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    Captain Spare-time

    Life’s a beach 😎

    Thought I’d share a couple of pix shot with the drone from one of my favourite areas to fish. The West Coast
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    southie THE BANGA

    Banga Baits

    Just thought i'd put a thread up of some of the other lures i have painted up at the moment. Originally my main goal was to mainly paint the topwater Lures for YFW and sell them just as an hobby sort of thing. However after watching countless hours of Youtube and reading forums I now know there is alot more i can paint/create and not to pump them out quantity wise. Instead getting creative and painting for Quality and doing it more for myself. Unfortunately I have painted up most of the blanks I originally had. I have a few hundred dollars worth of blanks, films, stencils and bits and pieces i have purchased being held as the coronavirus hit most of the areas I purchase my gear from. So am waiting for freight companies to resume there services so i can start painting up new lures.. My main blanks I am planning to paint will be for the upcoming season. So will mainly be Trout, Redfin and Salmon lures. I have a range of Stickbaits, and metals for the Salmon. The Trout and Redfin will be a range of minnows perfect for both dams/lakes and creeks and streams. I will keep you all up to date with the processes and what I create. In the mean time here are a couple I have painted over the last month or so ....
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    As some might know, I had a fishing float made up of some dowel with a foam indicator as my main float rig. It did it's job very well although sometimes a tangle would occur which was always easy to undo. However, after re-spooling my reel with lighter mono, I kept getting more and more tangles - some to the point of cutting the line and re-rigging. I decided to try something else and didn't really want to buy the stand shop float. So a bit of look around on Google I saw a guy make some cork floats that looked quite good. Problem was I didn't have any wine corks except 'champagne' corks courtesy of the missus. Being the cheap skate person I am lol, I FB'd my neighborhood for some and received a few - and free Problem was that the rest of the materials for the way I wanted to make the floats was a bit expensive But if I want to make more then the cheaper each one will become, plus the satisfaction of making my own. Here's what I did .... First - drilled holes through the cork and with some wood glue put a 6mm piece of dowel through it and let dry overnight. Second - put a couple bits of wood together with a hole to place the dowel to keep in place whilst sanding. I used 60 grit at first and down to 120 grit to get a smooth finish. This one is a champagne cork. A few different shapes and was also careful on a few not take away the wine 'emblem' on the cork so to give a bit of a different look. Then I cut some safety pins keeping the end ring part that will help attach a bit of weight for buoyancy and leader. I originally used some standard sewing cotton (black) but felt it may not hold overtime, so used some braid on the rest. Put some wood glue over it all to strengthen and let dry overnight. The fifth step was to give some primer to the ends ready for some enamel paint. I used Gesso craft priming paint and let that dry for 3 hours. Then the other end and again let dry for 3 hours. Then some black gloss enamel paint on the bottom of the float. Two coats given and will give a little extra to the braid/ring. The eighth step was giving two coating with a vibrant yellow enamel. Not too bad bad so far and could left without further painting, but decided to add a little decoration before giving three coats of Spar Marine vanish, by dipping the floats straight into the tin. Let them dry well and light sand before next coating. Pat the bottom tips to soak up the excess drips. Turned out reasonably ok for my first effort although a little 'rough around the edges' lol Took a bit of time and few dollars but
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    Shallow stream

