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  1. Indeed, horizontal is critical! There seem to be heaps of bags out there where they sit in on their sides. WTF?! I have a Kato Treking Backpack (BCF) http://www.bcf.com.au/Product/Kato-Trekking-Pack-Tackle-Bag/363508?menuFrom=30602 it's pretty big and has a zipped front-loading section for the 4 included tackle trays. Works well and has a huuuge capacity, meaning that I end up putting too much s**t in it so its then too heavy. Does have heaps of zips and compartments which are kinda handy, kinda a pain in the arse too. This is acceptable for a day session off the rocks or a long walk and base on the surf beach. Have a look when they are on sale. Generally i'd always rather travel much lighter. i prefer to use a satchel style bag, over-the-shoulder. with 3 or so trays of lures, plus jigheads and SPs in their bags. Much lighter and substantially more freeedom!
  2. Yum. Still waiting for my rack of lamb on pearl barley & mushrooms. Damn kids, I hate a late dinner.
  3. Seems there's a 'new' spray for a different application every time i check out the hardware/auto store. I'm a bit of a cynic .....i recon most are the same stuff with a different label and price, depending on the target market! I mostly use Inox MX3. WD40 is handy, def not as a lube, as a surface spray. Great on the external metal parts of rifles.
  4. Well mine's a little more subdued, nevertheless my most recent purchase: Salmon: big stuff for shore casting, small stuff for wading.
  5. Can't pretend to know much about tuna fishing but those lures sure look pretty!
  6. I'll see you at our meeting tonight then ? A few more shots of the axles: 20&25mm electrical conduit, endcaps & saddles. Self tapping screws to hold the saddles & endcaps onto the axles. Saddles - short bolts with nylon locnuts thru the base of the tub. Axles wear out from sand working its way in so need replacing as needed. I went stainless not marine grade, cheaper and easy to replace. Cant claim the fame tho, the design is Mozzie's from Gotcha Tackle (he usually has them for sale going into our crabbing season). Ive just personalised it.
  7. Yummm . Been following this thread and now definitely added to my 'to do' list, given my bro has a good dehydrator. Guess ill have to sacrifice a leg off my next cooperative deer.
  8. Hopeful intentions thru some really fishy-looking country........Family Holidays being what they are. The high-end rod tube is pretty well as far as my rods went! Cape Banks, Carpenter Rocks.
  9. Family camping trip last weekend down Deep Creek. Had a bit of a flick off the Blow Hole rocks. Got stuck into some small tommies on the metals and found a school of small snook on plastics. Landed 4 average snook untill i busted off. 6lb leader and snook ! Heading east for 2nd week of school hols, via the coast either there or back. Bringing the 9ft and an array of metals, so hope to ping a few salmon. Those photo transfers can be a bit 'sloppy' sometimes, especially if you dont reduce the file size before importing them. Been there before so now always write my longer posts in Word first and cut & paste into S&H!
  10. You've pretty well confirmed my reservations with using the12ft! I'm no big guy so will just leave it to my 9ft Samaki Allure, seems to love 30g but will trial a few heavier metals.
  11. I have a Penn Prevail 12ft MH, 8-12kg that i bought and use for shore based bait fishing. Wondering if this might be any good at chucking large metals out into the surf - matched with a Penn Slammer 360 and 20lb braid? Currently has 20lb Rovex Something which is too thick and 'ropey' for lures so will need changing over to something more suitable. Otherwise i have a 9ft for flicking metals around the 28g range, which would be my preference. Any thoughts?
  12. And finally with some stormy winter weather, should help bring them in too
  13. Interested to know how both methods perform after being frozen for a while. My only though regarding tuna oil: Bloodworms are quite a 'clean' bait, in that your fingers dont get too messy from using them and they dont smell too bad. Adding tuna oil, it's going to end up on your hands and fishing gear. Not that i mind the smell of tuna oil, it just gets everywhere!
  14. I cant claim that one. Professional photographer who used to live up the road from us. My oak tree tho...if that counts. He was a beautiful ol' dog....still brings a tear that photo.
  15. Totally agree. Sometimes B&W is s**ts all over colour. Like my late labrador .
  16. Intriguing and frustrating at the same time. Agree with Doobs, worthwhile checking things out again when there is some tidal movement, given Saturdays dodge. This weekend's looking the goods! Glad your car was unharmed too!
  17. One point i didnt mention, it does have a bad rep for car theft, damage etc. Much to do with the type of folk attracted to the off road racing and to seem to enjoy behaving like lobotomised d***heads. That said, middle of the day on a weekend would likely be the safest (?)!
  18. My have been misleading there, i was suggesting the yfw have moved on..... well away from the metro area and right up the gulf, Pt Wakefield area etc. So i wouldn't be targeting them around that area until maybe Oct. Poppers can still be super fun on salmon tho. A great little yfw SP that has also caught me good kgw, flatties & salmon, is the Gulp Turtleback Worm in 'Camo', cut in half, on a 1-1.5g #4 jig head. Pretty well anything that eats worms will take it.
  19. Dodge tide so not much of a low, 1.3m @ 1448ish Saturday. Just off the top of my head, i'd say you'll have plenty of water there to get about. Definitely salmon but id suspect too cool now for flatties to still be around. My guess would be yfw have moved up the gulf and be a little early for winter kgw. Then it's always worth a go! Recon i'd throw a few small squid jigs in the kit too.
  20. Wow, and to think we get this in Aust too...very cool. Looks like some stills out of an Atten-bro documentary. Certainly is an ugly fellow. The smaller ones are beautiful fish, especially when properly photographed ! Agree. I could sit down with a bottle of red. Beat the TV any day.
  21. I know we are 'supposed' to tie HBs and SPs via a loop knot to get that 'right' action but I pretty well use snaps exclusively. Mainly 'casue i'm too lazy and as you note, it's a pain to re-tie for each lure change. Id assume if the fish were behaving fussy, that extra presentation might help, such as finesse drifting SPs for finicky bream (I rarely fish for bream). I certainly believe flatties don't care, similarly for yfw, when they are on the bite. yfw can be fussy and i spose tying via your loop not could help. However i usually get impatient and will go off chasing ST instead! I use Black Magic snap swivels (mostly 2-3kg), roll the snap off for lure snaps and save the swivel for rig tying. There are much smaller clips available but i find some are hard to use and i've had too many smashed and pulled open by 40+ cm salmon!
  22. Gulps need to be stored in their 'juice'. Either in the zip-lock wallets they're purchased in, one of the gulp tubs or suitable leak proof container with Gulp juice added. Nah you cant revive them once they are dried out. If semi-dried out they can be ok (sometimes) after re-soaking in a tub of juice for a day or so. Gulp tub & Gulp Recharge 'juice'
  23. Lucky bugger I'm hanging to hit some of the new trails at Fox Creek Might take the boys for a quick fang around the bottom of Cobblers tomorrow arvo if I can get the laundry Reno finished Where'd you go today bet it was fun Love muddy trails New trails at Fox? Only hit there once a couple months ago, when one of our lads crashed and dislocated his clavicle. Would be good to get back. Didn't realise half the lads were riding the Craigburn Enduro so no ride. Contemplated a solo Cleland-Eagle loop...decided to join my roadie crew Sunday instead...the Mtb is waaay more fun & liberating vs the roadie. Finished things of with a few bunnies last night. At this price i figure i've $80 sitting in the fridge!
  24. Not me. Solid mountain bike ride tomorrow will clear out the week's troubles. Muddy and slippery trails to keep things honest too. Tides a bit dodgey but better Sunday too.