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    Territory Lad

    Wading Tub

    Over the last 12-18 months I've got right into my wading and thought I'd have a crack at making my own tub. After a bit of looking around at other set ups, I figured it was best to just dive in and see what happened. The basic idea was I wanted to be able to carry more than one rod, be mobile amd be organised. After a trip to the hardware store and the local boating store, I had all the parts I needed. Within an afternoon it was done! Generic UV stablised create, electrical conduit for axels, marker bouys / poly floats for wheels and all secured with S/Steel bolts, washers and nylocks. Below is a selection of on the job photos. Overall it works really well. The rod holders allow me to carry multiple rods all rigged differently. This does two things, (1) when I get a season ending wind knot, I just bench the rod and grab another. No lost time not fishing! (2) It speeds up my apprenticeship as I can run multiple options simultaneously and figure out what works in different scenarios. Only issue I have found is having the reels face inwards takes up a fair amount of room inside the tub and ironically, the reels get wetter inside the tub than outside. This is because when I land a fish, drops of water fall off the net which I dump in the tub during hook removal etc. I tried facing them "backwards" and outside the tub, seems to solve the problem. 1st planned upgrade is a small esky, big enough to fit a YFW in the 30-35cm range!! TL
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    Oct/Nov edition & a S&H cap.

    The current edition of Fishing SA has Alex wearing a great cap
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    The Hills

    Decided to dust off the sage x this morning (no dust on it), and wet some flies, as the wheathers not appropriate for the boat. Probly 12 or so fish landed, alot of smaller fish that where all fun. All in great condition with fat bellys. And this 38cm horse, spotted from a high bank. Nothing better when it all goes too plan.
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    Couple from the Coorong

    Took the old 80D with me when I went camping in October.
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    A good mono to mono knot please.

    Why bother with the leader? If I was running light mono I would go straight to lure Just another weakness in the line only 2lb extra anyway knots in light line can be trouble
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    "Just the one"

    Very windy today with this front thats come through, but thats no excuse not to go fishing inland on your day off work. Just one fish landed Cheers
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    G'day all, Nearly all my fishing these days is done with lures, but I cannot resist the temptation to go out and scoop up what I see as the prime bait for metro land based fishing... The mighty Bloodworm. Soooo much fun... Out on the rocks in the pitch black on a windy wintery night with a head torch and a net. Last nights conditions were, what I see, as just about prefect for land based collection session. I chose a slightly different spot than in previous years after a little recon the night before. Worked out well as I left after about an hour with plenty of worms, for my needs, and they were still running out in big numbers. Sunset from the night before sussing out a good position. The view last night. The Bloodworms. Cheers.
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    So to finish the topic a couple more pics. A few little surprises in with the worms. Drying before a metho dip. Double bagged ready for the freezer. Cheers
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    Pb brown

    Having only fly fished for 2 years now, this season ive managed to land probly 100 trout. Alot more then i anticipated. Rainbows from the north, and browns from the hills.. ive just Put in the leg work. As winter sets in they slow right down. I havent have much action lately so ive slowed down. This afternoon some sun broke through so i set out with not alot of expectations. But from deepest hole i know. Yet 2m wide a 48cm wild brown took the nymth. On a 3lb tippet. Run deep amongst the gnarly roots. Very lucky to recover it. From such a shallow stream, I wasnt aware they could grow so large
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    Bought this yesterday

    Now those who know me . Know I wear a back pack with my gear in it . Me being me I have taken to much . Years ago I bought a back pack from Aussie disposals didn't last very long cost way too much . I volunteer at the RSPCA store at Kidman Park . Ive bought a couple of old fishing books . But while emptying the large metal donation bins ( yes old hop along gets in the bins lol). A back pack was donated cloth almost army not quite and small . So for a gold coin donation ive decided to try again . Will cut down what I take see how long this Coopers beer back pack last
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    NZ Snapper Industry

    Hi all, I was watching a new fishing show on the TV on Sunday, I think it was called 'Fish of the Day', and the host was saying that in NZ recreational fishing connected to snapper species provides around $88/kg (of the fish) to the country's economy. This would take in tourism connected with fishing, charters,tackle/bait sold etc. I'm assuming. Compared to $9/kg of snapper that the commercial catch contributes to the NZ local economy. Of which 70% is estimated to be shipped off overseas. I know stats can be presented in ways to support a particular position, but those two numbers really jump right out at you. I wonder if there are similarities in Australia's fisheries? If there is, you've really got ask if we're getting the most out of our fish stocks given the current priorities and approaches to fish management? I found this information interesting anyway thought I'd pass it on. Aff
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    End of RecFish SA?

