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    Shallow stream

    Tried a tiny stream around the Lobey area this morning. The wheather was pretty average. only 11 degrees in the hills, wasn't expecting much activity. A bow n arrow cast into a murky twig infected hole and this juvenile could not resist. simple grub i tied years ago. Spotted this guy high on a bank, snuck behind him and made a short cast Trecked a few km's, with hardly any sightings.. Overall a quiet morning. When i arrived back in the Barossa it was 18 degrees and the sun was shining..
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    Biggest Redfin Perch?

    Hi all wondering what the biggest Redfin Perch is that has been caught in SA waters. I managed a Pb pushing 40cms on the weekend, not huge but a cracker fish for a freshwater novice like me. Whats your biggest? Cheers LL
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    Adelaide hills

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    Adelaide hills

    Beautiful spring day, tried for some trout on fly in the hills. A few spotted, but not alot of action. 4 fish landed. Ran into a group of SAFFA gents, having a bbq and and catch up, along the heysen trail. When i got back to my car there was a letter and a contact number for the Association . Jolly o
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    As a keen COARSE/FRESHWATER angler I find I can't get some of my prefered tackle in Australia so I have to buy it online from the UK or make it myself, so as promised I will share some of my favourites over time in this set of posts... FLOATS... I am addicted to making floats, I love giving them away to people who fish like I do and HATE losing them. Most of my floats are wagglers, straight or bodied, as you can see from the photo they are all slightly different depending on what they are for, or where I am fishing, some can be used in saltwater for Gar and Tommies etc as well as in freshwater. The bodies are made from balsa wood which I turn on a small lathe, but you can also easily whittle then to shape with a sharp knife or stick them in a drill chuck, I always finish with fine sandpaper and fine wire wool. Carefully one end needs to be drilled to accept the stem, which I make from peacock quill or even better native reed stem (I always use the type of reeds that have the fluffy top and the stems are like mini bamboo, there's masses on most river banks (must be dry and brown not green) Always cut at a node so the tube is buoyant. I superglue this into the balsa body. At the other end I glue in a short piece of bamboo skewer ready to have a safety pin eye whipped on and the whipping superglued. To strengthen the main shaft, as you can see from the photo I do some decorative whipping nearly to the top, this does strengthen it considerably, we are now ready to apply a base white top (cheapest way is to get some flat white acrylic paint, a sample pot from Bunnings is ideal) The florescent top is just a can of that Hi Vis stuff they spray on the road to mark where they are going to dig holes etc. I shake it well and spray some on a bit of paper or the like a use a small brush and paint over the flat white base down to almost the end of the white.. it dries very quickly! Now all you need to do is varnish the whole thing, any varnish will do as they are not exposed to the weather much, I use a stain varnish (walnut) as this gives me an attractive brown effect. As you can see all the floats are different, it's good to experiment and see what suits the type of fishing you want to do, they are so cheap to make and work much better than bought ones. Hope you like that.... have a go, it's great to catch a fish on home crafted gear as I did today a 17+lb carp... any questions please don't hesitate to ask, and if you ever meet me on the bank please ask for a FREE float I will be only too willing to let you have one.
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    Hey all as the title states I am looking for a handful of people that Regularly chase YFW on Top water lures.... I have sourced and custom painted a few and would like a couple people to test them out. As well as getting opinions and feedback on them.... If interested let me know. Conditions of getting your hands on one are: You must actually chase Yellowfin Whiting on Lures You must be able to give me feedback on them and pictures of the lure catching fish.... Im not going to release anymore information as of yet until I get some feedback and see what hardcore Lure Fishos think as if they seem like an popular item i will be putting these up for sale. If interested hit me up.... I will leave this here until next Wednesday and will select 5 people from who ever has applied. As i have limited quantities at the moment...
