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  1. The Penn allegience would be my pick mate, should cast a mile from the feel of them. 200gram will be more than enough aswell, i use either 4 or 6 oz. If its real bad i have higher tensile wire on some of my 6oz sinkers, its more about the wire being rigid enough so it doesnt straightenin with the current
  2. Hey mate, before i give any suggestions, 1st of all whats the budget you had in mind? Theres plenty out there that'll do the job in varying price ranges
  3. Looking back at this thread for a third time it's got me thinking, i might whack a few slabs off the side off the next few a get and give it a go in the surf, i have no doubt it'll have gummies and bronzies keen, it'll be interesting to try out anyway.
  4. I just use it in the crab nets, maybe you're onto something here!
  5. I have one setup that seems to come with me wherever i go, although it's perhaps a bit heavy for your gar, mullet etc. And pretty sporty for the larger coorong mullies and snapper. Also used it in the fresh for callop. its never let me down. The rod is a storm mojo 8-17lb 2pce and 6 foot off the top of my head Its very light on a whole and light in the tip for the rating, but when loaded up has a beautiful action. The reel i have paired is a okuma rtx pro 2500 size, spooled with 15lb braid. Would 100% reccomend this setup for a wide variety of species.
  6. Heading to the shack on yorkes for me too... hopefully theres a few fish about, the old boy got a bag of squid and crabs yesterday
  7. Hey mate... for whiting the hyperloop 4000 will do the trick... as for the others I'm unsure.
  8. Mates went with ash last week.... smashed the sambos! 4 way hookups regular
  9. Still fluro... does the job for me
  10. Wow... overwhelming amount of replies! Thanks for being so generous with the info, it's all very valuable for me at the moment With the finding schools thing, I've found them breaking the surface and cruising along and np hits... tried flicking slugs toward them too... nothing, another boat near me got 1 I have a few pilchard pattern halco's for this trip so I'll see if they can pop my tuna cherry for me The last thing is I'm running braid with an 80lb leader... how long should the leader be? Currently its about 7ft, thinking i might go longer?
  11. As the title suggests, what lure is your gun or go to lure for our sbt's? I've dragged around the redhead halco lures to no avail once before, very new to the sport of tuna fishing and just looking at getting a selection of lures for an attempt on them next week, cheers and merry christmas!
  12. Wowee! That footage is amazing! Good stuff mate, seems to be a bumper start to the season by all reports! Itching to get a session in
  13. I'll hopefully shoot up to the family shack (Moonta) in between new years and Christmas and get a bag of bread and butter fish, gar, squid, crabs. Rugger snapper on the light gear too if all goes to plan.
  14. Cheers knackers! Bought a few reels based on his reviews and been very impressed with each model I've selected through reading his analysis
  15. Salty flyer.... that looks perfect! Thanks for posting that, its the exact model I was after too 👌
  16. So it seems the options are a plenty (makes it harder for me haha) Still pretty keen on looking into a loomis or t curve Knackers the wilson venom range are around the 500 dollar bracket arent they? Cant quite remember Adambinfishin, how do you think the amped would go with say 3 ounces and bait? I have the flathead model and that's great as an all rounder 👍
  17. Hey Gregtech, the older fe model, that rod has caught my eye before too! The one limiting factor being the whole plastics scenario, Although to get a happy medium I'm goint to have to expect that it cant be perfect in each situation
  18. Its got 30lb shimano kariki braid on it, i do a mix of soft plastics for snapper and mullies, aswell as deeper whiting drops with bait, snapper with bait also. The odd school tuna might be thrown in to thay list from time to time aswell. What do you use your combo for dutchy? Cheers for the reply!
  19. G'day fisho's! Havent bought a rod to suit something medium in a fair while! What suggestions do you guys have for a rod to suit my 4000 stella, I have owned a few t curve models and love them, thinking of matching with one of these, or perhaps a loomis or a lox rod, something in the 3-6 or 4-7kg range, any suggestions welcome! Cheers!
  20. Hey mate looks delicious! I have some peeled cooked prawns in the freezer, do you think it'll still make a cracking meal with them?
  21. If it's quite close to the tip then just YouTube how to replace the top eyelet? All you'll need is a lighter and some hot glue, takes about 30 seconds mate
  22. Went for a flick for callop in the murray yesterday, got the three before the wind became too much! One went 46cm, was fairly happy with that!
  23. Hoping for a surf fish Monday, as long as the bloody wind holds out!
  24. As everyone has noted, easy fix, if you have 10mins of spare time just google it, simple process, funnily enough, i too now have to re-tip a rod i gave a mate to use on tuesday 👎
  25. Think of the wonderful memories! Haha but seriously they look like they could be re tipped? Although they'd never be the same again....