo stix that I had snapped the tip off.Never doubted it and it was the reel (2000 Freams Kix) that was lacking. Mind you on 4lb line I was never going to give it too much drag !Moral of the story...play them out and you WILL win no matter how underated the stick
  2. ...Back away from the camera...Top footage !You obvisouly have a viewfinder to be able to see what it's capturing?
  3. Reckon you are on the money there af
  4. Ouch... could have been an expensive trip !Beats me though...
  5. If a one off for the bigger stuff I would suggest just using their gear again. They expect customer to use their gear and if you bring your own you have to think about line, hooks, sinkers, leaders, lures...the list goes on. All more money. You can easily see that $400 for a rod and reel go to $600 as a conservative figure for the above mentioned items.Chances are your beach reel will handle the bigger stuff anyway so have a look around for a cheaper rod. There has been some crackers offered up here lately second hand near new for bugger all.Easy way around it and you can go out and grab yourself some new lures and line etc to play around with out there.The last thing you want to do is be wasting time on a charter having to make rigs up. I always have them ready to go in all shapes and sizes including the sinker attached so I just tie on and away you go. Minute turn around and back into it.
  6. Probably. If they are just a little stale in the packet you can pour some more scent back in and leave for a while to recharge. As for the ones on the jig head...yeah pretty much dead
  7. Mark I have the 4000 freams and the retrieval rate is awesome ! You won't be dissapointed
  8. I went 40 but gut feeling was around the 60 mark.GWS did ok considering
  9. Can ask a question?.....With that many smaller model reels already, why the need for another?I know, I know....you can never have too many but ...??My sol goes from bream to trout, snapper to cod and squid to ...well you get the picture
  10. Come on now....how can you go past the doggy :whistle:
  11. I got some nice mullet down at south port monday night and cooked them up in a mean pale ale batter last night...come up way better than I remember mullet...been a while but geez I could go some more now !
  12. numnumnum....Love the pic Fishie ! If only they were all like this fellow! You'd tickle them under the chin
  13. numnumnum....Love the pic Fishie !
  14. Every session down at Jervis/Wirrina we get them. WIll happily take a snapper bait and they have the whitest flesh you have ever seen. I know...too pretty to eat but they are great eating ! Got some in the freezer now actually
  15. Of late I have absolutely been loving the humble YFW even over KGW. Just tastes like butter melting in your mouth ! I reckon if there was a couple of kilo of it put in front of me with some homemade Sweet potatoe chips, I would give it a red hot crack
  16. Very nice indeed! The photo booth is paying off too.So is it going to get wet???
  17. Ended up getting the Daiwa Jig caster 97MH.The 315 just didn't feel right. Great for 30gm but wouldn't like to get it my all with 40gmThey didn't have the 305 in stock and upon checking...neither did anywhere else :(The Jig caster felt great and feel comfortable puting my 100kg frame behind it so we will see how that goes on the weekend ! Certainly going to be able to cast a country mile further then the 7'6" !!
  18. http://www.ustoreit.com.au/car-boat-caravan-storage/http://www.adelaidesailingclub.com.au/default.asp?Page=32210&MenuID=Members/20307/0/
  19. I've been using the 3 piece traveler for a few years now and love it. Have taken it around the world with me and landed fish in a few other countires all on lures.It's my go to rod pretty much for YFW, bream, salmon trout, all fresh water applications and even whiting, squid etc out fo the boat even though I have a 1 piece...just much more versatile.The largest fish I landed with it was a solid 3+kg salmon of the rocks at Stenhouse bay and it put a serious bend in the rod but handled it well...albeit I was very tentative landing it.As for snapper/barra etc... I would be going to something with a bit more grunt.I've curretnly got mine matched with a 2500 Sol and it's a great little combo for when the larger fish do jump on board.The one thing you will notice is that it has a much faster taper than the 1 or 2 piece rods. For light lures though it's perfect.
  20. Certainly not the only place...I drive past 5 on the way to and from work each day. Some I spend money in, others I don't but like to see what they have. Always good to keep an eye on what they are doing as there is some real bargains out there to be had
  21. Ray and Annes are cheaper than internet retailers by $10 to Madkeenfisho....got to do your homework !
  22. Can vouch for that Banga.My biggest Callop was caught on a 20mm bright pink "bean" with next to no movement. Sometimes the most bizzare lure in the bag does the trick !