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  1. I mostly buy the zman grubs myself in motor oil as that's the one plastic I have the most luck on. I always try new colours and brands, including the plastics soaking in scent but never seem to use them and they dry up.

    Hard bodies I have no idea, so I generally find myself seeking the advice of an expert to show me the light.

    I am also guaranteed to snag them all so price is usually a factor. 

  2. Ventured out this morning, with no plan at all, which was evident by the results at Noon. Packed light, just some Zman soft plastics and a light rod, very handy when moving constantly. After having a flick around West Lakes, Outer Harbour, North Haven, and Snowdens, I found myself in the middle of Port Adelaide. Plenty of fish at each spot, just not interested in my fake bait.    Finally found a huge school of small  ST's, managed about 5 in quick succession and then called it a day. DSC_0041.JPG


    One fish however, had this huge gut on it, very abnormal relevant to the size of the fish, so thought I would share a pic.  



    Small fish are always better than no fish!


  3. Morning Gents. On the hunt for a new tackle store in my local area. Just out of Tea Tree Gully, I was a regular at 'Spot On' in Holden Hill, unfortunately they have since shut down only a few months ago. My closest is now BCF Gepps X. 


    Any others in the area? Was good helping out the smaller business. Bit of a pain as I usually conduct spare of the moment spontaneous fishing trips.


    Cheers in advance.

    Stay classy,

    - Sykes. 

  4. This is going back a while now, but the dad and grandparents keep telling me of fishing for Tommies at Ardrossan - everybody bagging out so much that the bait store ran out of gents. They grabbed a packet of coco pops and they were smashing that down too!