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Pretty quiet on here lately, anyone fishing?

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Going out tomorrow from James Well. Launching from Ards.


Got a good friend taking her 730 BC and my boat now I have serviced the trailer with new bearings and springs at Coast Road Motors (Ardrossan) so all good. On my boat will be Mangrove Jack and his 2 boys.


First up will target squid near Ards then KG's further south. So will post some pics and story soon, win loose / draw.




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A  mismatch of time/weather plus leave pass credits in the negative :( .


Have put down a Pilsner &  Marzen for summer :d/ ..... slowly bubbling away at 10deg!

yep busy as too.....


but also got a pils on at the same temp just before hitting yorks last week for a few days of rain and gale force winds before a couple nice days, got out 4 times for about 40 good squid and 111 kgs between 3 of us and the kids, nothing huge but nice fish all the same, 2 stonking eagle rays as-well...

get the temp controler out this week and put a nice ale on for later in the other tub  :D  :P  :d/


a small one  :huh:  :blink:  :D


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The Patawalonga is filthy, very hard to get results today.

Few hits near the marina, but we had to cast out far to find any fish.

Fished the wharf at the outlet where the water was a bit clearer for 1 bream.

Moved to West Lakes, found some KGW holding out in the deeper water, inhaling live bloodworms, still tricky to catch, only kept 1 for a feed that wouldn't swim.

Changed locations a few times, ending up with a few bream around 30, again on live bloodworms.

Incidentally, the water in WL is crystal clear, as is the Port River around the outlet, but the fishing in the Port side seemed completely shut down, probably due to many fish still being fat and full after the bloodworm run recently.

All in all, an awesome day weather wise, but slow on the fishing.

Might do it again tomorrow.

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Got my first metro bag of whiting today down south. Found a big school and quickly had 12 decent whiting 36-37cm on board. Pretty chuffed as first time on my own in the tinny bagging out metro. I have a nice new mark for the collection too! Water pretty stirred up still so no squid wanted to play. Moved to the snapper spot but no legals wanted to play this afternoon only a 38cm whiting which hoovered a bid squid strip with a pair of 4/0 gamakatsus in it. Unlucky bugger got a free ticket as my quota was reached.

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Just a follow up as I said I would put up a post win, loose or whatever. :( Well it was whatever.

Got 8 squid but no KG's. That's fishing but on the positive side, great to on the salty H20 with Darren and his 2 sons and of course Sonar.


Did not take any fish pics of the squid or the crabs we caught on the rods.


SONAR hiding from the cold



The sun came out and so did Sonar in his Parker. (toughen up princess)







Got some plans in place along with the worm run and with lots more photos.





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I took the yak and launched at Birkenhead ramp for a slash around the southern end of the Port. Sounded allot of area from the Bower Road to the yacht club, bridges, pile on's, rock walls. No mulloway and no bream  :(.  


I did find some fish scanning near the old bridge where a wreck is at about 5 meters depth and pulled 7 st from it before moving on.


Much unlike the Northern Arm where I would have pulled about 70+ ST lol, I did not have allot of expectations on catching much due to the time being the middle of the bloodworm fiesta, was more to just get out and give my rod/reel combo a flick which is totally awesome. The ZRT much easier to get action on the heavier jig heads than my bream rods :)

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Couldn't help myself. Had to go out and try and repeat my metro whiting bag today. Conditions perfect. Flat as a millpond and a nice big tide this afternoon. No one on my spot perfect! Berleyed up and sent the first bait down...bang I'm on...I could get used to this.A few issues my favourite daiwa rod snapped at the end final guide and 2 centimetres of rod tip in the middle of reeling in a whiting. Had to switch to my backup rod and kept fishing. Lost about six hooks to LJs until I landed the monster and fixed his little red wagon! Mix of fish this time few 31-32cm models but most around 36cm and winter fat! Could definitily get used to this kind of fishing.

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Nice day in the port launching from St Kilda, shocked to only catch two salmon trout all day.  First cast was at a pole not long after exiting the launch channel and it was smacked by this puppy.


Was it a bream? was it a flat head? it's not a mully...

wow! first Port Snapper.


Snagged this toothy bugga next shortly after


another first this Port Snook.


No bream, no mulloway.  Went to my secret creek and nothing was there, bream are on holidays somewhere, usually spot a few and see some on the structure scan this time of year but nothing today.


The bream might be where all the blood worms are, where ever that is lol :D

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