    Tried a tiny stream around the Lobey area this morning. The wheather was pretty average. only 11 degrees in the hills, wasn't expecting much activity. A bow n arrow cast into a murky twig infected hole and this juvenile could not resist. simple grub i tied years ago. Spotted this guy high on a bank, snuck behind him and made a short cast Trecked a few km's, with hardly any sightings.. Overall a quiet morning. When i arrived back in the Barossa it was 18 degrees and the sun was shining..
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    I am a health care worker and amateur prepper, so I'll share some of my thoughts. At this stage the restriction is only travelling interstate. Social distancing is easier out of the city and the fishing is better but there are a few down sides I can think about. If you do go, some of the things to think about are How is your health? Are you in a high risk group due to medical issues or age? Medical resources thin out rapidly when you get out of Metro Adelaide. While community transmission of Covid is low in SA, things are changing rapidly day to day and week to week. Also as the outbreak continues, local country hospitals will rapidly be overwhelmed and may not be able to assist you. Have you got any contacts in the West Coast that you could stay with or could help you if things get bad? Do you have any family or friends that need assistance back in Adelaide. If you were stuck somewhere are unable to get back to Adelaide, would this be an issue. I see you are reasonably self sufficient already. How much food, water and fuel do you carry and how far could you travel if suddenly things were locked down or if fuel supplies got interrupted? Would you be able to get back to Adelaide if fuel was short? How good is your phone and internet network? I had trouble calling my parents today on the mobile network. They are in Melbourne and I got a prerecorded message from telstra saying that the network was having issues. Have you got any other means of communication is mobile communication and internet go down? Likely hood of full lockdown is low at the moment but this is what you want to be keeping an eye on https://www.health.gov.au/news/australian-health-protection-principal-committee-ahppc-coronavirus-covid-19-statement-on-22-march-2020 The AHPPC advise the government on public health measures. They have already spelt out their trigger for full lockdown and this will be the thing to watch Or maybe I am overthinking this and we should all go fishing...
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    southie THE BANGA

    Banga Baits

    Cheers all. Got some big plans and ideas running through my mind so we'll see how i go... Tried something different tonight.... Every Lure painter seems to sign there baits with there signature, but i have fat fingers and its hard to sign on small lures so saw another idea on Youtube and decided to give it a go.... Looks really good in my opinion. just adds that special touch... I printed on some waterslide transfer paper and then slide it onto the bait... then cleared over the top of it.... I like it as mentioned adds an special touch to a custom job.... Can only do Black fonts at the moment but once i upgrade will be doing other colours to contrast the lure i am painting.... Got something special planned with this water transfer paper, just waiting on my blanks to come!
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    As a keen COARSE/FRESHWATER angler I find I can't get some of my prefered tackle in Australia so I have to buy it online from the UK or make it myself, so as promised I will share some of my favourites over time in this set of posts... FLOATS... I am addicted to making floats, I love giving them away to people who fish like I do and HATE losing them. Most of my floats are wagglers, straight or bodied, as you can see from the photo they are all slightly different depending on what they are for, or where I am fishing, some can be used in saltwater for Gar and Tommies etc as well as in freshwater. The bodies are made from balsa wood which I turn on a small lathe, but you can also easily whittle then to shape with a sharp knife or stick them in a drill chuck, I always finish with fine sandpaper and fine wire wool. Carefully one end needs to be drilled to accept the stem, which I make from peacock quill or even better native reed stem (I always use the type of reeds that have the fluffy top and the stems are like mini bamboo, there's masses on most river banks (must be dry and brown not green) Always cut at a node so the tube is buoyant. I superglue this into the balsa body. At the other end I glue in a short piece of bamboo skewer ready to have a safety pin eye whipped on and the whipping superglued. To strengthen the main shaft, as you can see from the photo I do some decorative whipping nearly to the top, this does strengthen it considerably, we are now ready to apply a base white top (cheapest way is to get some flat white acrylic paint, a sample pot from Bunnings is ideal) The florescent top is just a can of that Hi Vis stuff they spray on the road to mark where they are going to dig holes etc. I shake it well and spray some on a bit of paper or the like a use a small brush and paint over the flat white base down to almost the end of the white.. it dries very quickly! Now all you need to do is varnish the whole thing, any varnish will do as they are not exposed to the weather much, I use a stain varnish (walnut) as this gives me an attractive brown effect. As you can see all the floats are different, it's good to experiment and see what suits the type of fishing you want to do, they are so cheap to make and work much better than bought ones. Hope you like that.... have a go, it's great to catch a fish on home crafted gear as I did today a 17+lb carp... any questions please don't hesitate to ask, and if you ever meet me on the bank please ask for a FREE float I will be only too willing to let you have one.
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    My 10,000th Tasmanian wild trout..

