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  1. I did try give the bait junkies a run on Monday morning but the weather blew me off the water quick smart so didn't get to test them properly. They looked pretty good in the water though. Will give them a good go on Sunday if I hit the salt and not the fresh.

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  2. Wow has that shop changed in stock and the bait selection is huge,expanded from one shop to three.Don't think any tackle shop in Adelaide would have that amount of bait choices on offer,plus that bait vending machine is so handy out of hours.Prices are good on tackle i won't be buying from ebay any more,so glad to see that shop pushing ahead for us fisho's.
    Yep Boyd took over a while ago and it's changed a lot. The are actually a fish processor so they get the bait fresh off the boat before it's frozen. Site sponsor fishing guru ( dan) works there too.

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