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    So as some of you know I worked at Fishing Wholesalers for the last 2 and a bit years. However my last day was on Saturday. I know there are alot of members on here that i have put onto this site that i wasn't able to let know of my resignation as it happened so quick. So i thank you for being great customers to me. I am no longer in the fishing industry anymore. I might return to it in a few years time if things go right However you will now find me in the electrical industry as a storeman in town. Now to enjoy fishing like i use to without the pressures of the industry Expect more reports me in the near future! The bug is back!
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    Tiger snake & a threesome..

    Got a bit of a surprise this morning while crawling through some bush to reach the river.. As I came out of the bush at the rivers edge (still on hands & knees)I came across a Tiger Snake sunning it's self. I think it got the biggest shock as it darted straight into the river and headed for the opposite river bank. Halfway across it turned around and headed back to where I was now standing in shallow water. I just stood still and watched it swim past me before it was back in shallow water next the river bank. I reckon the reason it turned around was because the water temperature was so low it new it was in trouble. Once at the river bank it just laid in the shallows with it's head out of the water while I took a couple of photos before I moved off and started fishing.. Then some three hours later when I was back at the car I came across a threesome in the grass.... cheers Adrian The snake back in the shallows.. The threesome...
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    Photos of my photo book No.10..

    Well i made another photo book up a few weeks ago while I was on Snapfish, I quite often go on the site and make a book or a calendar then save it it for a later date when they have a 60% off sale or as this one when they had 50% off & free delivery.. here's a few pic's of my latest book No. 10.. cheers Adrian Front cover.. The last page in the book...
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    Bushy's night

    It was all about catching sand whiting on surface lures and how his experiences could translate to our yellowfin whiting. Starting from the beginning was gear talk; graphite rods, 1000-2500 sized reels with 6lb braid and 8-15lb leader depending on bycatch (flathead, tailor, salmon, trevally etc). Next the lures and the main three that Bushy rated highly were the Bassday Sugapen, Atomic K9 Bulldog and Zerek Trail Weaver in lures that are transparent. Instead of the trebles Bushy definitively recommended using assist hooks, home made or bought in the size 8-10 size. If making your own then have the two hook trailers staggered in length and there's no need for the middle treble so get rid of it. Also when connecting your lures to your leader, never use a loop knot or clip, always tie it directly. Where you tie it to the tow point was also a factor in your lure's action in the water and to check where it is tied after each fish so the lure maintains the best action over your fishing session. The one key thing Bushy did mention that a lot of people don't do is to have a diamond stone hook sharpener when you're fishing and after every fish you hook, sharpen your lure's hooks. He attaches his to his fishing vest and after each hookup he sharpens the assist hooks and he believes it makes a huge difference in landing a couple or a bag out. He explained that the inside of a yellowfin's mouth is very rough and blunts hooks quickly. Little one percenters like this make a big difference. Always throwing in a joke here or there, the night wrapped up around 9pm after a load of general questions from those present on the night. Very informative and a lot of lure sales probably occurred this week along with orders for assist hooks etc.
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    "Just the one"

    Very windy today with this front thats come through, but thats no excuse not to go fishing inland on your day off work. Just one fish landed Cheers
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    A lot of fog around the state this morning, it looked pretty speccy in Myponga reservoir, so had to stop for a pic. So many great views but only had time for a quick stop Cheers Rod
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    Who's fishing over Easter?

    A dozen or so STs came to play, with a bit of size starting to show, up to ~40cm.
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    Who's fishing over Easter?

    Trying to get out locally as much as possible over the 4 days. This morning I was flicking plastics in the shallows. Tough in the wind, but heaps of fish about. Still finding these guys just not the size I'd like. Best Bream of the morning. Quick pose before release. Happy Easter Hookers... Lines tight.
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    We caught some out in the boat last week towards Victor way. Most were probably around the 40cm mark, with the biggest going around 50cm.
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    2018 Fishing goals

    With this year nearly halfway through, I thought it be time to revisit some fishing goals I had set for this year. I was wondering if any other S&H members had any fishing goals for this year they’ve ticked off or aim to in the next 6-7 months? Personally I’ve had a good year so far with a lot of new PBs and new species ticked off including first SBTs and samsonfish, PB snapper, kingfish, flathead, callop and cod etc. For the rest of the year I have a couple more goals to tick off. Mainly a salmon over 4kg, new PB kingfish (>5kg), new PB bream (>42.5cm) and hopefully come summertime I can get into some yellowfin whiting on poppers. Anyone else have a couple of fish to tick off this year?
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    Pb brown

    Having only fly fished for 2 years now, this season ive managed to land probly 100 trout. Alot more then i anticipated. Rainbows from the north, and browns from the hills.. ive just Put in the leg work. As winter sets in they slow right down. I havent have much action lately so ive slowed down. This afternoon some sun broke through so i set out with not alot of expectations. But from deepest hole i know. Yet 2m wide a 48cm wild brown took the nymth. On a 3lb tippet. Run deep amongst the gnarly roots. Very lucky to recover it. From such a shallow stream, I wasnt aware they could grow so large
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    dmck asked me the other day if my photos on my last article were straight of the camera and those ones were.. So I thought I would show what can be done with photos that are taken on a camera that has a low picture quality as was my first digital camera that I purchased not long after digital cameras were released in Australia.. Mine was a very cheap little one as that was what I could afford at the time as they were just so expensive just like digital TV's were when they were first released here.. Here's a couple of photos to show what can be done with a little work on them with my Windows photo gallery editor.. I can crop them, sharpen the image, increase or decrease the contrast, two photos were taken back in 2014 and were both taken on a reasonably good Canon Compact Camera but a cheaper one.. The sunrise at Little Musselroe Bay was taken at 4:30 am on my very first digital camera & I have no idea what brand it was, it was very small & cheap but it was handy & what I could afford at the time in 2006 (I think it was) Since then the digital compact cameras have come a long way with much higher megapixels, better lenses, higher opitical zoom ranges and even much easier to use as well. Any way here what can be done to give low quality photos a lift.. Even with my new small Canon compact camera after taking a photo on Auto & if I don't feel the photo looks okay I will edit it.. Manually taken photos I don't have a problem with at all.. cheers Adrian Before with the cheap digital camera... 4:40 am Sunrise at Little Musselroe Bay, East Coast, Tasmania.. And the same photo after editing. Early model A580 Canon Photo Cropped, contrast don and colour adjusted.. Before photo.. After photo..
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    Autumn Sunsets, Sheffield,,

