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New lure for the Breamers

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40 minutes ago, keenfisho said:

I’m interested to know if he is working the lure or dead sticking it like bait

Yeah Ive never used them but I’m told they flutter on the drop and can be worked the same way as a vibe

but if you need more info


heres his Insta  - a young bloke from southern WA makes them in his garage





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Yeah there’s a technique I vaguely recall hearing about that uses whole mussels in the shell. You somehow bore a hole in the  shell to put your hook through


its supposed to be a specialist big bream technique. As the little fellas don’t have the jaw crushing power to get through the shell 


the bottom of our live well used have a fair bit of mussel shell coughed into it at the end of a session


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"HI Larry,

I love working these with any current available.
Letting them drift past the front of snags, pilons, pontoons and boat hulls. The key with these lures is watching the line.
They are not like a conventional lure were you feel a sharp tick. What you will find is your line rattling or just starting to take off.

Another technique i have found works great is 'feathering' the lure while on the bottom. Sharp but small and soft lifts and letting it sit on the bottom again.
They key to this is to have the lure falling as much as you can during a retrieve in the strike zone. You will get most fish on the first drop when fishing against structure.

What gives me great confidence is that by taking the lure this way they believe its a mussel.
Feeding bream mussel fouling at my previous employment I watch as the big bream will crash through, grab a mussel and swim off to crush and eat it in peace.
I have found that most of the time both trebles are hooked on each side of their mouth, as they have cradled it in their mouth (marks bream photo is a great example)

I have also found that fishing these lures is areas were mussels don't frequent is almost better then plentiful areas.
A bream would have to be living under a rock to not know what a mussel is. So when a big breeder is upstream and spawned out, recovering on a big lay down and watches a mussel drift past.. they jump at the opportunity for a rich protein snack.

Availability for these lures will improve during next year. Currently my rough wait time is over a month.
However I am keen to reward the guys that have stayed true to this forum in the form of a cue jump :P


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