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  1. Isn’t the world fly fishing titles on down there in Tasmania now? They won’t be enjoying that weather
  2. Going to the FWC end of October to test out the theory. Been twice before & the build up to the new moon has fished better than build up to the full moon, so going the on the new moon again. Not that we got much anyway.
  3. Back them, cook them, then try submerging them in saltwater & freeze them. Or pickle them Still not as good as eating fresh but they don’t get frostbite.
  4. Doctors Gully for milk fish, they do fish feeding down there. Go just the other side of the fence which puts you the other side of the “No fish zone”. Will you have a car while your there?
  5. I live in Kadina & it’s not that bad. All the services you need as long as it’s before 5pm when everything shuts except the pub. Close enough to 2 of the best ramps on the Yorkes. I travel up & down the Yorkes for work & it is a beautiful place. But as you said check out your neighbors before you buy as every town has dkheads.
  6. All the best Panga, I hope it passes quickly. I just got back & found a couple yabbies while there & some paper wasps. Also had a great time with an old friend & new.
  7. If storing crabs I cook them first & freeze them in 2lt ice cream containers with sea water. Just break them into 1/2's or 1/4ers to make them fit.
  8. I had a blender but after it blew up so I got a mincer which works well. After Christmas/New Year I get enough seafood leftovers to fill 1 shelf in my upright freezer. I saw in the posts that you cleaned up at the Police Variety Comp. I mainly fish out of Port Hughes & did alright the other weekend but mainly 42cm a few over 45cm. I hadn't been out for over 3 months so wanted to see if the boat still floats. I'm still yet to drag the boat down to Port Vic. I would prefer to go out with someone else first as I don't know those waters around there. Cheers
  9. What left overs, the shells? That's a one man feed.
  10. They were in Wallaroo but I haven't seen them anywhere on the Yorkes for a while.
  11. Looks like I will be putting a little extra cash away in the the old fishing box. Some good looking stuff there.
  12. Have you explained you can get it from Qld & asked them to try to close the gap in price? Should always try to support the locals but they should also try to support you.
  13. Top shot, was it taken from the river bend c/v park?
  14. Hi Seeseacol, Do most people clean their crabs after cooking them? I've always cleaned them before boiling them. I don't think that would have made a difference to your crab problem.
  15. Hey Cranky243, just make sure no one helps you as you go through your check list as that's how things get stuffed up. I've seen boats end up on the ramp because somebody helped. Happy & safe sailing
  16. Sorry I'm not to good at explaining but have you adjusted the speed of the line coming off by doing up the knob on the side of the reel? You do it up tight then hold your sinker off the ground, release the line & slowly undo the knob until the line starts to peel off. You only need a bit of tension on it & you adjust it with different sinker & bait weights It will shorten your cast but as you get better at it you can loosen it off more. Once again sorry for lack of correct names & poor explanation. Hope this helps Cheers
  17. Cash is King, take out smallish amounts & hide in old fishing tackle box, hahaha she never looks in there
  18. I can't wait to have a crack at this, how long do you put the squid into the boiling water?
  19. You should have a look at Paringa Caravan Park, next to the bridge not in the town. You can fish from the park or walk down stream & go below the lock. Lots of options. 10min walk to the Paringa pub.
  20. I see why I attach my bait to the underside of the net now.