    With respect AD, To achieve any outcome at all, the place to do that would be in the yet-to-be-created Fisheries Council - not social media - and in order to achieve a good outcome for rec's, the arguments put to that overriding Council by our representative(s) will need to be 100% valid, supported by facts and (somehow) agreed by the majority of recs's. With the election of a new Government the entire face of fishing politics in SA has changed, and we need to change with it. There is no place for continued attacks between members of the rec fishing community. Different points of view should result in respectful discussion and eventual compromise, not short term point scoring. May be worth remembering that every person who becomes seriously involved in rec fishing representation in this State is a volunteer *, and we will need them all if we're going to progress. There really aren't that many - never has been. I believe that we have from now until the official formation of the Recreational Fishing Council to get our act together, else the current divisions between our existing organisations will simply be carried into the business of that Council - to the detriment of the entire SA rec community. Right now the primary focus of our existing organisations should be on overall organisation of the SA rec sector, not individual fishing issues (KGW, SBT etc). We get one chance to get the foundations right. Cheers, RJ * For about 40 years, the only paid rec fishing representatives in SA have been the successive Executive Officers of SARFAC/RFSA.
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    Quick session

    Poor water clarity after light rain. I was expecting it. Managed 2 in 2 hours. Decent for this time of year, i think.
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    All good, but get someone else to do the cleaning....problem solvered. . No need to scale fish over 3kg. Just skin or cook with scales on as they come off simple as with the skin & keep the moisture in. .
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    Oh boy could i rant on this one... What a load of crap. Pros will be loving the outcome. That is all i'll say on this matter, they always say, If you can't say anything nice... don't say anything at all.
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    My 2019 Calendar

    Well I've finished my 2019 Calendar & had it delivered a few days ago.. I'm reasonably happy with what I put together.. cheers Adrian
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    How do I smoke Tommy's?

    U need to play around with the smoker and see how much heat it needs. Basically u want the smoke to be raging, but you dont want too much heat otherwise you will cook the tommies with heat before enough smoke has penetrated. Also they need to be brined between 12-24 hrs for flavour and to keep moisture. Once mine have finished i use a pastry brush and brush the flesh with dashi shoyu. A Japanese sauce. U could also moist your chips a little. Or add a big tray of ice cubes under you fish so your keeping them cold agian preventing them from cooking. Its one of those things you need to play around with. Maybe try one fish first and then go from there on how to take it. Basic brine recipe 1ltr water 100 g salt 50 g sugar. Just double or triple recipe etc if need more. I do my brine in the esky outside and throw icebricks in to keep cold over night. Good luck.
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    Just a reminder for those who aren't already following OnkaStompa on Facebook... Onkastompa is on this weekend!!! The Strike & Hook crew will be manning the BBQ so come and grab a snag and a drink and help raise fund for The Childhood Cancer Association Onkastompa Fishing Competition 13 (Onkaparinga City Council Community Event of The Year Winner 2018) Date - Sunday 11th November Time - 7am - 12pm followed by presentations Location - Perrys Bend Onkaparinga River (Noarlunga Downs) Entry Fee - Donation to Childhood Cancer of your choice (Generosity encouraged for this great cause) Registration - Upon Arrival Rules and Fishable Area - explained upon registration but due to past numbers I am restricting fishing to 1 rod per person as I cannot extend the fishable area as in Onkastompa 12 Everyone who attends and donates receives a ticket into the many random draws for prizes. Categories - Biggest Overall Bream (Onkastompa Champion) Biggest Bream Men Biggest Bream Women Biggest Bream Junior 15< Biggest Mulloway (Open Class) Biggest "Other Fish" Senior Biggest "Other Fish Junior 15< BBQ and Drinks available with every cent going to the cause so please bring your thirst and hunger For Sale Table - Fishing and other goods will be for sale at AMAZING prices, again with every cent going to the cause. Card facilities available Merchandise - Polo and Hoody designs released soon Animal Relocation and Education will have a couple of pythons and a Freshwater Croc to handle and get pics with on the day For the kids, however was popular with the adults last year also
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    Kimberley COast Fishing Trip

    Was lucky enough to get up to the Kimberley again recently. This time we sailed from the King George river back to Darwin over the course of a week. Here's a couple of hot bites we experienced.
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    I see the onka lads are getting ready for this years event!
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    A little extra on a lure....