    Well I finally caught my 10.000th Tasmanian wild trout since we moved here back in March 2000.. it's a milestone I never gave a thought to until the start of this trout season when I was going through my end of season reports when I noticed I only needed 129 trout to reach 10,000 trout here in Tassie.. So yesterday and only needing another seven trout I reached it, actually caught & released fourteen all up.. cheers Adrian
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    i use to be massive on photography a year or two ago.... But work life and other hobbies have gotten in the way but i found these on my computer today.... Porties is such a photogenic place to take photos. Probably my favourite place that i took the majority of my photos... Photos taken with an Canon 6d mk ii and a dji mavic pro drone...
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    southie THE BANGA

    Banga Baits

    Well these are at the 2nd last stage of the lure painting process. Just added my signature on the bottom of the lures and added the 2nd and final clear coat to them. The last stage is fitting terminal tackle and test swimming before sale... It's not as simple as paint lures and your ready to fish. It takes plenty of prep work and tedious bits amd pieces to produce lures like this... It has taken 2 weeks of prepping. Drying. Clear coating etc just to complete 10 lures... That's what makes it much sweeter and rewarding when you sell one and someone catches a fish on them... Keep an eye out as I'll put these up for sale on here 1st before i post elsewhere...
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    Hey all as the title states I am looking for a handful of people that Regularly chase YFW on Top water lures.... I have sourced and custom painted a few and would like a couple people to test them out. As well as getting opinions and feedback on them.... If interested let me know. Conditions of getting your hands on one are: You must actually chase Yellowfin Whiting on Lures You must be able to give me feedback on them and pictures of the lure catching fish.... Im not going to release anymore information as of yet until I get some feedback and see what hardcore Lure Fishos think as if they seem like an popular item i will be putting these up for sale. If interested hit me up.... I will leave this here until next Wednesday and will select 5 people from who ever has applied. As i have limited quantities at the moment...
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    Had the chance to run a couple of these in my last two session and below are some early thoughts. I'll also continue to post back in here as the summer goes on. To start with, im coming from a view where the Sugarpen is the gold standard in my eyes. The Pen casts like a bullet, skips across the water beautifully, is quite a flexible lure in terms or its applications and has a success rate that is widely accepted as high. So every commen / view I have on sBT's stick bait will be relative to the Pen. That being said. 1st impressions: On the RHS are the 4 "Bangas" as I have affectionately named them. On the LHS are the same 4, mixed in with 4 Pens to give you an idea. - the blank is almost exactly the same. Same length, same profile/shape. The only differences I can ascertain are (1) a small "scale" finish as opposed to the Pen's lateral dots, and (2) the casting weight is marginally further back in the Pen. - the blank has a rattle, where as the 70mm Pen doesn't. This appears to be due to the blank having the casting weight in the "chamber" as oppsoed to right at the tail end of the lure like the Pen does. - the assist hooks they come with look good. Size wise they are maybe a #6 equivalent, possibly even a #4. The braid / assist robe used actually glows bright orange under black light/UV On the water: - the blank sits differently in the water at a stand still. Where as the Pen sits almost 45 degrees (head up, tail down), the blank sits realtively flat with no discernable difference in buoyancy between any end of the lure. One of the blanks sat upside down at rest - maybe it was just a dud - but the others seem to be fine. - casts well, much like the Pen does. To be honest cant tell the differece in that regard. - seems to swim fine. Ever so slightly different action to the Pen, but this could also be due to the lack of belly trebel on the blank. Might pull the trebel off one of Pens then compare like for like. Importantly - Results: The plan I have used is - find the fish with my normal toys, then throw the "Bangas" in and see if they bite. Trip 1 was pretty tough, nothing in my kit bag really got the job done. However the blank did seduce a couple of roughly 24 models. Trip 2 was also tough, the wind was up and I wasn't confident the blank would create the water disturbance I needed. Normally in these conditions I would be throwing the larger 95 Pen. However I persisted and nailed an early to mid 30s! RHS is Trip 1 (~24cm), LHS is Trip 2 (30+cm) Note - I have cut the dangly bits off. I found they looked like weed and once I removed them I got more engagement for the fish. @southie THE BANGA overall a good blank and very comparable to the Pen. More feedback / photos to come over the remainder of summer. Cheers TL
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    Just a quick update. Been trying my best to pump a few out over the last week... Works been a pain in the arse. Will pump a few more out before i start to give a couple out.... but heres some I've done so far..
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    Rainbow over the Dasher River...

