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  1. I'm always scratching my good sunnies so have been using polarised safety glasses for everyday work etc and for land based fishing. They're good for cheap sunnies that don't mind scratching or losing but the plastic type lense is not as good as a nice clear glass type. Some of the cheaper ones also have distortions on the lense. However the amount of times I bash my head on a tree with the sunnies acting as a helmet I'm resigned to budget stuff haha.
  2. BTW I've successfully stored them in the fridge for weeks (most will tell you don't put them in the fridge and you've got 24-48hrs to use them. ) I'm also skeptical as to whether some are garden worms passed off as sea weed worms.
  3. I've used sea weed worms recently for YFW with really good results. Yes they do look like gardens worms, I find them a bit more fiddly to setup on the hook. When they're biting though I've found the go to presentation doesn't really matter, I've caught YFW with it looking like a ball of bird shit and most of the hook showing! I found a couple of tubs I have bought were a bit tight on numbers though.
  4. I used to get this from contacting hydraulic oil and concrete, suspect it was sensitisation after working in both industries and had it for the last 10 years. Same as you mentioned, you can tell it's coming as hands get a bit drier feeling and tingly with a bit of inflammation. A week or so later you look like a diseased mutant, nothing worse than having to hand over or receive money at the shops! I've found hitting it hard with QV cream, Alpha Keri or similar relieves it a bit but a barrier cream before would be beneficial. Also found that changing the moisturising creams as my skin would get used to the same cream and it didn't work as well.
  5. I regularly arrive home with donuts after fishing and highly recommend cooking them in shortening. Stays solid at room temp and doesn't go rancid as quickly as those healthier oils. At least those trans fats and donut sugars give me a high after a disappointing session.
  6. Sounds like you would have taken a lichen to each other.
  7. Is that the Mojiko's or similar? I notice anaconda has the neoprene 1/2 price a couple of times a year but they never have the right size and when I've asked I get told sorry can't order them in they are a run out item.... I think I started a similar thread last winter but never bought anything so this has re kindled my interest....had enough of freezing in the water and shaking, looks a bit dodgy.
  8. I always maintain the first 5 or so games of the season are still preseason games and no indicator of what is to come. It's also the time at least 4 of what will be the bottom 8 sides will be bashed around as finals contenders and an unexpected loss means wooden spoon material.....
  9. I'd agree with that from experience. I used to lube up after fishing always had ongoing issues, it was like an attractant for grit. SInce I've been simply cleaning with a strong fine mist of water and reeling on low drag thoroughly haven't had any issues.
  10. Not for me if round 1 is anything to go by. 4! Just giving some of the others a chance before bringing it in hard at the end?
  11. Daiwa Aird 2000 with spare 1000 spool is/was another option.
  12. Cheers Bjorn! Won't be able to miss me fishing now. I'll be taking odds on Hawks for 4 in a row.
  13. I forgot to tip the final pirate, and I'm a hawks supporter! No luck since you took all the worms
  14. I'm land based and enjoy wading out but this time of year is just pushing it going in. Never had any before so no idea if they're all the same or not. I noticed that guys that go to northern flats use them and if I ever get that way I'll use them for that, otherwise land based beach fishing. Was in anaconda today picking up a detector and noticed the waders were reduced around 30-40%, not sure if they were decent or not.