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  1. I pretty sure I have the Shimano Sppedmaster in 8-12 Kg. Nice little rod use if for lures and bait off the beach and also jetty fishing for squid chucking jigs as far as I can. I imagine the Maikuro would be similar.

  2. On 27/05/2023 at 7:49 PM, joeleo87 said:

    Big bump on this thread, any help on the topic would be appreciated. Also can you catch them all year round? I understand summer is perfect but I'm still hearing of them getting pulled up at rapid bay jetty so they must still be around?

    I'm thinking down south as I'm metro Adelaide. 

    All year round mate. Rapid Bay is probably your best option. Get a livey out either on a float or on the bottom. Then get the biggest stick bait you can find and cast and cast and cast. If they are there they will check out the lure and if they don't take it will draw them to your live bait. It works believe or not. Here is one of mine from Westlakes.


  3. 36 minutes ago, Mickyj said:

    Knackers never painted a lure . But 12 or more years ago I was salt water fly fishing . Now I wasn’t a great fly tier but I found a design on a page . It used a product that was used in the building industry from hardware stores a bit better than foam . I’d tie that and whatever else on and had an idea I’d paint nail polish on the building product . It worked on these surface flies landing me legal bream they loved green nail polish colour from the cheap shop 

    not sure it helps but I guess nail polish is enamel like 

    No worries. Luckily I have heaps of nail polish.

  4. Here in Coffin Bay they are in plague proportions. They are not native to the area and came in on oyster spat, probably from Smoky Bay as they were the only ones doing spat at the time. Because the good ones are in about 6 ft of water I snorkel for the and can get my 75 in about 15 mins. Good exercise. I've, and others, have spoken to PIRSA to remove the bag limits on them so we can clear them from popular swimming areas but no luck so far.

  5. On 23/02/2023 at 12:36 PM, MAH said:

    Last night I was fishing at Glenelg; when I was leaving, I saw a few decent schools of YFW cruising the shallows. I hadn't seen them schooled up in such numbers this summer.

    The other thing that caught my eye was an enormous flatty stalking the schools of YFW. I've never seen such a big flatty in the metro waters. If I wasn't on my way to catch the last tram of the night, I would have stopped and thrown a couple of lures at it.


  6. Not sure how experienced you are or whether you're talking about SCUBA or snorkelling, shore dive or boat. But none around there. Corny point is an option and everywhere south. It is not for the faint hearted or inexperienced though. I could give you easy spots around there but they are hard won. Take care for your first Cray. I got my first one at 14. Photos are me at 18 and then 2 weeks ago.



  7. On 28/12/2021 at 1:29 PM, FishingUpskill said:

    Just completed a video on how to fillet fish (using Tommy Rough as an example).

    Let me know what you think.

    If you find it useful, let me know what the subject should be for the next one.


    Bit of an old topic. But with smaller fish like tommies and whiting I don't bother to gut them. Cut straight down at an angle behind the pectoral fin to the backbone. Then slide knife alone the backbone to the tail. Fillet off and remove the stomach bones. I have a mate that does your method but I cannot tell the difference between his and mine regarding the size of the fillet and/or retained weight.

    Your method is perfect for bigger fish like Snapper, Spanish Mackeral, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi etc because they have quite pronounced backbones and if you don't do your method you loose a lot of fillet. I still don't gut them though, just bleed and into the esky.

  8. Have a crack at the Ledge (the locals call it 'poofters perch')at Fowlers Bay. They are always there. Up to 50kg buggers. They grab your bait and head straight around the point and bust you off, mostly. Chuck out anything live. The problems with catching Kingies where they congregate/school up is they are not feeding. They just go there to hang out so you need something special to get them to bite. Two different ones caught from the boat but within casting distance of the ledge, only a day apart.

    king crop.jpg


  9. 1 minute ago, doobie said:

    Me too with all the cooking ... good or bad lol

    I could buy her a new vacuum ... but I do the vacuuming :)  I could buy her a new duster .... but I do the dusting :) 

    I could buy her a new iron ... she does the ironing .... but then, you should see all the wrinkles :D 

    We're lucky, no ironing with COVID, work from home. I do the vacuuming. Nice little dyson that has to die soon.

    My wife doesn't trust my ironing. 29 years in the Army, having to pass inspection, and she reckons I'm shit. Which is good. I don't iron, even prior to now. I think she confuses ironing with washing, like when I put her whites in the washer with my fish and squid ink clothes. Best thing I ever did.

  10. 6 hours ago, yellow door 1 said:

    Yeah I’ve tried belt sanders with sand paper and grinding wheels on angle grinders but my problem is the heat Produced on the blade Making it brittle. Even with a bucket full of water to dip the knife in between passes

    (admittedly I may have been a little heavy handed during those experiments)

    sounds like the scotch bright pad doesn’t produce as much heat?

    With the Nirey the don't get hot. It is a real gentle pressure on the blade. But, you do need good quality blades to start with.

  11. Anybody want to go on a trip? Planning on camping on a remote island about 80kms from shore.  About 7 nights on the Island. Take 2 boats, one full of gear that we'll tow. Got both vehicles and boats. Just need to get yourself over here on the EP and drive up. I'll take 2 60 litre fridges/freezers out with solar and a back up gennie. I reckon the cost will $2000 all up when fuel is split. Fish will be Spanish Mackerel, Coral Trout, big GTs and Queenies, Longtail Tuna and a couple of days chasing Sailfish. Maybe Barra as well.

    Anybody interested?





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