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    Had the chance to run a couple of these in my last two session and below are some early thoughts. I'll also continue to post back in here as the summer goes on. To start with, im coming from a view where the Sugarpen is the gold standard in my eyes. The Pen casts like a bullet, skips across the water beautifully, is quite a flexible lure in terms or its applications and has a success rate that is widely accepted as high. So every commen / view I have on sBT's stick bait will be relative to the Pen. That being said. 1st impressions: On the RHS are the 4 "Bangas" as I have affectionately named them. On the LHS are the same 4, mixed in with 4 Pens to give you an idea. - the blank is almost exactly the same. Same length, same profile/shape. The only differences I can ascertain are (1) a small "scale" finish as opposed to the Pen's lateral dots, and (2) the casting weight is marginally further back in the Pen. - the blank has a rattle, where as the 70mm Pen doesn't. This appears to be due to the blank having the casting weight in the "chamber" as oppsoed to right at the tail end of the lure like the Pen does. - the assist hooks they come with look good. Size wise they are maybe a #6 equivalent, possibly even a #4. The braid / assist robe used actually glows bright orange under black light/UV On the water: - the blank sits differently in the water at a stand still. Where as the Pen sits almost 45 degrees (head up, tail down), the blank sits realtively flat with no discernable difference in buoyancy between any end of the lure. One of the blanks sat upside down at rest - maybe it was just a dud - but the others seem to be fine. - casts well, much like the Pen does. To be honest cant tell the differece in that regard. - seems to swim fine. Ever so slightly different action to the Pen, but this could also be due to the lack of belly trebel on the blank. Might pull the trebel off one of Pens then compare like for like. Importantly - Results: The plan I have used is - find the fish with my normal toys, then throw the "Bangas" in and see if they bite. Trip 1 was pretty tough, nothing in my kit bag really got the job done. However the blank did seduce a couple of roughly 24 models. Trip 2 was also tough, the wind was up and I wasn't confident the blank would create the water disturbance I needed. Normally in these conditions I would be throwing the larger 95 Pen. However I persisted and nailed an early to mid 30s! RHS is Trip 1 (~24cm), LHS is Trip 2 (30+cm) Note - I have cut the dangly bits off. I found they looked like weed and once I removed them I got more engagement for the fish. @southie THE BANGA overall a good blank and very comparable to the Pen. More feedback / photos to come over the remainder of summer. Cheers TL
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    Just a quick update. Been trying my best to pump a few out over the last week... Works been a pain in the arse. Will pump a few more out before i start to give a couple out.... but heres some I've done so far..
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    This was from a few weeks ago, tough spin session in the Mersey River with the trout surface feeding.. cheers Adrian
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    Hi all.. Recieved some lures in the post.. Nicely done and with assist hooks as well.. Couldnt ask for more.. Top bloke. I had to go and see how they worked. I went this morning ( see my other write up). They work well.. As good as the sugarpens do, basically the same action etc. I only had the one on me.. Red head, green stripe underneath, some sparkles and stripes.. There were only small ones around today wanting lures.. This lure got the fish of the morning @24cm... They were smashing this, But being a lot of small ones about.. Was hard to get the bigger ones. I used it for a bit and it held up well to the abuse.. Done well my friend. Im happy.. ALL CATCH AND RELEASED Mike
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    Oh Boy!! I feel I have way too many lures & a large variety of brands as well.. I'll let the photos tell the story... And these are just the ones I've taken photos of... only use them on the trout.. cheers Adrian
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    Winter is amongst us. Some fishing banter is in order. 2005, 13 years old. I convince my parents to go to Broome. And somehow book a charter. $140 per person was the going rate. A great day out, landing 3 sails. 9 for the day. I send my photo into fishing world. Receiving my prize but not returning my only photo. 2018. 13 years later. I send the skipper a email. "Somewhere in July i said" He tracks back to the day in his books and sends me the other two fellow fishers details. As i knew one had a camera. A respond from Tasmania.. with full detail ov the day. Soon enough photos arived in the mail. Reunited.
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    Breeding maggots without meat

    a good method to breed maggots to eliminate the smell is after the blow wrap the blown fish or meat in 5 or six layers of news paper place in the bottom of a bucket then fill the bucket with clean dry beach sand, when you see wriggle tracks on the top of the sand it is time to sieve the sand you will have clean white maggots , I the pour boiling water over the left over news paper to kill any remaining maggots then bury it deep in the garden makes good fertiliser
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    Palm Cove info wanted