    Here's a couple of photos I took while fishing in the Dasher River several days ago as a rain shower came through.. cheers Adrian.. Rainbow over the Dasher River.. The other half of the rainbow near Mt Roland at Claude Road..
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    Banga Bait Lures for next season....

    Well I just received a couple of special high quality hard body lures today and they certainly look great and beautifully finished.. They're a well presented brown trout lure that I'm sure will suck quite a few trout in next season.. I'm really looking forward to giving them a good workout in the rivers & streams here in Tassie.. cheers Adrian
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    southie THE BANGA

    Banga Baits

    Added the pattern onto some of them this morning. Stencils are the best thing ever to add another dimension to lures... added 3 different stencils to 3 different baits... Just needs sealant then clear coat Nd eyes and they are ready to smash PBs The middle one is my favourite out of the lot!
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    southie THE BANGA

    Banga Baits

    Well it's Official! Got Rezbaits to put these lures up for sale on his Facebook page and they sold within an hour! Super Stoked to sell my first lot of lures! With all the practice and trial and error I am getting more confident Everyday with my Lure painting skills and makes me keen on selling a few more. I was hesitant it getting them up for sale but glad i did. All the money goes towards more fishing gear so thats a plus! Keep an eye out on the For Sale thread you might find some coming up for sale
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    southie THE BANGA

    Banga Baits

    Painted these jerkbait style minmows up in my mullet pattern. I like this pattern and will be keeping it as an staple part of lures that I'll be selling every nowand then. Most lures will be sold between 8-12 bucks also dependant on wethe or not people need terminal tackle rigged to them. Atleast the bare minimum they will come with split rings as people like to put there own hooks/trebles on... I also painted these up for myself some bream crankbaits... Might get into bream lures a bit more as easy to get ahold of and people bream fish!
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    southie THE BANGA

    Banga Baits

    Was painting up some more trout lures tonight and i stuffed the paint job on one of them. So instead of throwing it away i painted over it completely with black paint. Then decided to think outside the box... Grabbed some pearl paint and well the photo speaks for itself. Well i think anyway So it is opaque black as the base. Pearl green top. With an pearl Magenta body and gold stripes... I recko this will be one colour ill paint as one i will sell
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    Good Juvenile numbers

