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    P.b Trout

    Thought id go for a fly in hills this morning, first fish, a new personal best. 45cm and over a kilo easy. Pushing 1.5kg. 8 fish in total. Home by 1pm. All on a ruff wooly i tied with some blue flash tinsel. Happy new years
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    Territory Lad

    Wading Tub

    Over the last 12-18 months I've got right into my wading and thought I'd have a crack at making my own tub. After a bit of looking around at other set ups, I figured it was best to just dive in and see what happened. The basic idea was I wanted to be able to carry more than one rod, be mobile amd be organised. After a trip to the hardware store and the local boating store, I had all the parts I needed. Within an afternoon it was done! Generic UV stablised create, electrical conduit for axels, marker bouys / poly floats for wheels and all secured with S/Steel bolts, washers and nylocks. Below is a selection of on the job photos. Overall it works really well. The rod holders allow me to carry multiple rods all rigged differently. This does two things, (1) when I get a season ending wind knot, I just bench the rod and grab another. No lost time not fishing! (2) It speeds up my apprenticeship as I can run multiple options simultaneously and figure out what works in different scenarios. Only issue I have found is having the reels face inwards takes up a fair amount of room inside the tub and ironically, the reels get wetter inside the tub than outside. This is because when I land a fish, drops of water fall off the net which I dump in the tub during hook removal etc. I tried facing them "backwards" and outside the tub, seems to solve the problem. 1st planned upgrade is a small esky, big enough to fit a YFW in the 30-35cm range!! TL
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    Oct/Nov edition & a S&H cap.

    The current edition of Fishing SA has Alex wearing a great cap
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    The Hills

    Decided to dust off the sage x this morning (no dust on it), and wet some flies, as the wheathers not appropriate for the boat. Probly 12 or so fish landed, alot of smaller fish that where all fun. All in great condition with fat bellys. And this 38cm horse, spotted from a high bank. Nothing better when it all goes too plan.
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    Couple from the Coorong

    Took the old 80D with me when I went camping in October.
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    I came across this today, what a massive hammerhead. Pretty cool drone footage too.
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    Breeding maggots without meat

    a good method to breed maggots to eliminate the smell is after the blow wrap the blown fish or meat in 5 or six layers of news paper place in the bottom of a bucket then fill the bucket with clean dry beach sand, when you see wriggle tracks on the top of the sand it is time to sieve the sand you will have clean white maggots , I the pour boiling water over the left over news paper to kill any remaining maggots then bury it deep in the garden makes good fertiliser
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    P.b Trout

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    Smoked Tommies/Gar.

    I certainly don't have this done pat by any means, hell, only my 3rd go - over past 18 months So I filleted the Tommies and butterflied the Gar and put them in a brine of 1lt water, 1/4 cup salt and 1/4 cup of brown sugar and in the fridge for 24 hours+. Got my 'deluxe' Mojiko smoker ready but only had Samba Poultry/Pork chips, so they had to do. Smoke vent was only just open a tad and smoking well. Thought maybe 45 minutes but this 30 minutes in, so them off. Look over done to me compared to other that have a darkish tan, but they tasted ok - a little dry maybe. The Gar didn't have as much darkness to it and the taste was milder than the tommies. Practice, Practice and Practice ...... and catch more fish would help too
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    Why don't I catch fish?

    Interesting question....,why dont I catch fish? I am partly blaming the internet for this dilemma,nowadays info is hand fed.Back in the day it was fishing reports in the paper, after that it was up to the individual to actually go out ,see what other experienced anglers were doing right,taking in the info,spending time on the water,working out tides,feeding habits, gathering or buying fresh bait,experementing with different rigs...basically doing the hard yards. You can only be hand fed so much, time on the water= experience ,actually working things out yourself plus seeing from others is the key.Plus one thing my Dad always taught me is fish for what is there.No point fishing for salmon trout when everyone around you is catching say yellowin whiting for example. Cheers and all the best.
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    First Fish on Fly