    Hi there, Palm Cove jetty produces some great fish -- especially on live herring/sardines castnetted underneath it off the ramp. Huge GT's and spanish mackerel have been caught there. The trouble is the (cursed) sou-easter mid-year that re-suspends the muddy sediments and keeps the pelagics offshore. So your fishing will be governed by the wind and water clarity. The sou-easter blows for weeks on end (and makes the climate bearable) between about late March and late October. The various mackerel species come right inshore when it clears up in winter. Here is article for starters: http://www.fishandboat.com.au/articles/item/193-palm-cove-jetty-dan-kaggelis?fbclid=IwAR1gCmDzBEMNR34a88KBKL4BaEGD7bbYRhELv7iPQ4AV8Eqj4o7bBAhU59w Here are some pics from the young jetty rat who features in the article. Barra school up underneath the jetty but are no easy capture. Suspending unweighted live baits under the lights at night is a proven method used by the locals. Barra don't mind your Murray-River type murkiness at all.
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    Well the new floats did their job today.
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    Looking for YFW on Lure Chasers....

    Metallic Gold Colours are exceptional in deeper and dirty water.
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    Biggest Redfin Perch?

    Found a photo of the big girl. She may have seen even better days previously, judging by the size of her head, but what a beast it was.
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    southie THE BANGA

    Biggest Redfin Perch?

    Mine to this day is 44.5cm Between two of us we caught easily 70 Reddies...... Got 3 Fish in 3 casts they went 42.5cm, 43.5cm then this one at 44.5cm Was an epic day......
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    What going on with your the Snappers?

    Not saying i'm a pro, VERY far from it. But 6 years ago I caught my first 2 snapper in metro waters. The next 2 seasons were relatively consistent (at best maybe 25 fish). The past 3-4 years if we came back with 12 fish total, i'd say we'd be lucky (with the largest being a 2-3kg specimen). I've been saying it for many years, REC fishers have a very minor if not nothing to do with the demise of the fish stocks. Not all of us catch 1 let alone our limit when we go out. Not all of us have the big boats that can go out when the sea is average. The average REC fisher works 5-6 days a week and is limited to go out when the weather is good (mainly during the week it seems of late). All the 'Pro's' know where the fish are. They do it everyday when seas permit. But the long liners are a different kettle of fish. Once the sun goes down, they do what they want and where they want. I've seen them long line at Grange and at the Glenelg TR when season opens for the first 4 weeks. These should be off limits to the long liners. These were created for the Rec fishers! The government should be creating man made reefs all around the coast to give ALL species a chance to hide and reproduce rather than select places. Only a matter of time till the pro's find them with the quality of sounders that are out today and only getting better. And it should be the same with the PRO crab boat too. Makes me sick seeing 50ft+ boat hauling 2x2m cages every 200m so close to metro waters. This too has repercussions to the snapper stocks as its a food source for the snapper. Ok end of rant. Savage
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    Fishing Options at Middleton

    This is the rig I used for beach fishing for Mulloway at Middleton, baits were strips of squid, squid heads, pilchards, small whole mullet, salmon trout & even salmon & mullets fillets because they're an oily fish.. cheers Adrian
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    First Fish on Fly

    Hi all, This is my first post about fly fishing as I have only recently been introduced to it and taken a liking, so by all means please comment with your thoughts. I am interested in both fresh and salt water fly fishing but am limitted by my gear at the moment. I have a 7wt rod topped off with 8lbs fluoro that I intened to use for a salt water set up. So after a few days of practicing my cast spread across the last fortnight I decided the trip I already had planned to the yorks would be the perfect chance to wet a fly for the first time. The beach we were staying at has a low water level for about 150 meters so I put on a pair of waders and started covering some ground. I worked my fly in all sorts of spots of differing depths and structures but the fish were very thin. I recall only seeing one sizable fish but quite a bit of small bait jumping around at times. The afternoon tide was a bit dodge at this beach and as the sun started to go down so did my hopes. I was about to call it quits as I lost visibility but then one of my mates kindly offered to run and grab me a head torch so I decided to give it another few minutes... and luckly I did. After turning my light on and walking back out it was about 5 minutes before I got my first bite and I was hook up. After a short struggle and alot of splashing around I landed a small tommy roughly 15-20cm long. Not a monster but you always remember your first . I was a little surprised that I didnt see or catch more fish as I know its a quiet area that doesnt see to much pressure. I was hoping that some of you could offer me some advice or tips (e.g do people use burley?) for future trips, or even if someone would be keen to head out some time with the fly rods. Keen to hear some feedback, Cheers, H.
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    recipe for preserving salmon