    Beaut colours on this guy A midge hatch around lunch time, must of been why they where so active today
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    I often watch fishing show on tv and youtube and one that i really like (although in it's last season)is big angry fish, one of the guys has been developing these scoots (as he calls them) basically they are saltwater flys tied onto a sp jighead, these are nothing new they've been around as long as i can remember in on form or another, i bought some tinsel, thread and glue some time ago but kept forgetting to make them until i was watching an episode the other day were they went scoot fishing (no bait). I pulled out the gear i had bought and some craft supplies i had got from my daughter and proceeded to make a few test ones. These are what I've made and thought i would share, and ask if anyone has done anything similar for saltwater use?
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    We finally have another fishing report competition! For your chance to win a Bosch C3 Battery Charger from ALL ABOUT BATTERIES and a Strike & Hook fishing pack, login to www.strikehook.com and write up a new fishing report. Comp starts on the 1st of August 2020 and end on the 30th of August 2020. The comp is only open to Australian residents due to shipping of the prizes. A big thanks to ALL ABOUT BATTERIES for putting up a great prize. ALL ABOUT BATTERIES Sell premium quality batteries for cars, 4wds, trucks, boats, camping, Motorbikes, industrial, Forklifts, alarms, solar and alot more all at wholesale prices. Head over to the ALL ABOUT BATTERIES Facebook page, like and follow! ALL ABOUT BATTERIES on Faccebook https://www.facebook.com/All-About-Batteries-263687057821663 We look forward to reading all of your fishing reports, enjoy the comp and good luck! Follow Strike & Hook Website https://www.strikehook.com Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrgy7b7PbVKezGIwfkPbaQQ Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/channel/Do4NivoGnMGB/ LBRY https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@strikehook:9 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/strikehook Instagram https://www.instagram.com/strike_hook/ Twitter https://twitter.com/strikehook
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    Was 5 of us out on the kayaks today for 3 fish between us. Crap day but thankfully I got one of them going 44cm. [emoji23] Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    southie THE BANGA

    Banga Baits

    Well got home today and after finally over a month and a half i got some packages! Not all of them but its a start The last lot are 120mm and 40g will be painting them first to use them on the Salmon! If there is anything in particular youd like to see get painted or would like me to paint let me know. Im always open to buy and paint different lures.
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    southie THE BANGA

    Banga Baits

    The great thing about painting your own lures is you can create your own style and colours... Been messing around with a few different patterns and styles just perfecting my painting skills and styles... This photo doesn't do justice on how good this actually looks. This is an semi transparent Rainbow trout pattern that i will be rolling with when selling a few lures. I'll be looking at transparent redfin pattern and brown trout pattern aswell for the dams and creeks in SA. This pattern is for HB tragic he asked me to paint for awhile. Now that i finally have a cleat Im happy with and a paint scheme i was satisfied with. once its finished mate ill hit you up. This one is an 120mm sinking stickbait in an transparent pearl blue, pink and silver top. This lure looks so dam porn in the flesh! Hoping to give a couple to some guys chasing Tuna. These last ones are just a couple small chubby lures i painted in random colours thinking they wouldn't swim well. But actually swam straight from the get go... Ill use these for reddies in the winter
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    Koombooloomba Dam sooties

