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  1. I have lived in coastal country SA for heaps of years from Thevenard to Port Vic. and many places in between. From my experience and people that I have met , The golden rule in respect to country towns is If Your Missus Likes It You Will Like It. Pick a town you like, stay in a rental for a couple of weeks during the winter when there is not much movement and take it from there. Good Luck with your move.
  2. Hi All. If any one is interested there are some awsome news paper clippings and photos of Great White Pointer Fishing with Alf Dean during the 1950,s at Ceduna and Streaky Bay. The site is Ceduna Old Photos which is on Face book and is put together by some local ladies as a history of the Ceduna area. There are also additional fishing photos in the archives. Cheers.
  3. I have a mate who is a Pro Fisher and suffers the same condition as you describe. He has been putting up with it for years and tells that it gets quite pain full. He has had heaps of tests and they have shown that he suffers an allergic reaction to a particular bait. What he had to do to work out what was causing the reaction was to see what had changed as he always used this particular bait. Hand cleaners (as has been mentioned) medications etc all need to be evaluated. He even had to get rid of his bait board. There is a product that you put in a hand basin and smells like biteumen that
  4. I have seen whiting as described caught at Port Vic in the bay. (shallows)I have asked about it and have been told its to do with diet. I have not seen this elsewhere. It is common to find Whiting with worms in this area also.
  5. Moonlighter. Imo a fatty fish that is good eating if fried whole. Usually catch them on reefy bottom and are about the 150mm long. Have spiky top fins.
  6. hi Raff111 Interesting topic this over fishing. Not really sure what it means but i will add some input. My extended family first started fishing in SA in 1925 professionally. IN the Late 1960,s early 1970.s there were 14 family members fishing for a living in a small country town.(West Coast). At that time there were 3 fish factories and approximately 70 plus professional fisherman targeting whiting in the town . No one became rich from fishing but most made a living. Over time my family members slowly diminished fishing. Some due to old age, health reasons , other employment , the area
  7. I had one given to me as a present. They work fine. After one attemp with the burners supplied i threw them a way and got myself a little camping burner from a camping shop. Worked well with a lot more control of the flame. The same type of burner used to be supplied with the galvanised Jarvis Walker smokers. They are about 50mm diameter
  8. Garden Island is a very easy ramp to use. You don't get the build up of " traffic ' that happens at other ramps Took my boat there the first time I put it in the water years ago. When you are cruising around in the water, pay attention to the signs that give the speed limits.
  9. I worked in the Grain industry Silos through out the state for about 20 years and then also worked in bulk loading (ships ). Ships that go to Ardrossan sometimes Do have containers on board. Container ships do not go to Ardrossan. If a ship drops a container, they float, even in the unlikely scenario that both doors are open. If a container is full of lets say lead then it becomes an insurance issue and possible salvage issues arise as well as goverment enviromental issues. Its mandotary for a ships captian to report spillage in state waters especially something of that size due to being
  10. Kelvin do you know if the 5 SPICE Mix that was used can be purchased from a store in a jar or we need to buy and mix the ingredients as you have?. We had a cook who did squid tentnicles when I worked on the boats that were oarson, I have tried but never got it right. Thanks. .
  11. For Fowlers Bay properties, google Ceduna Properties, Real Estate icon will come up, this will show Folwers bay offers. On New Years Bay there is the annual Folwers Bay sports day. Well worth a look as locals gather. There are properties that are available for rent that they do not advertise.
  12. The West Coast tends to hold alot smaller fish than the York Peninsula, yet the fish buyers have always payed good money for these fish even though they pay transport costs from say Thevenard and have to be at the Central Bus Station first thing to greet the Bus . The people who have posted on this topic know why.
  13. When youre coming back from fishing in your boat, slow right down and throw your anchor rope over the side of the boat. The wave action will take any kinks out of the anchor rope and soften it. The old guys in their putt putts would do this religiously. If you have a couple of long necks that you want to cool down to drinking temperature wrap them in a wet sack and tie them onto your roof racks. after 20 kms. they are cold enough to drink.I If you dont have roof racks wrap then in a wet sack and stand them in the shade. This is known as Bookabie temp.The second one will taste better than
  14. OK. a suggestion about next time u make the mix, add some items that may be around in your kitchen. Curry powder Anaisseed oil Contents of cans of cat food that have pilchards. A keen jetty fisher from back in the 80,s would add the above to his burley blocks with and additional item he called dripping. He would use an onion bag that had a rock in it to keep it at the bottom and would sit on the end of a West Coast Jetty catching snapper.
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