    I clean an scale the salmon then cut it in to cutlets with all bones intact except I cut off the dorsal fin ,then place the cutlets into a pressure cooker then add at least 1 to 11/2 cups of salt water I use sea water when I can, if not add 1 table spoons of salt or make it to your own liking then pressure cook for 1 hour when it finishes cooking allow to cool then strain the salmon an pack into clean preserving jars, top each jar with good quality olive oil then sterilize in a water bath for 30 minutes seal the lids an allow to cool, it should keep for a year or more, it is delicious on toast, biscuits. toasted pitta bread it is well worth the effort to make all my friend rave about it, hope you go can to the effort enjoy look forward to your comments
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    Woohoo how bout dat thanks to Savage Tackle & Strike & Hook for putting the comp on
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    Biggest Mully...

    Hey guys my 63lb from yalata. Many years of trying went into this beauty.
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    Rowey's Fishing Show

    Had the privilege of being interviewed this morning as part of Rowey's Fishing Show Great bloke and a really good team - not sure how i went though, as was hell nervous! If anyone is awake at 5.30am tomorrow morning, tune in to 5AA to hear it, as there will be a prize or two available David
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    Hi all.. Used the "banger" lure today.. Still works. Got my for dinner.. Im happy.. Plenty small ones interested in it..
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    Looking for YFW on Lure Chasers....

    IMO the bottom colours of lures are more important than the top for floating lures.
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    Trout fall to the White Miller..

    Had a reasonably good spin session just over a week ago chasing trout in the tannin stream again.. One of my better spin session for quite some time.. Wild windy weather has kept me home of late... hopefully I'll be back in a river in a day or so.. cheers Adrian
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    Hi all here is a quick video I put together of my most productive carp fishing session this year Cheers LL
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    Chasebait "Flick Prawns" have hooked me lately. I use them in shallow drains and shallow drop-offs on flats. They drift horizontally, life-like, and I've caught flatties, estuary cod and pikey bream on them with more or less a "do-nothing" retrieve. However, they are snag-prone, even if rigged weedless, and are not cheap. Good old gold bombers continue to catch barra for me night (Tinaroo) and day (shallow drains in the Hinchinbrook mangroves), but YellowDoor's Sebile Magic Swimmers need some more time on the field up here. They look sooooh good in the water.
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    my 4th guess...122...? my PC is running a couple of days slow......
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    Roof racks

    Get a timber pallet from building site Put it on the roof have mate stand on it Few Big Tek screws screw from inside car into the pallet Job done... time for a beer
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    PIRSA was told years ago and nothing was done ,owned and run by Corrupt enterprise ,all about money ,money , money dickheads . To late WANKERS , unless you put a complete stop to long lining ,limit boat charters more ,and stop the pros taking as much as they want , and F%#K the idiots coming in our gulf with super trawlers .
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    Heavy D

    Breeding maggots without meat

    Hi Doobie, sorry I'm a bit late for the party. I buy the long life gents too, and have found them to be fantastic. I keep them in the fridge set at 4 degrees, and they have lasted for several months. When fishing I'll often leave them out of the esky yet have had no issues with the ones bought from a local tackle shop. The only time I have had them go bad was from a BCF store purchase, and I suspect the product was old as the substrate was dryish. Recently I've started "flavouring" maggots with tuna oil and other stuff, I use a separate container so as not to contaminate all of them. The one's I purchase are Sheldon's brand, won't even bother trying any others. Recently my son and I caught 68 tommies in a 90 minute session, using 3 maggots to a hook and catching up to 5 fish between rebaiting.
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    Reel Servicing

