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  1. Today was a total success.. the A-team ran like clock work as usual.. cheers to the good day with plenty of laughs, even if they where at the expense of Doobie.

    If anyone would like to help out on the strike hook bbq at an event let us know, it's more fun then work.

    KS and Doobie working hard... Or hardly working? 1de09ee14e1f028f2d3c1627a4832091.jpg

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  2. I understand that different occasions call for different styles of plastics. I was more going off what i feel comfortable using... Never really liked flick baits or what ever they call them, just feels like i'm throwing out a bit of plastic and towing it back in, Sure you can work them to get more/the action you want but just never done it for me. Same went for Paddles but i did enjoy using the Slim Swimz today.... Still not a Grubz tho. :D