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  1. The problem Peatop is PIRSA is not going to say that the executive government (labor and Liberal) was giving our executives short term bonuses based on meeting KPI's related to increasing the output of the fishery on a yearly basis which encouraged us to promote over-fishing in order for our executives to receive bonuses. What they will do is obsfucate by blaming spawning events or any number of things that distract from the truth.

  2. I generally use a 30lb trace which ensures toothy critters tend to bite me off pretty quick as I don't really want to be landing anything too big and toothy in my yak, especially in SA.


    On 26/08/2019 at 7:23 PM, peatop said:

    Looked pretty good to me, i think a ss or aluminum shaft, fiberglass or carbon fiber would be to week if things went south, so far I've been lucky enough that they've bitten through the fluoro leader not sure what I'll do when i go chase some Mackerel and hookup to a toothy? Lol maybe a pair of long handle bolt cutters or 🤔 a dental drill and scare them to death😉

    Don't worry mate, if your talking about SWR in March, I had no issues up there last year as the sharks that took my mackerel lines with wire traces were only reef sharks to about 5 foot. I'm sure there's some bigger ones around, in fact this one Shane caught was a reasonable size.





  3. SportFishingScene is where I get my servicing done, usually after them getting drowned in a sand monster.


    On 13/04/2019 at 10:05 AM, Aff said:

    Going by those prices I'm thinking its more economical to buy mid priced quality reels, work them hard, but with care. Obviously avoid water and sand intrusion. Wash them down etc. after use and replace them with new ones when they no longer perform to acceptable levels.

    Seems wasteful though....such a throw away society we live in now days.

    I guess the cost is wrapped in the service person's pay. The value of those reels listed above would however justify their servicing costs.

    This what I do for my basic reels, I buy Sienna's for around $40 and servicing is usually about $30 so I just run them into the ground and replace every year or so.

    On a kayak where it's always getting exposed to salt and sand so it's not worth using good expensive gear.

  4. Not a fan of a license without first seeing the government make a commitment to improving the fishery in stead of the status quo of 'optimum utilisation' or scorched earth policy in fishery management (salt water environment).

    I'm like 85% of SA rec fishers that are not interested in fishing the fresh so you can have a license to fish the fresh if you want as this is the only place rec fishers get a look in with current fishery management but keep us salt water fishers out of it.

    Also I wouldn't be expecting any new areas opening up in the port as the new Liberal government is handing Cruikshanks Corner to a commercial fishing company, https://ourport.com.au/precinct/cruickshanks-corner/

    Seems very dumb to me to create a commercial fishing base in the middle of an area that is planned for high-rise apartments, it's amazing what electoral donations can get you. Not good for rec fishers as this is the only place to launch in the inner harbour and potentially looks up another couple of hundred metres of river front so recs can't access it.

    While the government has this attitude to rec fishing, not on your life.

  5. You should no issues charging the battery with a normal charger if you're using one like in Lure's post above, I use a standard car charger for mine.

    I use the ram ball and a spring loaded connector to my head unit, it works well.

    I also use the Hobie, I don't know what it's called, plug thing to pass the cable through the hull, it allows three cables to be passed through and comes with multiple sizes of grommets to seal it.

  6. Hi Kuerschie,

    That's definitely a distinctive set up, I'll keep an eye out.

    Did they get his Mirage Drive? Hobies are pretty useless without it, I always store mine separately in the house if I leave the yak on the car. Bink's will also look out for anyone looking to buy just a Mirage Drive, it's unusual to have a Hobie and need a new Mirage Drive without having the old one. If they did it has a serial number which may be helpful.


  7. Where are the groups that want to represent rec fishers?

    They should be making sure every South Australian knows this and that PIRSA are trashing our economy giving all our resource to commercial fishers for $9/kg when as a rec fishing resource the same resource is worth ten times as much to the economy.

  8. On 09/09/2018 at 3:35 PM, Bait Caster said:

    Isnt that the whole reason for some of these new "organizations", all some have done is attempt to divide recreational fishers. Nothing to add to the discussion, agree with him or get either abuse or blocked.


    And in the mean time the rec fishing industry can't be bothered defending itself, we can scream until we're blue in the face but we're only hobbyists but if the industry screamed they would have a much better chance of getting some cut through with gov.

  9. Hi guys, sorry I haven't been able to get back to this, the shit has hit the fan at work and my internet activity at work is now being monitored and I usually only use the internet at work, it's fair enough I guess. Generally I have family commitments until about 9PM each night so it's hard to find time.

    What I wanted to say is what we really need is a real Rec Fishing Peak Body that represents not just rec fishers but the rec fishing industry (tackle/bait/boat stores, caravan parks/hotels/motels/holiday house owners, regional towns (the pub, bakery, servo, supermarket, coffee shops). This rec fishing peak body should be independent of government but should be able to lobby the tourism and sports and rec departments for them to pressure PIRSA/Primary Industries department to take them in to consideration when deciding on fisheries matters or preferably a seat at the table in decision making.
    What suprises me is that the rec fishing industry doesn't seem to be able organise itself to do this, they are the ones with the most to lose. I don't believe the government will make any economic considerations in favour of the rec fishing industry unless they have faces themselves, it is obvious that actual rec fishers can scream about economic return until the cows come home but we aren't the ones economically effected so it is ignored.

    I think a new real rec fishing peak body is also needed as there is a lot of bad blood between the different groups, RecFishSA/SAFA/RecFishCentral, and neither will accept anything other than an equal place at the table, this could be achieved by placing the new real peak body and a neutral coordinator above them. I believe that all of these groups have the best interest of rec fishing at heart although compromises have been made in order to have a seat at the table to try and have at least some influence.

    So what I see that we need is a new real rec fishing peak body that has two representatives.

    One for rec fishers that liaises with groups like SAFA, RecFishSA, RecFishCentral, Northern Districts Sports Fishing Club, SAAFWA, etc., treats each group equally and each group gets equal representation for decision making. I think individual rec fishers should also be included here but there would have to be some type of weighting as SAAFWA for example represent many rec fishers.

    Another representative for the rec fishing industry that liases with groups like tackle stores, boat stores, caravan parks, i.e. those that benefit financially from rec fishing. All groups would receive equal status which would also be equal status with the previously mentioned actual rec fishers.

    The thing is that the more I think about this issue the amount of work explodes and who is going to do the work?

    Each group/member would need some type of membership to allow them to log in to a website and vote for issue they want the peak body to represent them on, i.e. a democratic system.

    The peak body can then represent rec fishers and the rec fishing industry both to the media and to lobby the government.

    At the moment we have a system where hobby fishers are opposed to well funded union/association(business union) representation from commercial fishers and we don't stand a chance.


    Just my thoughts guys.



  10. 1 hour ago, BarneyB said:

    Our economic value to the state is actually far higher than that of the commercial sector.....

    Yes, I'm certain that would be the case, that's why I think it is imperative that that the rec fishing industry is included in anything we do.