    Have you ever purchased a lure or two, used them and caught fish on them but still felt they just needed a little extra on them.. Well it may just be me but with my trout lures I quite often think there's that little bit extra that can be done with a lure.. Not all lures, just the odd one here and there.. I have these nice little Greed Guts lures and they work well on the trout but I felt I could add that extra to them.. all I did was get a fine pointed tooth pick and dob a few little red dots on each side of the lure. Now they look like small wild brown trout & I feel much happier with them too... I have done the same with my Mepps Aglia spinners by placing some #00 black fury stickers on the wider metal blades and they had an effect straight away on the trout.. I caught more fish on them.. cheers Adrian The original Greedy Guts hard body Same lure after a minor touch up... Now I feel much better.. An old photo from back in 2016 when I started putting the black fury stickers on the Mepps Aglia blades.... This ones on a copper blade.. it did improve the catch rate with the Aglia spinners..
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    Pb brown

    The nymth that was taken. Note: the dubbing, my dog pulled out of his cushion bed. I thought he had got to my seal fur, As he's destroyed hare's mask before. Now i just use his dubbing
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    Beautiful morning here today with clear skies and full sun.. noticed the mist rolling off Black Bluff early so grabbed a couple of photos before heading off again this afternoon chasing Fungi at O'Neil's Creek.. Pretty dismal day in the rainforest as the fungi was like finding hen's teeth.. I did manage to come across three different fungi and that was it, nothing to rave about either. The first one was at the base of a tree, the second was a funny looking yellow one that was among some rotting leaves,. The last was a small cluster that I spotted on a small branch near some ferns.. Still it was nice being in the rainforest sucking in the crystal clear air.. cheers Adrian Mist rolling off Black Bluff this morning.. Tannin water at O'Neil's Creek.. First fungi spotted.. followed by this strange looking fungi, two little ones close by as well.. Then I spotted some more a the small branch.. Close up on the little fungi.. some were as small as a pin head & the largest a little bigger than a match head.. Just took this one out of interest of some Spagnum moss that was in the middle of the path..
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    Yellow tailed black cockatoos...

    I was sitting in my fishing room working on my hand written dairies ( rewriting them into the computer ) from when I first moved to Tassie when I spotted these yellow tailed black cockatoos in one of my Banksia shrubs in the back yard. One of them flew off with a seed pod as I took one of the photos.. The photos were taken with my little fishing camera.. didn't have time to grab the bigger & better Canon 700D.. So slipped the back door open just enough as not to spook them and managed to get a few photos of them before they spotted me.. which they did when I opened the door a little wider. There was five off them in it at first, by the time I got to take the photo the other two had moved onto the clothes line.. It's good to see quite a few native birds coming into the back yard feeding on the native shrubs I've planted.. cheers Adrian
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    End of RecFish SA?

    Rotare touched on three things which seem to be under the radar for most people; 1. I have always cringed at the supposed argument of "get a feed of fish for the family" - it is a recreational pastime, not some form of subsistence necessity. 2. Likewise, the bleating about "not worth putting my boat in the water for X whiting or Y snapper" - it is a recreation, not an expense-neutral exercise let alone a defacto money-making venture. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy a $50K (or whatever) boat in the first place. And if cost per se is the main determinant in terms of "a feed of fish", much cheaper to go to a seafood outlet than do it from your own boat. 3. There is a difference between being "as firm as circumstances allow" and "absolutist-combative on principle" when it comes to representation. The latter, whilst all well and good in a sympathetic audience echo-chamber, is hardly an advisable approach to take (for the sake of professional image and credibility for a start) when dealing with the likes of government departments.... who are the ones who will make final determination regarding any rule changes in any case. To add another consideration to what Wahoo said - those who constantly push the theme of "what have RFSA done for us" would do well to keep in mind that, for instance, the RFSA rep at the much-derided Marine Parks "secret meeting" was in no small measure responsible for SA ending up with closer to 6% than 10% SZ content. But the nature of the beast is what it is - "wins" are relatively infrequent, at best the wolves are kept from the door for the most part. The new RFC (or is it RFAC now?) will have to put up with all the same stuff...
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