    At 747 metres elevation, Koombooloomba Dam is Australia's highest tropical storage. It is perched in the dense forest on the Great Dividing Range on the headwaters of the mighty Tully-Millstream River and feeds some hydro projects below. The water is very clear, and cold in winter. Unlike other stocked dams, it lacks bony bream, freshwater mussels, water lilies, and other submerged vegetation. I guess the lake fauna and flora comprised whatever was in the fast-water streams blocked by the dam wall at the time. It has been stocked with sooty grunter and barra, but the barra do very poorly in the cold, with dead and dopey fish reported each winter. Lean pickings for fish, and popular wisdom has it that wind-blown insects drive the food chain. Perhaps sooties were already up there, or the stocked fish have found spawning habitat in the rapids, but whatever the reason there are abundant sooties in there with "cricket score" catches reported and hoards of juveniles visible along the edges. Few have caught barra in there, and those that do report that lures resembling sooty grunter are the go. Sooties need rapids in the hot, wet season to spawn successfully, and recent storms from a much-delayed monsoon had some of us hatching a plan to get upstream to the inflow to flyfish the spawning aggregations. The day did not start well, with lightning knocking out the power pre-dawn and torrential rain, with the flash and rumble of the dreaded cloud to ground lightning. during the 2 hour drive. Amazingly, the rain ceased just below Koomby and we were off in the tinny threading and feeling our way up along the old river channel through a dense forest of dead trees and prop-busting stumps. The plan was to get up to the Tully inflow and walk the bank with flyrods to sight-fish sooties. At 28% capacity we had just caught the first inflows of clear, tannin-stained water, and there were some cascades and rapids to fish off the rocks. Dan fished the opoosite bank with a blooper-type fly and I used a tiny shrimp-cicada thing tied by an SA mate (Dave) 20 yrs ago. At the first rapids the tiddlers just belted the little cicada if I let it sink deep and I soon had a half-a dozen captures before they wised up. Dan did not get a hit, so switched to a white clouser and moved up into the limpid pool above the cascades. Immediately he raised bigger fish and caught 2 in quick succession. He was trialling a line-tub worn around his waist to stop the flyline tangling and missed some takes. On the opposite bank I found what SA Dave calls a "Monty" of a spot. A fish surety. A tiny crystal-clear rivulet running over a sandbank to a deep dead tree. I got belted 3 times on that snag, with the first 2 humping boils at the surface by obviously big, angry, sooties. The third take was on the wrong side of the snags and within milliseconds I had been dusted. Broke the 10 pound flourocarbon leader just below the flyine -- and I had no spares in that department, so a long walk back to the tinny for more. Sooties are smash,grab, and run back to cover specialists. We decided the big fish were either absent from the rapids, or not biting, so we tried Plan B. Motor down in the boat and find islands or points with horizontal "lay-downs" of dead trees. Not that common, but marvellous habitat for a sooty ambush predator. Again, small fish were eager biters but no sign of the dark-black brutes that inhabit the dam. Back-casts often ended up in the dead forest, too. So the last plan of the day, before escaping the approaching lightning storms, was to try walking a steep bank with deep water, rock ledges and lay-downs. I thought I would "ground-truth" the presence of bigger fish with a spin rod and little Mohawk deep-diver. Dan went off along the bank and I fished off the boat, testing a deep rock ledge. Some tiddlers on the fly were followed by a decent fish on the lure, which pulled the hooks at the net. So there were big fish there! Then we started to see sooties patrolling the edges as the shadows fell on the water. I was mucking around with various little Clousers on the tiddlers, by applying "S-factor" scent and testing if Dave's 20 yr old, high-sparkle flies attracted more attention when a grey/brown fish in the 30's came out for a look. I changed to a bigger, ratty, marabou fly and landed a better fish but could not tempt the lurker. Meanwhile Dan raised 2 huge fish on his Clouser from the base of a high dirt cliff with overhanging snag -- another "Monty". We spent the last half-hour of the day together trying to fool those fish, which were joined by a third that emerged swimming along the drop-off from left-field. I don't think they could see us, but we could see them and they would not be fooled by flies, soft-plastics, minnows, or even a very lifelike savage flick prawn, scented or not. Easily 40cm -plus fish, with charcoal backs and big spade-like tails. They showed mild interest, but were rejecting the offerings from afar. I guess they don't get that big by being gullible. At the ramp we met a 'yakker who fished there regularly, and he told of once stumbling across a hatch of the spent, winged termites that blanketed the water in wind-rows. He told of sight-fishing sooties breaking the surface. Now that would be an experience to go keep going back for.
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    This was from a few weeks ago, tough spin session in the Mersey River with the trout surface feeding.. cheers Adrian
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    Hi all.. Recieved some lures in the post.. Nicely done and with assist hooks as well.. Couldnt ask for more.. Top bloke. I had to go and see how they worked. I went this morning ( see my other write up). They work well.. As good as the sugarpens do, basically the same action etc. I only had the one on me.. Red head, green stripe underneath, some sparkles and stripes.. There were only small ones around today wanting lures.. This lure got the fish of the morning @24cm... They were smashing this, But being a lot of small ones about.. Was hard to get the bigger ones. I used it for a bit and it held up well to the abuse.. Done well my friend. Im happy.. ALL CATCH AND RELEASED Mike
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    Easy FG knot

