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  1. Top effort guys and I'm sure Mark is ecstatic with that result.. SF
  2. Fg only knot you ever need to know braid to mono braid to flurocarbon. Never fail knot.:-)
  3. How did the platter end up?:-)
  4. Split in half rub the meat with butter and garlic meat side down on hotplate for a couple on mins till browned then sprinkle with fresh herbs and squeeze lemon just before serving
  5. Noosa Bluewater offshore,great set up good crew and had a ball plenty of striped tuna in the summer and a great experience crossing the bar.
  6. 5120 o/h and TLD 15 and a short 10 15kg stick for the tuna pen power stick or similar heaps to choose from . cheers Sf Tyrnos 30 even to bulky to cast wouldn't even attempt it with a 50.
  7. Just looking at that reel I would have more pressure on when winding that braid on, gotta get a good solid lay in that spool,otherwise its going cause a few probs down the track.... sweet looking reel though cheers sf
  8. just wondering why bother with the nylex connector sg, no point sharing the hose for garden duties. getting sore neck might have to turn computer on its side. SF
  9. Fair chance there is a heap on the 139/coral patch grounds south of the mouth too at this time of year, can remember seeing cray pots full of them. In terms of the SBT definitely something to do with currents by all accounts the east coast has seen big pelagics in close too. Cheers SF
  10. Go see Keith, he will sort you out, a rod that will last you many years, all the best with the new rod
  11. Sabre eg 140 3-5kg blank glass very tippy but plenty of bottom end stick when you need it. Been proven for many years and not overly pricey suits a 2500 to 3000 size reel, just my two bobs worth. Best of luck with the replacement SF.
  12. Yep use a lumo or two bead above the hook in the body if you want a surface type lure or a ball/barrel if you want to get down a bi,t the single hook I have always spaced back so its about 20mm or so in the skirt, same as tuna set back cos they will be hitting from behind. hope that helps you out Cheers SF
  13. Listed on Juro oz fishing tackle site as squid bait 057 and as octopus bait 057 aswell under saltwater lures section hope this helps