    Another top Autumn sunset here again tonight at Sheffield.. cheers Adrian The top three are from tonight.. And these were back on the 6th April..
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    Quick session

    Poor water clarity after light rain. I was expecting it. Managed 2 in 2 hours. Decent for this time of year, i think.
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    Winter's here..

    One always knows when Winter is here good & proper once you see snow on Black Bluff, even more so when it's on Mt Roland here in Sheffield.. View of Black Bluff from the back deck.. Snow capped Mt Roland here, Claude Road, Sheffield.. cheers Adrian
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    Sea Fog in the Passage

    I took this pic in feb this year. The Backstairs Passage showing one of her moods, some pretty thick sea fog can roll in quite fast, we are just skirting this lot. Cheers Rod
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    This little photo book's off to France..

    I just made up a 7"x 5" gloss photo book that will be heading off the France in a week or so when I receive it.. Snapfish had 50% of including extra pages so I though I'd make one up for a good friend in France who has helped me out for many years with plenty of quality spinners.. here's a few photos sorry about the quality as I took them of my computer screen but it will give you some idea of it.. I'm sure he'll like it.. & yes he knows I use hard body lures too.. In all there 60 pages in the book and it cost me $25-62 (including the postage) to Tassie.. will cost me around $12-$15 to post it to France.. cheers Adrian
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    southie THE BANGA

    Who's fishing over Easter?

    From reports from the customers at work over the last two days yorkes will be exceeding there quota of people on the peninsula Easily 80% said they were off to Yorkes for the long weekend. Feel sorry for @Yorky and the team at compleat angler over the easter weekend. Have experienced it myself first hand and it is nuts!
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    Territory Lad

    Who's fishing over Easter?

    Got a leave pass for a full day on the water over the long weekend, so im going to meet up with a mate over on Yorkes and wade some flats! Flatties and YFW are on the agenda. Fingers crossed!
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    A little extra on a lure....

    Have you ever purchased a lure or two, used them and caught fish on them but still felt they just needed a little extra on them.. Well it may just be me but with my trout lures I quite often think there's that little bit extra that can be done with a lure.. Not all lures, just the odd one here and there.. I have these nice little Greed Guts lures and they work well on the trout but I felt I could add that extra to them.. all I did was get a fine pointed tooth pick and dob a few little red dots on each side of the lure. Now they look like small wild brown trout & I feel much happier with them too... I have done the same with my Mepps Aglia spinners by placing some #00 black fury stickers on the wider metal blades and they had an effect straight away on the trout.. I caught more fish on them.. cheers Adrian The original Greedy Guts hard body Same lure after a minor touch up... Now I feel much better.. An old photo from back in 2016 when I started putting the black fury stickers on the Mepps Aglia blades.... This ones on a copper blade.. it did improve the catch rate with the Aglia spinners..
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    Beautiful morning here today with clear skies and full sun.. noticed the mist rolling off Black Bluff early so grabbed a couple of photos before heading off again this afternoon chasing Fungi at O'Neil's Creek.. Pretty dismal day in the rainforest as the fungi was like finding hen's teeth.. I did manage to come across three different fungi and that was it, nothing to rave about either. The first one was at the base of a tree, the second was a funny looking yellow one that was among some rotting leaves,. The last was a small cluster that I spotted on a small branch near some ferns.. Still it was nice being in the rainforest sucking in the crystal clear air.. cheers Adrian Mist rolling off Black Bluff this morning.. Tannin water at O'Neil's Creek.. First fungi spotted.. followed by this strange looking fungi, two little ones close by as well.. Then I spotted some more a the small branch.. Close up on the little fungi.. some were as small as a pin head & the largest a little bigger than a match head.. Just took this one out of interest of some Spagnum moss that was in the middle of the path..
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    Walleye in France & Spain..

    **Not sure if this was the right place for this short article.. ** No I'm not over there as much as I would love to be.. My good friend in France (Mepps) sent me a couple of photos of some Walleye that he caught when he managed to get away from his job.. He rarely finds the time to get out and wet a line so it was good to see he finally found some time last weekend.. Walleye are found in lakes and rivers across Europe, these are a couple of little ones so he says.. cheers Adrian This one was taken in France.. And this little fella was caught in a lake in Spain..
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    Good news, it seems: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-20/alvey-reels-remain-open-months-after-closure-announcement/9680648 Cheers af
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    Who's fishing over Easter?

    Happy Easter everyone! Who has plans over the long weekend to partake in our fantastic obsession of fishing? Let us know where you're heading and what you're targeting. I'd like to second what Doobie said in his Easter fishing report, take care on the roads! Good luck everyone getting that bag, pb or feed you're after.
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