    Going by those prices I'm thinking its more economical to buy mid priced quality reels, work them hard, but with care. Obviously avoid water and sand intrusion. Wash them down etc. after use and replace them with new ones when they no longer perform to acceptable levels. Seems wasteful though....such a throw away society we live in now days. I guess the cost is wrapped in the service person's pay. The value of those reels listed above would however justify their servicing costs.
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    HB tragic

    Reel Servicing

    Have used Sportfishing Scene at Cavan. Great service with quick turnaround. Regards, HBt.
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    Mulloway numbers have declined, that's why they increased the size limit to 82cm a couple of years ago. Long story short myself and S&H Tony B were invited by FRDC to attend a full day fisheries seminar/course around 4 years ago, that was being run in every state, anyway Professor Mehdi Doroudi (Executive Director Of Fisheries and Aquaculture; at that time) attended also and give him his dues he allowed us to ask him questions (one on one) during the lunch break and I asked him why doesn't the size limit of Mulloway down the Coorong meet their own requirements, Size limits There are minimum and maximum legal size limits for some fish species that are caught with rod and line or other permitted devices. Size limits let fish: reach maturity complete their breeding cycle contribute to sustainable fish stocks. Fish taken for use as bait must still meet size limits. which he had no answer too but agreed at 46cm the Mulloway are not mature and he would email me a response after he further investigated it. I never got a reply so I emailed him and got some vague answer that had nothing to do with the direct question. I'm not having ago at those who fish there and keep any legal fish but find it strange that in a known nursery PIRSA set a ridiculous size limit imho. Steve
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    I completely agree with this. There's plenty of bream in those places, so not much sense in a stocking program. A mulloway stocking program would get my attention. Better yet, effective management of mulloway in the Coorong, giving them a chance to replenish themselves naturally, would be even more interesting.
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    Adelaide fishing

    Yeah definately understand what your saying I must be doing something right I fished at North Haven in my yak landed my first 28cm bream on plastics. Just like others have suggested they are just over fed by residents. Below I've attached two pictures of my first bream. Sent from my CPH1851 using Tapatalk
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    Adelaide fishing

    I am Sorry a lot will not agree , but I have tried the lure thing , and soft plastics , maybe I have no patience , so I stick with bait , live bait or fresh cockles ,worms ,clickers what ever , maybe I am no good at lure fishing , but I cant stand fishing for 3hrs casting lures , and then try again for 6 hours for maybe one fish , F@#k that , bait for me . IMHO
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    Why don't I catch fish?

    If you are going for garfish , I suggest always move your bait a little ,sometimes they don't even move your float ,they are just sucking on the gents ,just light lifts now and again as sometimes you will feel some weight ,and you know they are there . Also check your maggots on the hook , if they have had the guts sucked out , you know they are there ,so you just have to work for them . As said above I have fished for over 40 yrs ,and Gar can be very finicky at times ,and they will do your head in . The last trip I only managed 7 gar ,the time before 37 gar ,the time before that NOT ONE GAR . So don't give up , Gar is one of the harder fish to master at times , but worth the effort as YUMMO to eat . CHEERS
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    Kayak Sounder DIY Installation