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    2019/20 Trout season photo book

    Just received my 2019/20 Trout Season photo book, this time instead of making a two half yearly books I made a full season one of 134 pages.. I'm pretty happy with the end result.. Here's a few photos of the finished product.. Once again I waited until Snapfish had a 50% sale on that included extra pages.. The book is A4 size... cheers Adrian..
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    This video is one of several I made to the Meander River during the trout season.. Another fast water session where the Bug spinner did the job on the trout again.. Hope you enjoy it.. cheers Adrian..
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    Gummy Sharks

    I have been catching some impressive gummies around Edithburgh.Try the rips around Saltana Point around dusk.Use squid heads on a running rig.I know its not against the law to catch and keep females but after gutting a good size female a few years ago and finding over 30 pups happily swimming around inside her,i have made it my rule not to keep females.The one I am holding here is a male.
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    southie THE BANGA

    Banga Baits

    Painted up a few each of these trout candies this arvo. Im a big fan of my new rainbow trout pattern.. Might add some red speckle to the brown trout pattern though... These will be up for sale in the next few days if you are looking for some trout lures.. They come rigged with bbk hooks.
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    southie THE BANGA

    Banga Baits

    Well Banga baits certainly work
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    People taking undersized fish

    Unfortunately, about 30 years ago we started paying ferals to breed. Not surprisingly, they did. This is just one of the many, many undesirable consequences.
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    yellow door 1

    People taking undersized fish

    When it comes to people taking undersized fish - I took the cowards way out and just stopped fishing where other people were - no more crowded piers - no more crowed jetties - no more crowded hot water outlets for me. Melbourne has hotspots where huge amounts of people gather and behave poorly - I just avoid those spots now. In one spot you would have no time to fish, if you confronted every one shoving undersized fish into safeway bags between the rocks. It used to be infuriating and having a word, only stops the problem while you're there. In alot of the spots I fish - I've never seen anyone else fish - its much more relaxing - no more people casting over the top of you - no more getting snagged on other people snagged lines - no more sitting in a tip of rotting bait in discarded bait bags - while I do miss the social aspect and camaraderie between fellow enthusiasts who do the right thing - in some spots the righteous are in short supply. I do have a couple of spots where I'll see the same faces and although we dont speak the same language - we communicate through nods smiles and hand gestures. What we do have in common, is a respect for the water were fishing. And sharing the water with those who respect it - is now a prerequisite for me casting out a line
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    yellow door 1

    Reel storage cleats

    They look a bit slicker than my current spare reels storage
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    Good Juvenile numbers

    shout out to @AquaticResearch1 for the motivation from his previous post. Went up to the hills this morning to find plenty of small trout about.
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    Solo Murray mission with the hound

    Wishing I was fishing!
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    southie THE BANGA