    Hi all, This is my first post about fly fishing as I have only recently been introduced to it and taken a liking, so by all means please comment with your thoughts. I am interested in both fresh and salt water fly fishing but am limitted by my gear at the moment. I have a 7wt rod topped off with 8lbs fluoro that I intened to use for a salt water set up. So after a few days of practicing my cast spread across the last fortnight I decided the trip I already had planned to the yorks would be the perfect chance to wet a fly for the first time. The beach we were staying at has a low water level for about 150 meters so I put on a pair of waders and started covering some ground. I worked my fly in all sorts of spots of differing depths and structures but the fish were very thin. I recall only seeing one sizable fish but quite a bit of small bait jumping around at times. The afternoon tide was a bit dodge at this beach and as the sun started to go down so did my hopes. I was about to call it quits as I lost visibility but then one of my mates kindly offered to run and grab me a head torch so I decided to give it another few minutes... and luckly I did. After turning my light on and walking back out it was about 5 minutes before I got my first bite and I was hook up. After a short struggle and alot of splashing around I landed a small tommy roughly 15-20cm long. Not a monster but you always remember your first . I was a little surprised that I didnt see or catch more fish as I know its a quiet area that doesnt see to much pressure. I was hoping that some of you could offer me some advice or tips (e.g do people use burley?) for future trips, or even if someone would be keen to head out some time with the fly rods. Keen to hear some feedback, Cheers, H.
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    Kadina Market - 19 January 2019

    Hi all If you are one of the lucky ones to be holidaying on Yorkes at the moment or are one of the even luckier ones who permanently live on Yorkes, come and say hello to me and my wife at the Kadina Markets on January 19th. I will have most of my range of sinkers available and will also be taking pre-orders. I will also be doing a special price on the sinkers for the market as well This is a new experience for me and if this is successful, we may be doing a few more markets on yorkes as well. Just hope that the weather plays ball, as I may be taking the fishing roads, for a sneaky fish on the way home David
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    Bought this yesterday

    Now those who know me . Know I wear a back pack with my gear in it . Me being me I have taken to much . Years ago I bought a back pack from Aussie disposals didn't last very long cost way too much . I volunteer at the RSPCA store at Kidman Park . Ive bought a couple of old fishing books . But while emptying the large metal donation bins ( yes old hop along gets in the bins lol). A back pack was donated cloth almost army not quite and small . So for a gold coin donation ive decided to try again . Will cut down what I take see how long this Coopers beer back pack last
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    NZ Snapper Industry

    Hi all, I was watching a new fishing show on the TV on Sunday, I think it was called 'Fish of the Day', and the host was saying that in NZ recreational fishing connected to snapper species provides around $88/kg (of the fish) to the country's economy. This would take in tourism connected with fishing, charters,tackle/bait sold etc. I'm assuming. Compared to $9/kg of snapper that the commercial catch contributes to the NZ local economy. Of which 70% is estimated to be shipped off overseas. I know stats can be presented in ways to support a particular position, but those two numbers really jump right out at you. I wonder if there are similarities in Australia's fisheries? If there is, you've really got ask if we're getting the most out of our fish stocks given the current priorities and approaches to fish management? I found this information interesting anyway thought I'd pass it on. Aff
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    Adelaide fishing

    I am Sorry a lot will not agree , but I have tried the lure thing , and soft plastics , maybe I have no patience , so I stick with bait , live bait or fresh cockles ,worms ,clickers what ever , maybe I am no good at lure fishing , but I cant stand fishing for 3hrs casting lures , and then try again for 6 hours for maybe one fish , F@#k that , bait for me . IMHO
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    Why don't I catch fish?

