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  1. I just bought the same set up today. Although I don’t have much hope That I could get it back but I will go back this weekend and try to get it back by magnet fishing
    That's your second mistake. I've learnt to only use low/mid range gear on the kayak it gets trashed way too easy. First thing I'd be doing is making up some rod leashes or buying some they are cheap insurance.

    One of my first outings when I got my kayak I went down to Marino and ended up in the drink and lost a couple of good combos and assortment of other things.. wasn't a great day but you learn from your mistakes.

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  2. I used to use a Gomuku Red with a 2500 on it as a snapper rod to chase snapper on plastics. But with a quick rig change it turned into a awesome whiting rod. Well until it went for a swim at Marino. :(

    Planning to get another before snapper season opens again to use on the kayak.

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