    Banga Baits

    Well good news. Im able to buy and get items shipped from china so have just ordered up big incase work closes down But in the meantime i still got a few blanks to paint up. Good night for a few cans and an painting session
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    A nice creek Mulloway...
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    The main thing is to be organised. Less is more and what you have you need to be able to access easily. When I first started I had a small, standard backpack and I found it quite difficult to access my gear and get the lure I wanted whilst wading. I soon moved to a "sling bag" (there are a few out there, I went with the rapala version). This allowed me to easily slide/swing the bag from my back, round in front of me without having to take it off. Other options would be bum-bags (black magics come to mind), small satchel bags (Diawa), the Alvey wading bags, and even fly vests @Meppstas gave me that one when I was first looking around and I later found it is also what Bushy uses when wading. I then upgraded to a tub (blatantly stole this from @Underpants) - which makes things easier again. It also allows me to cheat by having 3 different rods, all rigged with different lures which means Im changing less lures on the water. Regarding changing of lures and frequency. When I first started, I changed as often as possible as I wanted to speed up my learning - which lures/patterns/retrieves worked best in which scenarios. The biggest problem I ran into wasn't actually changing the lure, it was running out of leader. Changing a lure on the water is easy. Tying on a new leader whilst on the water is a pain in the a$$, especially when its windy!! Once I moved to a tub with multiple rods, I had 3 times as much leader to play with - cheating really . If I had my time again, or I was advising someone just starting out. My advice would be this. 1. Less is more. No need to take the kitchen sink. A small tackle tray that holds a handful of lures is more than enough. 2-3 stickbaits and 2-3 poppers will provide enough variance but still allow you to focus of nailing their retrieves. 2. Get a small bum-bag (just because they are cheaper) that can hold the tackle tray, scissors, a spool of leader, small pliers, suncreen and your car keys. Bum-bag goes over one shoulder and under the arm of the other. Creates a "sling" action and you have everything at the ready. 3. Pick a braid-leader knot and direct leader to tow point knot and practice them at home. I dont mean sitting down with the rod over there and your leader spool beside you. I mean practice as you would on the water. Rod tucked under one arm, standing, gear bag on. Otherwise its a long walk back to the bank to deal with it each and everytime. 4. Just keep casting. Persist, persist, persist. Like anything, once you crack the code its sooooo much fun.
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    Fishing Options at Middleton

    This is the rig I used for beach fishing for Mulloway at Middleton, baits were strips of squid, squid heads, pilchards, small whole mullet, salmon trout & even salmon & mullets fillets because they're an oily fish.. cheers Adrian
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    Palm Cove info wanted

    Hi there, Palm Cove jetty produces some great fish -- especially on live herring/sardines castnetted underneath it off the ramp. Huge GT's and spanish mackerel have been caught there. The trouble is the (cursed) sou-easter mid-year that re-suspends the muddy sediments and keeps the pelagics offshore. So your fishing will be governed by the wind and water clarity. The sou-easter blows for weeks on end (and makes the climate bearable) between about late March and late October. The various mackerel species come right inshore when it clears up in winter. Here is article for starters: http://www.fishandboat.com.au/articles/item/193-palm-cove-jetty-dan-kaggelis?fbclid=IwAR1gCmDzBEMNR34a88KBKL4BaEGD7bbYRhELv7iPQ4AV8Eqj4o7bBAhU59w Here are some pics from the young jetty rat who features in the article. Barra school up underneath the jetty but are no easy capture. Suspending unweighted live baits under the lights at night is a proven method used by the locals. Barra don't mind your Murray-River type murkiness at all.
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    Here's a few photos from the WFFC, a few fishing in some very poor conditions on Penstock Lagoon & Little Pine Lake in the Central Highlands yesterday in snow & 35-45 kph winds that were also gusting up to 60 kph.. Today is much worse with snow down to 500 meters and gale force winds of 90-100+ kph.. not sure if today's event was on or not, checked the web cams of both waters and didn't see any boats on them.. Not sure if the river fishing was on either.. I was going for a drive to the Upper Mersey River today to take a few photos but decided to stay home in the warm.. The air temp here in Sheffield at the moment is 2.3 degrees.. cheers Adrian..
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    Well the new floats did their job today.
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    Looking for YFW on Lure Chasers....

    Metallic Gold Colours are exceptional in deeper and dirty water.
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    Today was a total success.. the A-team ran like clock work as usual.. cheers to the good day with plenty of laughs, even if they where at the expense of Doobie. [emoji23] If anyone would like to help out on the strike hook bbq at an event let us know, it's more fun then work. [emoji106] KS and Doobie working hard... Or hardly working? [emoji849] Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    400th Trout of the 2019/20 season..

    With the season still closed for another seven weeks I thought I'd put up another trout fishing video, this one is when I finally caught my 400th trout of the season.. cheers Adrian
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    Help with Blades

    Just to keep the juices going ive put up some more picks of other species that have taken a liking to the vibe/blade
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