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A good mono to mono knot please.

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Hi all,

Recently purchased a new lightweight spin combo & on advice from the sales guy, have loaded it with 4lb mono. Ill be flicking plastics mostly.

I am going to use a 6lb mono leader but dont know which knot to use.

The sales guy said i should use a FG knot but I cant get my head or fingers around it.

As the terminal guides are quite small the knot needs to be quite slender.

Some advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance 

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Just now, dutchy said:

Why bother with the leader?

If I was running light mono I would go straight to lure

Just another weakness in the line only 2lb extra anyway

knots in light line can be trouble 

That's an even better idea.

Trying to tie knots with light line with my sausage fingers drives me nuts :40_rage:

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If using mono line no real need for a leader. 

I use 3lb straight through fluorocarbon and love it for flicking plastics and hardbodies. 

If you feel like you need a leader i use the albright knot. Its simple to tie and nice and strong. 

I prefer this knot as its easy to tie with my chunky fingers...

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For mono to mono, definitely double uni or double blood. For braid to mono I'd go an improved albright (see Paulus Fishing's version). 

Plenty of good light flurocarbon mainlines though for running straight through mono. Some of the newer good ones are super thin (similar to cheap braids in diameter) and cheaper than braid. Great for when it's windy (apparently all the time now) or when you're feeling too lazy to tie leader knots.

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Much easier using a lure clip/swivel etc to your main line. I do not see any advantage tying line to line at all. Have always used clips/swivels etc from Garfish to Kingfish. Simple & effective in my opinion especially for changing rigs or replacing due to a snag or snap off. For example I use the twist on swivels for changing squid jags and for a multitude of other set ups. I like to keep it as simple as possible. Just choose the clips/swivels according to the fish you are targeting. Still catch fish.............

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