    If you are going for garfish , I suggest always move your bait a little ,sometimes they don't even move your float ,they are just sucking on the gents ,just light lifts now and again as sometimes you will feel some weight ,and you know they are there . Also check your maggots on the hook , if they have had the guts sucked out , you know they are there ,so you just have to work for them . As said above I have fished for over 40 yrs ,and Gar can be very finicky at times ,and they will do your head in . The last trip I only managed 7 gar ,the time before 37 gar ,the time before that NOT ONE GAR . So don't give up , Gar is one of the harder fish to master at times , but worth the effort as YUMMO to eat . CHEERS
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    Kayak Sounder DIY Installation

    Pretty happy how it turned out... Not bad for a kitchen bench job... [emoji23] Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Kayak Sounder DIY Installation

    Well I'm all done apart from the battery mount. Thinking about getting one of them Hobie hatch battery holders, I'm guessing Brink's will have them? Just hope it fits.. i reckon I saw somewhere that there only 150mm wide and the lip on my hatch is wider.. Cuttla pics. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Variety of colours at sunset..

    Certainly some colours in the sky during last nights sunset here in Sheffield.. cheers Adrian Rainbow as a shower of rain passed by at sunset' Unusual glow in the clouds.. Red & orange colours as the sun set below a smoke filled horizon..
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    YFW fillets

    Any decent seafood resturants use weights. Alot of fish will curl. When i cook any fish weather it be whitting or garfish il use a saucepan lid and push hard on the fish skin down. Creating contact with the skin and pan. Crispy skin. No curling.
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    P.b Trout

    Photos too large so il have to add one at time
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    Oh boy could i rant on this one... What a load of crap. Pros will be loving the outcome. That is all i'll say on this matter, they always say, If you can't say anything nice... don't say anything at all.
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    How do I smoke Tommy's?

    U need to play around with the smoker and see how much heat it needs. Basically u want the smoke to be raging, but you dont want too much heat otherwise you will cook the tommies with heat before enough smoke has penetrated. Also they need to be brined between 12-24 hrs for flavour and to keep moisture. Once mine have finished i use a pastry brush and brush the flesh with dashi shoyu. A Japanese sauce. U could also moist your chips a little. Or add a big tray of ice cubes under you fish so your keeping them cold agian preventing them from cooking. Its one of those things you need to play around with. Maybe try one fish first and then go from there on how to take it. Basic brine recipe 1ltr water 100 g salt 50 g sugar. Just double or triple recipe etc if need more. I do my brine in the esky outside and throw icebricks in to keep cold over night. Good luck.
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    Just a reminder for those who aren't already following OnkaStompa on Facebook... Onkastompa is on this weekend!!! The Strike & Hook crew will be manning the BBQ so come and grab a snag and a drink and help raise fund for The Childhood Cancer Association Onkastompa Fishing Competition 13 (Onkaparinga City Council Community Event of The Year Winner 2018) Date - Sunday 11th November Time - 7am - 12pm followed by presentations Location - Perrys Bend Onkaparinga River (Noarlunga Downs) Entry Fee - Donation to Childhood Cancer of your choice (Generosity encouraged for this great cause) Registration - Upon Arrival Rules and Fishable Area - explained upon registration but due to past numbers I am restricting fishing to 1 rod per person as I cannot extend the fishable area as in Onkastompa 12 Everyone who attends and donates receives a ticket into the many random draws for prizes. Categories - Biggest Overall Bream (Onkastompa Champion) Biggest Bream Men Biggest Bream Women Biggest Bream Junior 15< Biggest Mulloway (Open Class) Biggest "Other Fish" Senior Biggest "Other Fish Junior 15< BBQ and Drinks available with every cent going to the cause so please bring your thirst and hunger For Sale Table - Fishing and other goods will be for sale at AMAZING prices, again with every cent going to the cause. Card facilities available Merchandise - Polo and Hoody designs released soon Animal Relocation and Education will have a couple of pythons and a Freshwater Croc to handle and get pics with on the day For the kids, however was popular with the adults last year also
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    Kimberley COast Fishing Trip

    Was lucky enough to get up to the Kimberley again recently. This time we sailed from the King George river back to Darwin over the course of a week. Here's a couple of hot bites we experienced.
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