    Well I'm all done apart from the battery mount. Thinking about getting one of them Hobie hatch battery holders, I'm guessing Brink's will have them? Just hope it fits.. i reckon I saw somewhere that there only 150mm wide and the lip on my hatch is wider.. Cuttla pics. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    OnkaStomper 14 is on this weekend and the weather is looking great. Crew from Strike & Hook will be in attendance firing up the BBQ, so if you're coming along for a fish or just passing by, come a say g'day and grab a snag and drink to help raise funds towards the Childhood Cancer Association. Onkastompa Fishing Competition 14 2019 (Onkaparinga City Council Community Event of The Year Winner 2018) please read all.... Date - Sunday 17th November Time - 7am - 12pm followed by presentations Location - Perrys Bend Onkaparinga River (Noarlunga Downs) Entry Fee - Donation to Childhood Cancer of your choice (Generosity encouraged for this great cause) Registration - Upon Arrival Rules and Fishable Area - explained upon registration but due to past numbers I am restricting fishing to 1 rod per person as I cannot extend the fishable area as in Onkastompa 12 and 13. Everyone who attends and donates receives a ticket into the many random draws for prizes. Categories - Biggest Overall Bream (Onkastompa Champion) Biggest Bream Men Biggest Bream Women Biggest Bream Junior 15< Biggest Mulloway (Open Class) Biggest "Other Fish" Senior Biggest "Other Fish Junior 15< BBQ and Drinks available with every cent going to the cause so please bring your thirst and hunger For Sale Table - Fishing and other goods will be for sale at AMAZING prices, again with every cent going to the cause. Card facilities available Merchandise - Polo and Hoody designs Animal Relocation and Education will have a couple of pythons and a Freshwater Croc to handle and get pics with on the day.
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    Hi mate. Marketing is a wonderful thing when it comes to fishing gear and we all get sucked in to it, and there's nothing wrong with that. If you are confident with the lures or SPs that's half the battle. For me these days I've always got my nose in the bargain bucket looking for what I think might work in any fishing situation I might find myself in. Cheapskate. So to answer your question I have a selection of go to's that I trust, and cheapies that I think and hope will work. I get a real buzz from catching fish on the bargain bucket lures. A few pics of bargain bucket catches. $5 lure which I hoped would work up North. First ever Barra! First Jack, same lure. Sooty, same lure. PB Barra, last year, same lure. $1 packet of SPs Same SPs Bargain bucket HB lure. Todays purchases 2 x $5 lures. One for up North and one for the local Bream etc... Hopefully get a successful pic with one of these in the near future.
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    Another adventure chasing trout..

    This video clip is from the trip I reported on a few days ago, another beautiful stretch of water in a small tannin stream... cheers Adrian
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    New whiting fisher from North Haven

    Jump in the car and drive north to a little town called Price,it is SA,s best kept secret for small boats as it can be fished in all weather conditions.There is a channel just out from the mouth of the creek that has exposed sand bars on either side when the tide is at its lowest that's where you fish.About midway through the runout tide is the time to fish.Over the years I have spent there using half pillies on ganged 2/os I have landed a multitude of spieces,including salmon trout(not small ones either) in their masses,snook,huge mullet,big yellow fin,monster flatties,eagle ray,elephant shark,mulloway, all on the run out tide.On the in coming tide I move to the end of the channel where it meets the ocean,this is where the KGs hang out in the shallow murky water, I use cockles there.Then I move in closer around the the 2 marker poles on the sand flats where I finish the day off with a feed of yellowfin and bream on worms.I haven't fished there for a few years after losing my fishing buddy and good mate to a sudden heart attack aged 40.Give it a crack life is too short not to.
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    What going on with your the Snappers?

    I don't need to say anything more about this coz you have all already said it for me. What I will say is that we sorely lack they have in other states and that is common sense where it is needed most. Recreational fishing in SA is at least 30 years behind the rest of Australia in regards things like the stocking of fish species to replenish populations sufficiently to sustain commercial impacts. Rec fishos annual take rate is not the issue here in my opinion either. We raped the Murray Cod to near extinction years ago and it seems history will repeat itself with snapper. And to make it worse RecFishSA has just had the funding for such ventures in our state cancelled. We need to stop taking big breeders for a few years and hope maybe snapper numbers in SA recover, and get rid of high impact commercial fishing as well. Otherwise another iconic fish species that we all love and respect will be a thing of the past.
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    The Strike Hook Footy Tipping Comp for 2019 is setup and ready to go. An email should have been sent to those who have participated previously. For those who haven't received an email or haven't signed up yet please click the link below to join. Address http://www.footytips.com.au/comps/strikehook Password tipping Good luck everyone Sponsors and prizes will be added throughout the season and updated in this post. Note Any issues with logging in or signing up to the comp on the Footy Tips website will need to be directed to the Footy Tips website as we don't have any control over the site we are just using the sites facility to run the competition.
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